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2017-07-16 12:12 am

knitting away

No sewing lately, I'm frantically knitting away on Jenny-Rose's pineapple reticule to finish and get it in the mail in time to get to her for CosCol. I've reached the point of forcing myself where I think it looks abjectly dreadful and I hate it...I'm not making another pineapple for at least a few year. I need a break from them. Also I'm springing for silk.

So here's my question for people who are smart. why does instagram have an embed code function if when I do it there's never an image there? It would make it so much easier to put pictures here.

Anyway I think I did too many points, i dislike long skinnypineapples. I want them fat and round :-p 

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2017-07-08 10:19 pm

a dinner dress for Belvidere

 We're having a formal dinner this year after the public leaves (get out peasants!) and that requires a real dinner dress...Well [personal profile] mandie_rw  said it does and I just copy her in everything except eating habits. 

SO I've been doing a lot of poking. and of course all the ones I like are velvet and patterned and fabric I'll never afford....but I thiiiink I found something I like. 

My plan is buy mulberry poplin (it's probably going to be 120 degrees so I'm not wearing all silk. AND I'm poor). The sleeves will be some form of lace or net. The lace trim in black lace. Possibly this one? The bow will be velvet. I like the contrast in textures. I also won't make it QUITE such an over stated vagina point. I just don't like bodices with that much...poke.

Will I have time/skill for the embroidered motifs? Probably not. Will I try? sure why not. 

Also thoughts on the bottom pleats. Black something? silk, poplin, etc or self of the poplin. 
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2017-06-25 11:28 pm

ahhh day off

 Today was my one day off after six on. Three more and then I go to Ohio for family reunion. Had a wonderful battery recharging day. 

Step 1: sleep in till 9:30!! 
Step 2: snuggle in bed with husband and dog
Step 3: make raspberry peach jam. (we're up to 25 cups of berries off our canes in a little over a week. O.O and the iron is I don't really LIKE raspberries so I'm trying to find ways to use them up. this is my third batch of jam. it did not set well and I am not a fan). 
Step 4. knit on Jenny-Rose's pineapple. Finished the first set of bobbles and halfway through the second. It's satisfying to watch it develop.
Step 5. two hour nap.
Step 6. sew one side of the first band of trim on my lemonade dress...FOR SEPTEMBER. yup that's me working a head. I know I just saw a pig fly by too. 

I don't wanna go back to work tomorrow. :-p 
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2017-06-21 10:20 pm
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 Coming up briefly for air...I'm still alive. My job is crazy at the moment. We're switching offices and that involves moving and packing and it's been a bit of a shit show. I'm working 6 days instead of my normal 4 a week. I came home from my 12 hour shift today and was ready to drop. Packing is just so much more physical and uses more brain power than what is routine. 

So yeah no sewing, nothing interesting...but I'm not dead yet! 
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2017-06-02 07:47 pm

(no subject)

 Waiting in line to go in and see Wonder Woman!! So excited. It's about damn time for a female driven movie. And I have to say the mix of people, especially the excited trim of nerd boys is giving me warm fuzzies. 
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2017-06-01 05:02 pm
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(no subject)

 Just tried to do a practice run of my hair for Reading on did turn out like a nice set of victory rolls...but FRIZZY. I swear my textury frizzy hair just does NOT want to roll into smooth pretty vintage styles. Excuse me I'll be over here being cranky. 
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2017-05-24 10:04 pm

told myself I'd post more

 but I don't have that much to post about?...lets see working on my dress for reading. Ended up going with the vogue that looks modern for one very stupid doesn't have sleeves and I'm feeling lazy. 

Otherwise I've ordered pettipants, a paper parasol and shoes. I bought a hat and purse with [personal profile] jennylafleur  several months ago. 

Work has been nutty as we're moving at the end of June so there's a lot of packing, planning, decisions etc happening. I haven't been there for long enough to view it as anything but a good thing, the nurses' who've been there 30 years seem more hesitant about the changes. 

My garden is off to the races, we've had a fair amount of rain which has limited my weeding which is not such a good thing....mmm I think I'll have to post a better entry tomorrow.
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2017-05-13 09:30 pm
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1940s dress for reading

[personal profile] mandie_rw , [personal profile] miss_philomena , [ profile] hiriami and I are going to the WWII airshow in Reading, PA this June (as in like two weeks better get moving here) and I've outgrown all my 40s wardrobe.

When I was at my mom's for easter she offered me a dress length of what feels like rayon (burn test was positive for either rayon or cotton I can't tell flame colors apart that well) which is idea for the no doubt 100 degree weather.


So I picked up three vintage patterns. Help me chose which!  

