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Apparently there is a Fort at the tip of NJ named Fort Mott. I just learned this as somehow via the magic of Facebook [personal profile] mandie_rw , [personal profile] miss_philomena , [personal profile] hiraimi and I found and ended up at a Boer War reenactment there today. Now the even just said "Boer war and Victorian something something something" so I googled Boer war and went "perfect I have 1880s"...Guess who didn't tell Robin there are apparently TWO Boer wars. Cause if you're gonna get in a fight over something the british like to do it twice. 100 years war, revolution and war of 1812, WWI and WWII....luckily for us no one disowned us for wearing our 1880s natural form dresses.

I of course got a bit turned around when picking Alice up so we were a few min late, I think Amanda and Adrienne saw the entire event in the 20 min for us to catch up...oops. I did a quick change in the parking lot, much to the stares of the family BBQ. *ahem excuse me as I drop my skirt. yes I'm wearing bloomers*

We got there just in time to huff it up the walls of the fort to watch the "battle." I know I know the military half of this isn't MY personal jam but I'd rather you just did a weapons demo, because a battle of five vs 10 is still pretty silly looking unrealistic. After a 5 min battle in which the Boer's won we promptly left the hot pavement in search of shade and the picnic lunch we had packed.

Luckily for us our friend Mick was there (of Belvidere fame) and we pretty much parked our butts under his tent fly for the rest of the event, sans one quick run to the loo where a probably 8 year old girl was DETERMINED to get some quality first person reenactment experience.

"Are you waiting for the men to come home?"
"What men?"
"But are you waiting for the men to come home?"
"No I'm going to the loo..."

This dress was always intended to have more trim, so as a way of making myself work on things for September BEFORE said month I tried to get more of the trim put on this time. I also got the overskirt made, but only partially trimmed. And I have to say I'm HUGELY pleased with how it turned out.

Left on the list is the brown band and top row of ruffle on the overskirt, if there's yardage left I want to add more fullness to the back of the overskirt, I cut it way to skimpy to try and leave enough for trim. I also either need to lose weight or add a placket in the front and move the hooks and eyes over in the bust as it's pulling and gapping and that's bad. oh and bone the bodice. okay I guess it's a long list still...never ending.

I did manage to sweat through everything. It was only in the 80s but with humidity to rival Louisiana, easily one of the hottest times I've gone out in costume. but I always think of myself as someone who does horribly badly in heat and I've done several hot weather things recently and been really proud of how well I did. I loaded up with water the day before, drank tons the day of, and ta-da I survived!
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It's really too bad that we didn't have any fun, none at all.
I made it to Belvidere not naked! Well mostly, we showed up late and went to the fashion show in our underoos so we wouldn't miss it (except [ profile] miss_philomena who can drive in a corset and arrived dressed)...I think clothes might have been a better use of our time. But that was the only lame part of the event (unless you count the 100 degree heat). We did the traditional Dress-In-The-Street-Behind-Robin's-Car and were on our way!

Do you need any leaves? I have about 100 in my hem

We did a little wandering and shopping, I picked up a few things at my favorite jewlery vendor, but I think the heat drove a lot of the regular antique vendors away as it was sparse on the shopping this year. The highlight as always was hanging out with our friend the Earl of Westwood and his encampment from 1882. The Gentlemen were dashing, the other ladies friendly and all around worth the sweating through my dress. We even saw [ profile] laracorsets!

I thought about wearing make up, probably wise I didn't as it'd have slipped off.

Wedgie shot!

Posing for our tintype
A huge thank you to those who went with me. Those who helped me sew and laugh my face off. [ profile] mandie_rw made the bonnet and deemed it "ugly" but I ADORED it. I kept her and [ profile] hiraimi overnight so the fun could continue
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The dress for belvidere progresses. I got a fraction of the sewing done this weekend I thought I would. There are several kinds of sewers I know. Some are increadibly fast and make masterpieces ([ profile] koshka_the_cat) some are slow and meticulous and make masterpieces ([ profile] mandie_rw), and then there's me. I seem to both be increadibly slow, and yet sloppy and never quite as perfect as I'd see I'm not slow because I'm meticulous. I'm slow because I have zero attention span and wander away.

That said, the dress is in this state.

Cut out

Structurally done, bottom row of pleats on.

Over skirt:

If I assemble the bodice after work tomorrow, set sleeves on thursday then I can over skirt and finishing friday when I get out won't be NEARLY as nice or finished as I dreamed...but it'll be wearable?
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I am in fact way behind on the dress for Belvidere. I barely touched see I opened the fabric and "off white" was...yellow. a creamy butter cup yellow, but 100% yellow. So I very much needed to throw it in the naughty pile and stew about it. I don't want a yellow dress! I look jaundiced in yellow!

I tried to bleach a sample..turned a slightly lighter shade of yellow, but in order to get a cream I'd have to fully bleach it and probably over dye it with something bluer...*sigh*

In the end I've resigned myself to a yellow dress. Not what I wanted but maybe it'll be surprisingly nice? I'll just put on A LOT of blush or something...HELP [ profile] jennylafleur how do I look not ill in yellow?! One plus I did think of, yellow sometimes shows up black in tintypes so hopefully the tintype man will be there this year.

I thought about doing yellow and black and making a bumble bee dress but when I looked at a swatch when buying my contrast it just looked too costumey and the yellow and brown felt more "right." Rob reinforced my decision.

So...Can I make a dress for Belvidere in two weeks? one thing I have going for me is that I get 4 days for labor day this weekend...I came home from work tonight and cut out my skirt pieces which was my goal for tonight. Tomorrow I'd like to get them assembled....


Aug. 25th, 2016 09:47 pm
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Starting to get excited for Belvidere this year. I have a plan, fabric should arrive tomorrow. TV patterns already arrived. So who's going? We're planning to invade on Saturday, if you're in the area it's really one of my favorite events.

I know it's not my typical LOUDness but somehow this dress spoke to me. I've doing natural form as our friend Mick has an amazing camp that's set up for 1882. But honestly Belvidere is pretty much anything from hoops to 80s prom dresses to gorgeous bustles. Anything goes.


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