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If I haven't mentioned on here lately how incredibly wonderful my friends are please allow me to proclaim it from the rooftops. [ profile] ladyxjade, my husband and [ profile] madamekat arranged a truly amazing 30th birthday party in Laurel Hill Cemetery where we officially laid my youth to rest.


More party yammering )

When I think back to where I was when I turned 20 I was with friends in London, another great year in my life, but I would never in a million years trade the friends and the love I have now to go back to then. I am the happiest I've ever been and with the greatest people I've ever known. My life is truly blessed with the richness and color you all bring into it. I can't wait to see what adventures await us in my next 30 years.

As you can see I DID in fact finish my new dress and I shall make a fancy post about it over on me blog. But currently I'm still in the glow of seeing all my friends.

I have posted the full array of my photos on flickr
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ugh. I put my sleeves in. They're not amazing but they're in. and I have encountered a problem.

I used yellow chalk to mark where to put my buttonholes...I can't get it off. So my Center front has yellow marks...and my sleeves are too long...seriously thinking about just wearing the purple dress so I don't have to stress.

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I brought all my sewing to work so I could whip down the top edge of the facings on my dinner break....I brought everything I could possibly need except a sewing needle. *sigh* Trying very hard not to panic about finishing this. 
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We had another sewing party today. This time we got to check out [ profile] mandie_rw's HUGE new sewing room...I think it's bigger, no I KNOW it's bigger than my whole living room/dining room combo. I am envious.

I showed up with a fitted mock up and I took home a bodice that was assembled everywhere but the side seams, had all it's button holes and a zipplock baggie of 21 self covered buttons. While watching the football game tonight I have sewn on all of said buttons.

Cut for those who don't want to see pictures of our silliness )

So that just leaves: Sleeves, Facing the bodice skirts, finishing the neckline, adding boning...oh and an entire over skirt. Not the BEST place to be 6 days before the event, but not the WORST shape I've ever been in...
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We had a sewing day on Sunday and I got loads done...but then once back into full days of working my productivity kinda came to a lets pretend this great update isn't from 4 days ago really and that I'm still on a roll shall we?

[ profile] hiraimi was gracious enough to host us on Sunday in her parents faboo house for sewing shenanigans.

We were well stocked with mimosas, soda, cookies, munchkins and pastries.

Ain't Amanda all picturesque sewing her skirt on the sofa with the painting all dainty-like? (btw sorry the focus on these is all soft. I'm not sure if it's that my camera on my phone sucks, or if I just suck at using it.


Look an almost finished hoop skirt!

oh right I was talking about my productivity....


On Saturday I got the rectangles machine sewed on the sides. These little bits are the places where you'll see the tops of the rhombi because of the over skirt being hitched up. It's allll about conserving fabric for me.


At sewing day I alllll of my rhombi sewn on!! I only thought I'd get them half on, AND Erin was kind enough to share a hook and eye with me so it even has *gasp* a REAL CLOSURE!

Since Sunday all I've succeeded in doing was making a bodice muslin that I've been to tired to fit after work every day. Tomorrow though I only work till 4pm so that's the night. 
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Well I came home from work today exhausted  as usual so I took a small nap on the couch...and woke up in bed. With no idea where I was or how I got there. That's NEVER happened to me before and really was disconcerting. It took me till after dinner to knock the cobwebs from my brain.

I did have a really good day at work though, I feel like I've started to turn a corner. I was able to put in a man's new insurance AND a coupon he had for a free month of a drug and rebill BOTH properly! The pharmacist said I did it exactly right and laughed at me when I did a little victory dance. But really for me it majorly felt like a victory. It was super busy in the morning and I was the only tech, and while I was baaaarely keeping it together and I DID fall behind on filling no customers were there long enough to yell at me and I didn't feel like having a melt down. Slowly but surely I'm getting there. I really just need to learn all the generic vs brand names of drugs. That is tricky.

But after dinner I did stick to my "do a little sewing each night" rule. I finished sewing my rhombi and they're all pinned on now. I thought I was going to have to put a big strip all around the skirt to hide the cotton, but in the fashion plate the over skirt comes so low you only see the tops of the rhombi on the sides. I put my purple over skirt on and I think I can copy that front and just make the back much longer and I should be able to just put two rectangles on the sides where it might peak out.

slowly but surely...starting to wonder if this will get finished in time. 
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After work today I got more rhombi cut out and the ruffles made to go around them. I think it's going to take 4 or 5 more, not positive. So I'm going to start with four and see. *fingers crossed*

No pictures as that doesn't seem worthy of a photo.

Also, I really really really wish I could get my feet under me more at this job. When it get really busy I just can't keep up. wherever I am I feel like gets bogged down. If it's quiet and I'm not rushed I'm great, but as soon as there are four angry people in line who ALL want my attention and have fancy insurance issues..well...I just can't seem to keep up...then it gets worse and worse. *sigh*.