Option 1:

Pro of this one is it looks simple. Cons involve will it make me look like a linebacker in a dirndle.

Option 2:

Pros of this one: I think the shirring would be flattering, but would the skirt look like a loin cloth? cons: more complicated. aka sleeves.

Option 3

Pros: less gathering in the skirt. cons:  I like the construction standards of vogue better. 

I  did actually buy all three as they were all on sale. So vote and help a girl out!  What's your opinion?

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2017-05-07 10:51 pm
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Finished and worn!

Last weekend [ profile] hiriami , [personal profile] mandie_rw and [personal profile] miss_philomena and I did a "dress in a day" style demo at the Indian King Tavern where Amanda is a docent. I say style because we of course didn't finish nearly as much as we could have if we hadn't been answering questions. Some very good, but if one more person asks me why women weren't allowed to wear seem to assume because women didn't usually they were for some reason forbidden...So I took the dress home and over the ensuing week finished up the bits we didn't get to. The IKT had another event today so why not show up and show off the dress!

The thing today was a "revolutionary tea" lecture, demo, thingy. The speaker definitely felt passionate about and knew her tea. That said it was supposed to be a 45min lecture and she spoke for an hour and a half until the organizer gave the "wrap it up" signals. You see they had tea and snacks sitting out for the guests, yay cold tea? I DID learn that the industrial revolution started when people began drinking tea for breakfast instead of beer as they were suddenly caffeinated *insert eyeroll* But other than that it was mostly a very informative interesting lecture.

Then we went downstairs and swanned about looking photogenic while we took approximately a million photos...Have I mentioned how freaking FANTASTIC I felt? I stole Amanda's frosting hat and damn I'm not sure what it did but I felt 20lbs thinner and 100 times fiercer.



I'm telling you somehow it's a magic hat. I was really happy with how the dress turned out! I have a few minor fitting changes like I always do after a wearing. and it needs some kind of real trim.

After we were finished looking pretty we determined that it was time for food! Haddonfield is a delightful little historic town with lots of fun little business and we took ourself to the fish and chips shop. A hearty lunch was had, during which Amanda and I were WAY too amused but Adrienne's phallic bangers and mash and I laughed till my sides hurt.

Next stop was the dinosaur! Apparently the first dino discovered by people who figured out what it was was in Haddonfield. Who knew? So they have a charming dinosaur statue that we required a visit too.


Then we decided to stroll. At that moment that drizzle had finally let up to sun and a light breeze. So we walked along the main street and admired the million dollar homes and borrowed them for some photos.


We ended the night we delicious gelato! It was a really delightful day and I have to say it was fun to just feel pretty in something. It restored some of the spark and why I costume. I love my friends....and their hats. 
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2017-05-04 07:17 pm

wasted a day

I am someone prone to escapism (hello I dress up in weird clothes to play with my friends).  And I have a bad habit of binging on time I spent a whole day watching versions of Jane Eyre and reading the book, one time it was Emma...last night I found a copy online of a book series I ADORED when I was in Middle School and High School. I started re-reading it...oops. I realized when I came up for air at 7pm tonight that I had wasted an entire day and I am always left with a weird hangover feeling. Like coming out of an imaginary world and back into my own. I'm SUCH an empath that I get very into whatever I'm watching or reading and walk away with a headache and odd fuzzy after feeling like a horrible person for wasting an entire day when I have a huge to do list and a dress to finish I tried to figure out why do I do this to myself?

I think the times I've done this all line up with periods where I'm feeing huge uncertainty and anxiety. Today specifically I was hiding from the healthcare ruling. Do I have a huge pre-existing condition? not yet? well other than a uterus. But Rob has depression, and it IS a hugely big problem in our life If he lost coverage because if it I'm not sure how he would function. 

But I'm also a 33 year old woman who wanted to be a parent, have financial stability and feel like I was contributing to the I'm struggling to find my place. What will not being a mother be like for me? Do I want to move to MA to be with my nieces? Do I want to tell Rob to move to LA in the hopes of him succeeding in an impossible career and him being happy?...yeah I guess no wonder I like to pretend I don't exist in another world sometimes....although that doesn't help this dress get finished. I guess it's 8pm now and I should eat something and try to sew a little. 
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2017-05-02 11:25 pm
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pootling along

I'm chugging along on the lavender anglaise.

