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I miss reading everyone's post-event wrap ups...So I'm gonna try and be good and write one.

New Castle DE does a spirit of Christmas with a ball on Friday night and several teas on Saturday. After a recon mission last year with [ profile] miss_philomena and [ profile] mandie_rw we decided we definitely wanted to go this year. peeking through the windows had revealed that the space the hold the ball in was relatively small so 1830s was voted in to avoid the extra space of hoops.

The arrival )
The ball )

Saturday )
All in all it was a delightful trip with wonderful people. I look forward to doing it next year and hoping more people chose to join us.
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I'm not sure what it says about me that I handed Rob a pair of fall front pants and he just puts them on without any thinking required....

I've been dying of consumption (ie cough cold) for the last week and I am SO ready to be over it. Today I finally felt a solid 75% and was off. I spent a lot of the day on the couch doing hand finishing on Rob's trousers. Hello HIDEOUS buttonholes. Should have just sucked it up and done them by machine.

The buttons are covered nickles, one of which Ellie was chewing on so it's nice and slimy.

I forgot

Jun. 14th, 2016 11:01 pm
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The BEST photo from Sunday
 photo image_zpsdjy7nejp.jpeg
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..I actually still have a blog. Who knew...

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The Philly contingent of the Fabulocity club invaded Allaire for [ profile] misspeachum's fake wedding as Maria Allaire. We of course had to attend the STYLE. And we all even made new dresses!

I arrived around 11ish..heavy on the ish...[ profile] hiraimi was already mostly dressed in the parking lot. By the time I had most of my bits on [ profile] mandie_rw and [ profile] miss_philomena rolled in fully dressed.

 photo allairewedding 004_zpsnvcr1ukq.jpg
Aren't we dashing?

in case you don't like big sleeves )
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Today was a another costume adventure! Seriously what a fabulous weekend for me. This morning I woke up at 8 so I could gather and attach my skirt to my bodice as I got that far before bailing last night, but managed to do hair, finish dress, pack and be out the door in time to pick [ profile] hiraimi up only a few min late.

Allaire Village is in a state park in the middle of nowhere NJ and set up like it's from 183-mumble, I think 1836 but I'd bet preciesly nothing on that. Anyway two weeks ago I started a dress from PoF in an extremly obnoxious plaid that just SCREAMED to be an 1830s dress..and damned if I didn't finish
The long bits )
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I actually sewed BEFORE work today (I was in at 10)..hugely impressive for me.

Does anyone know of an example of an 1830s dress with a gathered waist? I don't know why but the idea of pleating sounds horrid to me, I'm strange I fully admit it...


Dec. 4th, 2015 11:36 pm
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I got to go to my very first office christmas party! It was actually a fancy sit down luncheon at The William Penn Inn, (the site of the 1st Francaise dinner). It was solidly tasty without being AMAZING. The best part might have been a table of mostly old ladies next to us and us three new nurses ordering a round of Shirley Temples. We's grown ups!

I've only been with the practice for a tad over a month so I figured this would not be my year for a bonus, but I did get one! The gave us (well me and Annie I didn't ask anyone else) $50 visa gift cards. And while if it had been cash I'd have felt obligated to put it in my savings account for the house fun, I cannot so oh darn I'll be forced to spend it! any ideas about frivioulous $50 things I can't live without? Every other bonus and gift I've gotten in the last few years has ended up going to bills and now that I have a Real Job (tm) I'm determined to use it for something fun.

I did come home and do some sewing, not a ton as the rich lunch did not sit so well with my cranky GI. I cut the rest of the bodice pieces and sewed the CB seam so I could start eyelets. Then I started looking at pinterest to figure out spiral vs cross lacing and that killed my productivity ;-) Consensus from friends and photos seams to be a mixed bag. I like spiral lacing better for getting into it myself (although I'm not sure how on earth I'd tie the top off by myself) but Rob finds cross lacing MUCH easier to understand (just like your shoe honey). So I'm not sure if I'll do my way or the husband-proof way. 


Dec. 3rd, 2015 10:16 pm
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My sister said it took her 6 months of working as a nurse before she came home not feeling like utter mush...5 more to go :-p It helps to feel like it's coming, a time when I won't walk in and just want to sit and puddle. But I'm trying to keep on plodding.

Today I cut out the lining for the 1830s dress of not making, and cut the front panels. Not the whole bodice mind you, as people who love plaid matching spend FAR too long. and I can't cut more than a certain amount before my back yells at me.

It's going to be SO hideous and I'm SO happy about that...I'm weird aren't I?
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Work was soooo dead tonight. I assume because it was pouring all day. Which was rather mind numbing. I was all "I'll be SO productive!" at work..then I left in the dark and came home and sat down...and promptly didn't want to do anything.

But I did manage to make myself suit up and fit the mock up for the dress that I'm definitely not making. It was remarkably easy to use my Gettysburg bodice to make an 1830s pattern. yay! 
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So the fabric I bought for the hideous 1830s dress that I'm not making is a large gold and burgundy plaid, really more of a checked pattern...and It came in two pieces that looked identical. I started cutting from the smaller piece. Last night I made all the piping aka wasted a chunk for bias. Then today I started cutting skirt panels. I got two from the remainder of the small piece. I'm thinking "yay I have tons left"...and then I lay out the big peice and in measuring to cut the third skirt panel really that the squares are like 1/8" they DON'T match up nicely at the seam...

Here's my dilemma. I have plenty of fabric, do I recut three skirt panels from the large peice, or have one reeeeeally unmatched seam...

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