Tomorrow I open and Fridays are notoriously busy, but I get my first paycheck so there is that. 
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good news: I think my method of making this skirt will work

bad news: I need twice as many rhombi *headdesk*




I'm starting to worry seriously that I'm going to run out of fabric. so the plan is to finish the skirt and get the bodice cut out and if I don't have enough left for the overskirt I'll find a dark blue that goes well enough and make it out of that. not my 1st choice but whatcha gonna do?

P.S. I need someone to be impressed that I worked 7:45-5:15 and then came home and sewed after dinner. 
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Sorry I've been so quiet lately, my new job is just exhausting as it's all so new and requires so much thinking, and add to that that I'm still at my old job...well Robin's mostly a pile of mush in off time. However this week I've tried to do a little bit of sewing every day, and that's my goal. Touch the sewing every day at least once.

I've been working on the CBL Dress. I've put down the kick pleat, mostly because I have ADHD and started working on the rhombus shapes around the skirt hem.

I've got them all cut out and I thought I'd made enough ruffles to go around all of them but it doesn't appear that I did. Not the end of the world as I just serged the ruffles. I'm still feeling iffy on them. I wonder if I should back them with something stiffer, but in the plate they don't seem to be perfectly flat.


Thoughts? Yes I realize I overlapped them on the wrong side, I'll fix it when I sew them to the dress :-p
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I pulled out the crazy bird lady dress intending to finish it for my Birthday this september. Remember this one? that I started over a year ago?

Well I remember why I stopped on it. I was planning to finish all these ruffles by doing rolled hems on my serger. and they cruise along looking great and then suddenly it'll just start shredding off the edge. The roll of thread just pulls straight off the edge. I cannot figure out why it does it every yard or so. And then I have to go over it and THAT pulls off and eventually it just looks lumpy and horrible from all my starts and stops. I've adjusted tension, feed differential, stitch length, width of the cutter, and I just can't figure out what's causing it!

Any ideas?

Does anyone used a roll hem foot for the sewing machine? is that relatively easy? because if I cannot figure out doing nice hems there's no way I'm hand hemming all those ruffles. I'm nuts but I'm not Katherine C-G nuts. 
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Clearly the new crazy bird lady dress won't be done in time for Belvidere, but I'm really okay with this. I'm looking forward to wearing the purple Victorian again because it makes me feel DAMN PRETTY. It's actually silk so it swishes in such a delicious way. I think it also has to do with the fact that the fabric came from dear friends in a moment when I most needed friends and it just makes me feel loved. 

Anyway this is what it looked like last year. I did make the evening bodice for Dress U, but the day bodice is what's appropriate for Belvidere. 

I think I'm going to add a few things I ran out of time for last year. Firstly I'd like to put a kick pleat around the bottom. Something to add a little swish and fullness there. Secondly I'd like a different over-skirt. I know that one as modeled after an original and all...but it just has never "sang" the way I'd like. I'm thinking of doing the apron front pieces from TV208 (can you tell I have it) with the sash back peices and just putting them on a seperate waistband. I can't think of a reason it wouldn't work. I am pretty sure I have more of that cream silk so I could do a band around the bottom edge with it and more lace. And I definitely have more fringe I could put below that. (for some ungodly reason I bought 10 yards...what on EARTH was I thinking!) 

I must say thought it is nice to feel like even if I get NONE of that done, I'm still fine! It's all just extra now. 

So roll call! Who's going? What time are we meeting? [ profile] mandie_rw are you still planning to carpool? Rob may or may not go, his work is rather up in the air. 
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Just to remind everyone this is what I'm going for. Tonight I began in on the actual fashion fabric. And boy I had forgotten how hard synthetics are to work with! I'm covered in little stringy bits that stick to every rough spot on my over washed hands.

I looked long and hard at that bottom ruffle and finally decided I thought it was probably un-ironed knife pleats. I got three widths of fabric sewn together, roll hemmed and pleated. I pinned them on and ta-da! Way too short to go all the way around. But I think I'm headed in the right direction? Thoughts? I did briefly consider switching to gathering as it would save yardage and I only started with 8. But I think with 1.5 for bodice, 3 for the over skirt that still leaves me with 3.5 for the under-skirt. Man ruffles eat yardage for lunch!

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I had my first day of microbiology today, sounds like it's going to be really interesting but I was mildly terrified to learn we'll be doing labs with live pathogens! yikes! I suppose I should get used to being around diseases and using proper precautions...still a dish of e. coli wasn't what I had in mind.

Tonight I got the waistband sewn onto the base skirt for what I have dubbed the CRAZY BIRD LADY DRES of CBLD for short. I'm going to need to pick up one of those plastic birds from the halloween section to throw at small children.

Here is a terrible picture taken with Rob's phone, apparently it's flash is crap. But look proof I sewed some! 

Please be sure to admire my odd colored panel! Tomorrow I shall start decorating it! 

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