1. Pleat back side of petticoat, sew waistband Done
2. remove and reset sleeves
3. Pleat and attach dress skirts- Got one half of the skirt pleated.
4. Hem
5. Trim? TBD

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2017-05-02 08:33 am
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Lavender anglaise

My goal is to finish the lavender anglaise started at our sewing demo Saturday to wear this coming Sunday. As it stood Saturday afternoon it needs:
1. Pleat back side of petticoat, sew waistband. 
2. Remove and reset sleeves 
3. Pleat and attach dress skirts
4. Hem
5. Trim? Not sure how it's getting trimmed. I wanted self trim. But this dupioni frays like a MOFO!

last night while we netflixed I got the petticoat back waistband pleated and half attached. 
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2017-04-27 10:51 pm

Bill Nye

Has anyone been watching the new Bill Nye show on Netflix? Rob and I started last night, the first episode was almost bad enough that we stopped, but all the subsequent ones have been quite enjoyable. The GMO one was especially interesting. I see both sides, but I think really GMOs are not the scary thing people make them out to be. I think we are going to need A LOT of food to feed 7billion people properly..
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2017-04-25 10:47 pm

(no subject)

 I've been thinking a lot about changes to the costuming community as things shift from LJ. and I wrote a probably inarticulate and wordy blog post about it.  But mostly in summary I love this community on here and I know it seems to be having a slow death but I really hope that's not the case because I love you all. *BIG SQUISHY HUGS*
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2017-04-13 09:56 pm

Here we go again!


Started my 3rd pineapple reticule today for [personal profile] jennylafleur that I owe her from doing my hair at Christmas. I am following the pattern I used for my first pineapple and MUCH preferred, but with the same thread and number of repeats as [personal profile] mandie_rw 's. But this time I went from the size 0 needles from Amanda's and used 000s. I'm really curious to see how it effects the over all size...

So yeah prepare for lots of pictures of slowly progressing pineapple knitting.
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2017-04-09 08:12 pm

Home again home again

It took me entirely tooooo long to get home from Virginia but I am back and basking in my post-event sleepy glow. I'm enjoying poking some pictures and finding funny ones. I'll share more and do a blog entry on my jacket...someday

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2017-01-16 09:39 pm
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hot mess of a day

One of the other nurses called out of work today, apparently she and her whole family have a nasty stomach virus. So at 7:30 I got a call to go to the other office and be there half an hour earlier. I come flying in almost late and go to check the fridge...vaccines have be stored at 45 or less and the frozen ones at 5 degrees or freezer is 6 degrees and the fridge is 50! *cue panic calls* 

Eventually we figured out that a nurse (actually the one who called out) for some reason we can't fathom had turned the fridge to "minimum" as in "minimum cooling" and basically wasted several thousand dollars in vaccines. The nurse manager frantically coerced her husband into driving over all new vaccines so I had things for my extremely full patient load (solidly booked till 11:30). But the same nurse of the multiple mess ups here had unpacked vaccines for me on Friday when she was the phone nurse...we get vaccines from the state as part of a program for kids who don't have insurance that covers vaccines, are on medicaid or a few other specific things (like being a native Alaskan...weird I dunno)...well she put the box full of VFC vaccines away with the private vaccines. So the newly rushed to me doses were VFC instead of private...which meant massive shuffling of lot numbers, ANOTHER trip by the husband to give me the correct things...all while I have an increasingly backed up schedule and angry patients. 

MLK day is always a zoo because the kids are off from school, add to that this mess up and my having to drive to the other office at lunch to work the night shift and my legs hurt. ><
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2017-01-10 09:26 pm

shameless self promotion

as I was stuck on the couch I actually did a blog entry about the two pineapple reticules I've made so up is the damn plaid ballgown from new castle. I'm so behind on blogging. and I swore I was gonna do better about it...WHOOPS.

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2017-01-10 04:24 pm
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sick day

Still can't beat this cold that started New Year's Eve. I told myself since I was off today I would rest and feel better...I don't...but I am bored out of my mind. I tried to take a nap but I couldn't fall asleep cause y'know I slept till 10am and haven't done anything. I hate being sick as I'm in a fog and have cabin fever.

But it has given me time to peruse the interwebs and plot things for Gettysburg. I tried to work on a blog entry on Amanda's pineapple. and I'll keep poking it but articulate I am not.

1.10- at least I'm watching an adorable pair of downy woodpeckers on the suet feeder. Their little chirps have kept me company.
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2017-01-07 01:57 pm
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lets try cross-posting just for funsies

1.6- co-workers who make me laugh. It was a crazy busy day at work, but we laughed the whole way through it and I got to the end loving my job not hating it. I realize that a small private office could be a horrible place with politics and gossip and such, but my little office? It's just a great place where we work as a team. We're family.

1.7- It's softly snowing, I have no where to go, and I'm watching a pair of fat little downy woodpeckers on the suet feeder. I might even take a nap.

Now if only I could kick this cold and get my voice back. I'm very tired of squeaking like a boy in puberty.