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Washington's crossing harvest market 2016

You'll never guess what historic event happend at Washington's Crossing....that whole delaware thing. Anyway it's a sweet little historic site and they had an 18th century market faire thing today. Very low key, but ZOMG gorgeous day, lots of shopping and kind of the perfect outting.

Washington's crossing harvest market 2016

Lets see there's [ profile] hiraimi, [ profile] mandie_rw, me, [ profile] miss_philomena and new friend Meredith who I'm not sure is on LJ?

There was a hot dog vendor for lunch (next time we might picnic) and lots of fun hanging out. Several sutlers and maybe a half dozen displays set up with docents who knew nothing about the buildings.  I indugled in the luxury of REWEARING. I sewed NOTHING. and felt beautifuly relaxed.

(yoinked from the Washington Crossing Historic site FB page)

I didn't buy much as being a responsible adult stinks...but others bought hat blanks, sewing tools, lotion and other fun things...also there was a period baker who made some delicious noms.

Washington's crossing harvest market 2016

Trying to get a serious photo with these nut jobs proved...difficult

Washington's crossing harvest market 2016

Washington's crossing harvest market 2016

Washington's crossing harvest market 2016

Why do I go places with them...

The best part of the day for me at least was definitely playing Graces. [ profile] miss_philomena and I had a bit of an advantage having played before, but with practice we did quite well! And much laughing was had at our inability to be graceful...


All in all a perfect fall day with friends who make me endlessly happy

Washington's crossing harvest market 2016
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I had more fun today then I think is legal. [ profile] hiraimi and [ profile] mandie_rw came over and we had a sewing day. We watched the first season of Outlander and snarked at all the poor charater choices, costumes, and questionable plot developments. We had five pots of tea (I think I peed 7 times), a box of cookies and ordered chinese food!

I did make SOME actual progress too. I made my fourth and final mock up, cut out my bodice in silk and linen and got the back and one side seam finished. I'm using the lapped seam/whipped in lining techinque from costume closeup. [ profile] hiraimi Ran out of things to do so she whipped down my pocket slits and sewed my petticoat side seams. VERY nice of her.

So not as much done as if I'd actually sewed alone for a day...but way more than if we'd ended up at the ren faire! And I had a wonderful day laughing till tea almost came out my nose. 

mock up #3

Oct. 7th, 2014 10:01 pm
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I thought I'd take a break from all things vagina/baby focused and work on my jacket. Sometimes you have to know when your brain is at saturation point and step back, or at least I do.

So the sleevils progress.

too much width in my sleeve head. dart pinned out. I also need to rotate the fullness of the sleeve forward as I have it pinned too far back...I think?

but can I say how very pleased I am with the bodice fit?!

Anyway I have this lovely under arm wrinkle...BUT it allows me to LIFT my arm! which is amazingly comfortable...thinking about just living with it for the amazing arm lifting.

Anyway advice or feedback from the fitting gurus is always appreciated. (also wow wrinkled chemise is wrinkled)
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I frankenpatterned together my enlargement of the swallow tail jacket in Costume Closeup and my body block that [ profile] mandie_rw very nicely draped for me last year. And much to my shock it was actually pretty decent.
Please pay no mind to the hair.
I had to cut the waist a bit higher, but I think I'm going to just have it end at the waist instead of longer with a slit or more skirting, seems more 1780s to me.  The back required a big more fixing, I had to drop the waist about an inch in the back and side.

 Original on left side of photo, fixed on right side.

All in all, not a bad start. I need to buy muslin to make mock up number two, and try out some sleeves.

And one last funny note. I was goofing off and trying to take a selfie to send to [ profile] jennylafleur and discovered my arms weren't long enough, Rob offered to take one for me, and this is what he took....
*facepalm* Never ask a boy for help
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umm okay I'm no [ profile] koshka_the_cat but the stay off with [ profile] jennylafleur continues! She may have me beaten in form, fit and function, but I am giving her a SERIOUS run for her money in the tackiness department.
Plus side if I wander off and get lost somewhere on her patio I'll be easy to find if I'm in my underwear...

The binding is sewn on the front side only, I have to do the whip down on the inside. Then add the straps on the back pieces and bind the tops. Oh and this fabric frayed so HORRIBLY in the amount of time it took me to get to binding them they're a weeeeeeee bit crooked now...oops? We'll call it a metaphor for me in life.
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Waiting for Rob to finish his thing (if I understood what he did...) so that we can go get lunch. It is my end-of-semester Friendly's Tuna Salad Supermelt treat.

