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I had more fun today then I think is legal. [ profile] hiraimi and [ profile] mandie_rw came over and we had a sewing day. We watched the first season of Outlander and snarked at all the poor charater choices, costumes, and questionable plot developments. We had five pots of tea (I think I peed 7 times), a box of cookies and ordered chinese food!

I did make SOME actual progress too. I made my fourth and final mock up, cut out my bodice in silk and linen and got the back and one side seam finished. I'm using the lapped seam/whipped in lining techinque from costume closeup. [ profile] hiraimi Ran out of things to do so she whipped down my pocket slits and sewed my petticoat side seams. VERY nice of her.

So not as much done as if I'd actually sewed alone for a day...but way more than if we'd ended up at the ren faire! And I had a wonderful day laughing till tea almost came out my nose. 

mock up #3

Oct. 7th, 2014 10:01 pm
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I thought I'd take a break from all things vagina/baby focused and work on my jacket. Sometimes you have to know when your brain is at saturation point and step back, or at least I do.

So the sleevils progress.

too much width in my sleeve head. dart pinned out. I also need to rotate the fullness of the sleeve forward as I have it pinned too far back...I think?

but can I say how very pleased I am with the bodice fit?!

Anyway I have this lovely under arm wrinkle...BUT it allows me to LIFT my arm! which is amazingly comfortable...thinking about just living with it for the amazing arm lifting.

Anyway advice or feedback from the fitting gurus is always appreciated. (also wow wrinkled chemise is wrinkled)
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I frankenpatterned together my enlargement of the swallow tail jacket in Costume Closeup and my body block that [ profile] mandie_rw very nicely draped for me last year. And much to my shock it was actually pretty decent.
Please pay no mind to the hair.
I had to cut the waist a bit higher, but I think I'm going to just have it end at the waist instead of longer with a slit or more skirting, seems more 1780s to me.  The back required a big more fixing, I had to drop the waist about an inch in the back and side.

 Original on left side of photo, fixed on right side.

All in all, not a bad start. I need to buy muslin to make mock up number two, and try out some sleeves.

And one last funny note. I was goofing off and trying to take a selfie to send to [ profile] jennylafleur and discovered my arms weren't long enough, Rob offered to take one for me, and this is what he took....
*facepalm* Never ask a boy for help
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Everyone else uses it so happily but I can't find the easy way to put several pictures in a post...I'm not sure what I'm missing but it's probably something incredibly simple. 

Regardless I charged the camera so I could extract the nine photos I took at Cliveden on Saturday. 

pictures pictures )
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Yesterday I met up with [ profile] madamekat[ profile] blackcat452, and [ profile] mandie_rw in Germantown. Now Germantown is part of Philadelphia, it's actually within the city limits. But in 1777 it was considered "the country." The Revolutionary Germantown festival commemorates the Battle of Germantown, which happened on Oct 4th 1777, I had to look that up as our tour guide just new it happened "around now" 

Cliveden is a beautiful historic house. I have a great fondness for Colonial architecture, I like symmetry and everything is so perfectly balanced.   Our tour guide was a lovely example of why American's can't get their history right. He proudly told us how the shutters (not the actual wooden door mind you) had no door knobs, because it was tacky to open one's own door, you had servants for that...what the servants used to open the doors is anyone's guess. He also told us they flew in all silks with colors from France, and if you had yellow you were a millionaire. (were there even millionaires yet?) But the house itself was beautiful. I want crown molding like that someday! 

Anyway the jacket was a decided mixed bag. The Back looked wonderful. I was very proud of the pattern matching and the waistline was in the right place. But on the front the slits clearly needed to be higher and those sleeves will be removed and BURNED. Halfway through the event I was suddenly struck with paranoia that I looked like all the other crazy old bitties there in their upholstery fabric. 

