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Yesterday was B-day for the dress. I didn't get it 100% finished, it's missing most of it's trim, but I got it wearable. It even had hooks and eyes on the skirt! I didn't have time to wear a hat, but [ profile] madamekat was so horrified at my uncovered head she lent me a smashing bonnet she made.  The forecast was decidedly cloudy with a chance of frizz so my hair less than behaved. 

Rob and I rolled in around noon, dressed at the curb (a Belvidere tradition) and made our way to find the encampment. We found B, her lovely daughter C, Bob, the Host, [ profile] madamekat and [ profile] ladyxjade we also met some lovely new friends. K and V. K was there last year but we didn't really get a chance to chat. 

We did a little shopping, I bought an antique straw hat, and had our pictures taken A LOT as we walked around. I have to say everyone looked really stunning! It was a little hot in the sun but a breeze came out in the afternoon and we had none of the showers the weatherman predicted.   Mick serenaded us with his pipes and we enjoyed a lovely lunch spread. 

Then while wandering amongst the antique cars an owner asked if we'd like to get in the car for a picture. Would we ever!! and then..HE TOOK US FOR A RIDE!!! You'd have thought we'd never been around the block before! It was sooo awesome. 

We took another group tintype which looked marvelous. I can't wait to get my copy of the scan. All in all it was a great day. Good weather, good people watching, great company.

My pictures are all here
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It's official..I. Hate. Sleeves. Why the heck couldn't those crazy Victorian's have liked things sleeveless, or why couldn't I have picked a style that involves gathered sleeves, then I wouldn't be sitting here at 9pm after having started the sleeves at 3 unable to get rid of that one stinkin' tuck on the left sleeve! 

I eventually gave up for now, we'll see if I'm ever motivated to take the damn things off AGAIN and fuss with them more. Perhaps tomorrow when i don't feel so much like stabbing a seam ripper in my eyeball.

I also got the bias tape machine sewn to the outside edges, now I need to whip that down.  I'm very close to having it essentially wearable. I need to make the overskirt and put all the trim on, hem the sleeves and hem the whole thing...not a horrible list really. 

Anyway here it is so far. A lot of work for not alot to show really. 

My bust point is a lot higher than Polly's so the whole bodice fits me differently. I swear it's a better fit on me.
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Well I had all these grand plans of bodice construction last night...but life happens.

Rob's brother broke up with his serious-thought-it-was-forever girlfriend. He came over here last night and the rest of my night was spent hearing about the whole story. I feel really bad for the guy. And I now know more about what they've done for the last two weeks than I think I remember about my own. 

So this morning we went to the diner for breakfast and now Rob took him off to a movie so I can try to salvage any attempt of having this dress to wear to Belvidere...but I won't lie, hope is fading fast. 

So far this morning I got the mock-up taken back apart and drafted out a new pattern from it. Next step cutting out the bodice.
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So when last I left you the fabric hadn't arrived and I was in a panic of what to do.  Cue my crazy awesome friends. [ profile] madamekat and her awesome partner in crime, who to the best of my knowledge doesn't have a LJ so we'll call her B, come riding in on their  great white horses to save the day!  They are officially my fairy-godmother-gadian-angle-tiara-wearing-saviors and hooked me up with the most AMAZING silk you've ever seen..seriously prepare to be envious. 
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I know gorgeous right? It's bluein natural light and purple in artificial light, and drool worthy in any light.
I tried to kick Rob out of bed on Friday night so it could sleep next to me, but he pitched a whiney fit. (Side note, should you ever want someone super awesome to take on a dinner date [ profile] madamekat and J come highly recommended, the husbands talked computers so we could talk costuming a total win-win)

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I should warn you that in the pictures there's no petticoats on Polly just the bustle cage so it's hanging inward due to her lack of legs. But don't point it out to her, she's sensitive about it. 

It's got a pocket on each side (B dared me! I had to!) and the seams are fully frenched with real placket. I'm not normally this neurotic about finishing (okay I am) but I decided since this dress was only made possible by the kindness of friends I'd use it as a Pay-it-forward dress and loan it out to anyone who needed an emergency outfit, which means other people will see the it had to be perfect! 
Here's a close up of the side back, I'm not sure it's suppose to look like that, but it's gonna stay that way till everything else is done.

And finally I've got a decently fitting bodice mock-up. This lovely floral print  brought to you by [ profile] curiouschilde and I must point out btw that it's a hugely unflattering pattern on people missy :-p 

and a lovely shot of my double chin to boot! Rob apparently didn't believe me when I said "just cut my head off"
Well I guess I better stop avoiding cutting out the bodice or this sucker will never be done!
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*sigh* I got the tracking info from my Aunt for the fabric she was hooking me up with...It's supposed to be delivered on Tuesday. I was counting on it getting here for me to work on this weekend. There's NO WAY I can make an entire dress in four days. Just won't happen. *sigh*

So now I don't know what to do, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but she's also going to be asking me how it turned out so I'm gonna have to tell her it didn't get here in time for me to use it.

I can't decide if I should save the dress I was planning to make for when the fabric arrives, and make something else for Belvidere, or look for more fabric frantically after work tomorrow?

I'm just SO disappointed. I could cry.

baby steps

Aug. 31st, 2011 08:32 pm
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well I spent most of the day on the couch. I've kept food down for over 24 hours now, but every time I get up to be productive, or sit up too long, I get really tired and unfocused and have to go lay down. I HATE being sick. 

But over the course of 5 hours of poking I managed to cut out the bodice mock-up, and after several tries of sewing things backwards, throwing away my peices, and sewing half of it inside out, I got it put together. That's as far as I can get tonight. Partially cause I'm tired as heck, and partially because there's nooooo way I'm putting on a corset tonight to test the fit. But I can already tell looking at it that there's nooo way my giant arms are fitting through those tiny armscyes. Gonna have to scoop those out farther. 

Any progress is good progress though right?

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