I am officially a Junior. I have a small break now (already filled with family/work/cleaning) to recharge before I head back to school the week after 4th of July to start clinicals! As in real patients! as in people who can yell at me! as in eek! I'm both really excited and completely terrified. But that seems to be a standard for me with this program, I felt that way before I started and it went swimmingly for the first two months. I felt that way about our capstone final for this class, but when we got to it I wasn't so unprepared. So far nursing has proved to be as challenging as I imagined, but equally enjoyable. I like to be mentally challenged, I get bored too easily. There is A LOT to learn, but I'm enjoying all of it. Okay maybe not the getting up at 6am part, but I imagine I'll get used to that....I hope....

My two sewing goals for my week off are to start two things. One for each project I have due in the fall. For Jane Seymour I'm going to trace out and start some blackwork cuffs and for the 18th century epicness I'm going to start my new stays. I doubt I'll finish either, but as long as I'm chugging at them I'll feel satisfied. (I know you're dying for this journal to actually be costume content again)

Off to poke the husband about my sandwich! 

I wonder

Jun. 22nd, 2014 11:09 pm
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I have two completely different eras for two completely different events on the brain. firstly I'm making Jane Seymour to go to the ren fair and I'm pretty settled on making a corded petticoat for her.

To me that doesn't look like a farthingale. and frankly I'd RATHER wear a corded petticoat so we're going with that I see is what I want.

But the other era I have on the brain at the moment is 18th century. Specifically second half of the big round 18th century. So I wondered. Is there any evidence of corded petticoats then? I know there are quilted ones. And I know corded petticoats are definitely popular in the 19th century. It seems like it would give such a nice round shape under some of those full round skirts.

"hmmm what do I have under here"
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In the end I put down the fop coat for a day while mad at it and made a weeee something for myself. I've had this fancy-pre-quilted-looking-has-a-real-name-that-starts-with-m-that-I-forget fabric that I got at JoAnn's ages ago when it was a remnant on super sale. I had thought about a petticoat front but there wasn't enough and then I decided I simply MUST HAVE jumps for the breakfast! And I have so say I'm super duper pleased with them. I rolled out of bed, rolled into them and rolled down stairs. I can see why they'd be perfect undress clothing for a woman of means.

Yeah I'm making a dumb face but YOU look peppy the day after an awesome party that was stupidly scheduled on daylight savings weekend (we are NOT doing that again!)

A few more pictures )

And that my friends is the last I have to say. It was a marvelous event and I can't wait to see you all again next year! or at Ft. Fred ;-) 

side note

Feb. 28th, 2013 07:55 pm
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I was digging through the new Smithsonian Fashion Book, which I have to say has some really lovely pictures in it, and I found something that really threw me for a loop.

On page 144 they have goldish yellow colored Robe á la française. From the front it looks like I think of an anglaise. Wide robings, contrasting stomacher, open front showing a matching petticoat. But it's NOT over panniers. And they show it being worn two ways, one with a train the other polonaised up! I don't think I've ever seen a francaise not over pocket hoops, and I'm darn sure I've never seen one polonaised up. Part of me would think they were mis-informed, but it's the Smithsonian!

I ask because it's REALLY neat and I'd love to make a version someday. Perhaps for next years Francaise dinner weekend breakfast (as it's apparently becoming a weekend).

So great LJ oracle. Tell me. Have YOU seen either of these two things before?
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I think this is a really beautiful gown. But I've never seen anything quite like it! It's such a transition piece, the auction catalogue lists it as a sack back, but the pleats are sewn down fully half the way down the back. And I don't think I've seen anything quite like those front straps on a Robe Francaise before. 

Anyway I thought some of you might find it as interesting as I did. Very pretty too! 
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Hey [ profile] mandie_rwremember when I said hell would freeze and pigs would fly before I would handsew a chemise?.....

Ooops...It's not my fault!! My sewing room is the one room without it's own AC unit. And usually the other two more than keep it livable in there, just not as cool as everywhere else. But we're in the middle of an epic heatwave so it's oppressive in there. I gave up and just shut the door to save the AC the effort/energy cost. And I NEED A chemise for Bastille Day, you'll see it through my Chemise a la Reine. I hadn't intended to do it all in one weekend but I REALLY like hand-sewing, it's so satisfying to me to put on some Olympic trials and just zen out. Consequences being I'm sore as heck now. BUT lookie handsewn chemise! (I think the major reason I never even bothered to make one before is you put in all this work and go TA DA! and it's a big white sack!) It really needs to be ironed..but again it's 100 plus degrees today I'm not tempting fate by plugging in my iron. 
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Well the weather cooperated..barely. It drizzled a bit, then was overcast and windy. Because of the rain of the 100 re-enactors they were expecting less than 40 showed up, and they were steadily bailing as the day went on. I felt bad for the organizers, there's only so many big events at Peter Wentz and they can use all the fundraising/turn out they can get. 