I ended up making a very simple cloak and cap the night before. I thought about a ruffled cap as I could have gathered that in seconds, but that seemed so mass produced, so I did little knife pleats on a shaped band. I was quite happy with it. Although next time I think I need to pin it a little farther back, it was just a hair forward. 

I put the pictures on Flickr for the first time and for some reason I can't embed them here on LJ like I could photobucket. I yoinked one from [ profile] madamekat and the rest were emailed to me by a man we met there who was trying to convince us to be in his movie as extras. Nice guy, but I only do films for one man :-) I took a few on my camera before it died...I'll charge the battery at some point and add them.
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I just made a wool cloak in an hour for tomorrow. Let me tell you it's quality. Actually for a 1 hour cloak it's really not bad, two half circles gathered at the neck line sewn to a rectangular hood with radiating cartridge pleats at the top. 

My question is, who's put arm slits in a cloak before? I kind of want to so I can wear my muff on the outside of my cloak. but I'm nervous about putting them in the wrong spot. you only really get one go at it! 

Thoughts? Tips? Don't do its?

Now on to the next project, a quick and dirty 18th century cap...


Sep. 29th, 2011 09:18 pm
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I just can't seem to get the fuckers in looking decent. 

alkjf oaireoaiutoiwura HELP!
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Okay clearly I'm behind the ball and the only one STILL using hooks and eyes *facepalm* So I shall definitely be pinning my jacket shut! Which means the only thing I have left to do is sleeves and finish the neck opening...Yay almost done...Ewwww sleeves.

I'm fairly happy with how it's coming out..

Cut for the pics )

So fingers crossed I should finish it up tonight. Granted that means setting sleeves so really that's anybody's guess.
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Has anyone ever made an 18th century jacket that they just pinned closed? I'm never happy with how hooks and eyes seem to gap for me. And I want the pattern to match perfectly so I'm considering going and buying some steel straight pins.  PLUS It'd save me hella time sewing. 

So any experience to share?


Sep. 28th, 2011 11:07 pm
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I made some progress on the jacket today, I really want to finish it tomorrow so I have Friday to make a cloak. And it's COMPLETELY do-able. I got the shoulder straps sewn on one side, I need to try it on and that's not happening right now. I also did something a little out of order and started turning the edges into each other and whipping them down. The fabric was starting to fray like a mo-fo and I didn't want a big unravely mess. So I'm finishing the edges from the CF around the bottom and up to the other CF. Then I'll fit the shoulders finish the rest of neckline and add sleeves. I can 100% do that in one day. Then I'd have Friday to make myself some kind of little cap and a cloak. 

I also emailed a historic farmstead down the street from me. As I ponder what to do with myself a museum studies degree with a public history focus crossed my mind. And getting some hours volunteering will be satisfying AND get me out of the house. I'll probably have to make some new working class 18th century closes. But now that I have a working jacket pattern that hardly seems to bad. Plus I could always make a short gown in like an hour.
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Yesterday Rob helped me fit the 18th century jacket mock-up I made. Poor man, I probably shouldn't ask him to try and help me fit the back of something that's obviously WAAAAY to big when I'm already on a short thread...we'll just say it's a good thing we are already married and he can't bail now...that and showing him a picture of what it's SUPPOSED to look like is a very helpful tool. You should all feel really bad for him, he got the serious short end of the stick. The mock-up was way way way too big, we took inches out of everywhere.

Today I carefully marked my new stitching lines, cut apart the old mock-up and just to see how evenly he took out the extra I layed it over the old pattern...Rob came into the sewing room so see why I was laughing so hysterically...It was EXACTLY the same everywhere except the front panel which was an inch larger...I just needed to add 2" down the CF and the damn thing would have fit perfectly. Apparently I gained all my weight around the front, which I did kind of know I went up a cup size and carry most of my weight in the belly area.  Serves me right for torturing my poor husband. 