The highlight of the day was definitely seeing [ profile] mandie_rw and [ profile] hiraimi, good company can make up for a lot of event lackings. We did a bit of shopping, there were lovely black hats that I barely resisted buying, patterns, fabric, second to the company I do love a bit of window shopping. I almost bought Rob a stock buckle for the outfit I intend to make him someday, but it occurred to me I should find out if he'd even WEAR a stock before I spent money on it. So I was a good little monkey and spent nothing more than my $5.00 Wawa picnic lunch. 

We all forgot to bring cameras to the event, consciously or otherwise (I decided I wasn't hauling it). But Rob took a few pictures of us in the backyard post event.

Don't we look pretty? ;-) well don't THEY look pretty and don't I look colorful?

a few more pictures )

A few dress musings )

Oh and we made the paper

I felt a tad bad that we made it and not any of the re-enactors out there in the damp, it WAS their event after all that we kinda just showed up at as johnny-go-public. whoopsie. I can see why the photographer liked the pop of color we provided though.
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It's the only logical explanation...that or I've lost all ability to actually sew anything, we won't rule that out either.

I finally picked up the dress of evil today again, last time I thought I had the sleeves just way. They're not horrible, but they're too small across the back, and the left one has a weird pleat at the top, and the straps are set too wide and keep sliding down my shoulders. ...*headdesk* I'm not sure I care enough, maybe a nice big fichu? I'm contemplating putting a gusset under the arm, I have no idea if it's period, but it would be more comfortable.

I did realize that a lot of my fitting issues would resolve if I take an inch out of each front side, so I'm going to do that when shortening it.

ALSO in the process of getting into it for a fitting I slashed myself nicely along the bicep, nice line of blood. *facepalm* WHY do I like this hobby again?!?
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I just got a nice email from the head organizer lady and she sent me links to a few of the vendors who are going to be there. It's not a huge list but there's a few nice things in case anyone wants to bring some spare cash.

The Scarlet Scarab has the same silk stockings that Reconstructing History carries, and I hope I'm not dooming myself to bad karma by pointing this out, but they're $5.00 cheaper. I have a pair and I wear them CONSTANTLY I also discovered they can survive a machine washing (Husband was trying to be helpful) so now I just machine wash them.  They also have those nice flat straw hats in black. I may grab one of those myself.

Liberty Linens looks like they're going to be there with some nice linens, wools and patterns. I'd really like to get a good look at these J.P. Ryan Patterns everyone raves about. and it's a good chance to save on the shipping!

And Deborah's Pantry looks like they'll be there with period food? Not 100% sure but that could be neat!

Now I've zero history or experience with any of these vendors so I don't know if they're known for quality or not, but I'm rather looking forward to a bit of window shopping!

I was also thinking I'd bring my 16th century playing cards (I don't have 18th century but they look closer right?) and perhaps anyone who wants to could play a game of cards with me :-)
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I am being a complete wuse and not trying on the new sleeves...I think these are version 4? and I'm crazy worried they're going to be way too small. they are the SAME pattern I used for the francaise but they just SEEM smaller..did I add extra when I did those?  don't remember...and I'm not completely out of fabric...

ETA: HA HA! THEY FIT!!!!!!!!! They are somehow smaller than the francaise sleeves, but they also seem to fit just right so I ain't over analyzing. I thought they were going to be way to small when I started to put them on..but in the end everything kind of settled into the right places and the angels sang.

In other news, is it odd that my husband knows how to fit an 18th century sleeve on me? In fairness I now know all the rules of hockey....
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Remember my complete and utter failure of an anglaise? This one? Yeah I'm not reposting a picture it's THAT BAD.

Well Apparently Peter Wentz Farmstead down the road from me is having some 18th century event on the 24th. Here's their description:

Experience the daily camp life of Revolutionary War soldiers and camp followers from regiments of the Mid-Atlantic Department of the Continental Line as they prepare for battle reenactments throughout the region. Soldiers will practice drills and maneuvers at various times each day. Merchants will be selling items typical of the period throughout the weekend.

And I thought it would be fun to go. (I feel no guilt as a) it's suggested donation of like $2.00 and b) it's so close it uses zero gas money) If no one on here wants to/is available I may just email them and ask if they'd like an extra volunteer for the day. Either way it means I need to not be naked. So I think I'm going to go back to the evil dress and try AGAIN! The goal for today is to get the sleeves taken off. I need to make the armcyes deeper and then I'll decide if I would rather cut new sleeves with the seams in the CORRECT place, or just take some off the top of the sleeve head so I don't have giant puffed sleeves. I need to shorten off the front point, shorten the waist at the sides, make a new stomacher, and take up the shoulder seams, and re-hem it so it's even. (okay there's a 90% chance I'll put two buttons on the back and polonaise it so it's crooked hem doesn't show. shhhhhhhhh). It sounds like a lot but in theory the tricky back pleated bit is fine.
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Now the boring part, the proof-I-wasn't-nekkid-part. I mean it was a GREAT party but it wasn't thaaat kinda party. I owe a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge thank you to two LJ people. Firstly [ profile] koshka_the_cat for her amazing tutorial which I found incredibly helpful. I also used her petticoat tutorial, so really I owe her double thanks. Secondly [ profile] hirami came over on Friday night and majorly helped me finish. She helped me tidy my sewing room for it's overnight guest, and sewed all the trim on my stomacher. So ladies I express to you my utmost gratitude. 

Now that being said I didn't get a ton of good pictures of me in the dress. Rob seemed more interested in the group as a whole...and when we were all standing well I was behind the camera, so lets see what I can scrounge up...

Borrowed from [ profile] madamekat:

In the end the fit turned out ishy, but I promise the sleeves don't wrinkle that much if I'm standing with my shoulders back and my arms not at my sides. This is BEFORE I laughed till I broke the pins holding gown to stomacher. I had a wardrobe malfunction! 

ookay maybe my sleeves are balanced too far back...but I hate to break it to y'all I'd have to unsew A LOT to swing them around and it ain't happening. I still can't quite figure out what the robings are supposed to do after they hit the waist, they just kinda explode into the skirt at the moment. You can also admire my stomacher coming off from my broken pin. 

Looking back at pictures it ain't all that, but I sure as heck FELT pretty so that's really at all that matter right? and I do think the last min addition of the silver trim (yay Jomar) did help to make it feel fancier. I have a wider version of the same trim to *coughsomedaycough* use along the skirt sides and petticoat. 
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Okay I have so much to say (okay photos to share) that I'm gonna break this into a AWESOME event post and a What I wore post. And really the AWESOME EVENT post is more interesting anyway right? Right! Glad we're on the same page.

Let me start by saying how crazy beautiful everyone looked! I'm running out of adjectives for how stunning and vibrant the company was!

I had far too hard of a time picking out my favorite photos )

I had such an amazing time I have to heartily thank everyone who came and shared this special evening with me. I felt honored to share the company of such amazing, talented, beautiful, and FUNNY people. I laughed to the point of breaking the pin holding my stomacher on! I smiled till my face hurt! So thank you all for sharing such a wonderful experience with me!! 

The complete album of my photos can be found here


Feb. 4th, 2012 03:00 pm
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The dinner is in a few hours, my hair is done (lets not discuss what's happening in the back, I can't see it so why should I care), the house is clean (relatively), The dress has as much trim as it's getting, and I have about thirty min till anyone's due to show up. and holy cow but I have a serious case of the butterflies! I feel like it's the first time there's been a big 18th century event and I was invited! They have to let me in I'm coming with two people and the place cards! I'm going to be in such awesome costuming company I'm more than a tad intimidated! 
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And things are starting to come together!

I am officially NOT Nekkid! Although I have a few things still to do.

1. Sew down the waist darts. I keep putting these off as EVERY time I try it on they move. bah.

2. take darts out of the CB 

3. Ruffle on the petticoat (I had a major case of the dumb when I made it and it's 5" too short *facepalm* 

4. shorten the sleeves

5. sleeve flounces

6. Trim Stomacher.

7. sew down the top few inches of the pleats in the CB so they stop spreading so much.

8. LOSE 10LBS! Holy Hell this thing is SO unflattering! I thought it was great till I looked at the picture Rob took, I'm a freaking COW! blech, doesn't help my self esteem much. 

I also think the hardest part of this whole dang thing is going to be trying to get the stomacher on remotely straight. proving harder than I thought it would be.

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