I've cut and sewn together a new mock up and tonight my upstairs neighbor who sews is going to give me a fitting go...I think Rob's still hiding from me.
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Well I got some done today. Rob was gone and I confess I've been feeling more than a tad depressed lately and the result has been that I'm struggling to get much done. I kind of feel like I'm in haze, shuffling my way through the day.

But I did manage to get four new bow ties up in my etsy store. (I told myself NO jacket sewing till something was in etsy) and then I cut out a mock-up for my jacket. SEWING CONFESSION I have a terrible habit of making a pattern, fitting the mock-up and just using that and never altering my pattern! For example I pulled out the jacket pattern and It has rectangular front pieces and the jacket I made previously has a wedge on either side, like half a stomacher, which makes WAY more sense.  But I of course didn't realize this till I'd cut out the mock-up so I guess I'll make the same fitting alteration again. 

I made it way bigger than I think it needs to be. But A) I didn't want to try on the stays to figure out exactly what it needed and B) It's SO much kinder to the ego to take in than add.
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So the pondering continues on my 18th century jacket for Germantown. 

I had completely forgotten that I had this fabric in my stash. It's a remnant I bought at Joanns back when they owned my soul. I have almost 3 yards. It was original...wait for it...$120.00 for this much! I paid $18.00 for it. I've got it laid out in my sewing room and I'm kind of digging it. I know it's not perfect, hell it's probably polyester. But it may well be cold enough that I appreciate that! Plus it's free and I'm unemployed so that fits my budget marvelously well.

Brown isn't the best color on me, but with a white fichu next to my face I don't think it'll matter too much. Thoughts?

And what you should REALLY be impressed by (and I do mean REALLY) is that I found the pattern I drafted up out of Costume Close Up in 2008! Yup in less than 5 min, and exactly where it should have been. What are the odds of that?!? Now I just need to add a little extra room for my *ahem* growth spurt and I should be good to go.
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Well we made it safely home from the Parents. Very uneventful drive. Mostly I slept and Rob drove. He's a good man.

I keep waking up thinking I'm late for work, I over slept, my alarm didn't go off..but then there's no where to be.  At least I'm up, and when I finish this I shall shower and force myself to start working on the day. 

I order the book [ profile] brickhousewench recommended, found it for super cheap on (I like to write in books, libraries always seem to frown on that habit of mine) it was less than $5.00 shipped so I didn't feel bad about the expense.

I'm also sending in a check today for our local harvest festival. It's only $15.00 a space, I did it last year with the upstairs neighbor. I didn't make a ton, but I made some. And heck at this point it's something to keep me busy and bring in a few bucks right?  

I never got around to ordering fabric for my 18th century jacket so now I'm not positive what to do. [ profile] blackcat452 has offered me some of her gorgeous fabric, but I feel like I'm becoming a fabric mooch!!  I swung through my local Jomar last week and found na-da and I know Joann's hasn't got a thing. I have some wools I could use, but a solid wool on top and a solid wool on the bottom sounds so boring. I know it's perfectly period, but it just sounds bland. I need some pizzaz! I do still have blue taffeta from my aunt that finally arrived, am I nuts to think about making a polonaise gown? yeah I know I'm nuts..someone smack me...
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So [ profile] madamekat has been talking about this mythic Germantown 18th century event. Which sounds like tons of fun, the only problem being I've got nothing to wear!! It's only a few weeks away and I don't wanna go quite as crazy as I did for Belvidere...that was enough crazy for one year...but I'd really like to go. I think I can still fit the navy blue petticote that goes with my hand sewn 18th century jacket (ahh weight gain) but I'm 99% sure these sausages ain't fitting in those tiny sleeves. So I've been toying with making a new jacket. 

I found these two fabrics at Joanns that seemed...18th century ish to me. But I fully admit I'm going off of vauge aestetic here an nothing more specific than that. 

I'm thinking of a jacket like this one, or the one in Costume Close Up.

Thoughts? Any votes for That-would-be-horribly-un-period-looking?

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