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Lets see:

Friday: I forgot I need an outfit for Friday!! ummmm choices are new white regency, gatsby dress...umm something else random?

Saturday morning: Jumps and bed gown with stays under them so I have them for class

Saturday afternoon: not sure need to wear something for Kat's class to help out another big blank in my schedule

Saturday night: Wearing the purple victorian with orange overskirt to Court Dinner

Sunday Day: Plaid Regency for Mad Hatter (it's pretty mad)

Sunday night: magenta regency I made for the card party.

So for Friday and I put on something 18th century for Kat's class? I need to move and I haven't figured out 18th century sleeves well enough so that's not really an option. I think I'll bring my jacobean jacket and just put it on right over my stays and navy petticoat. That should work. I toyed with the blouse of 100 pintucks but that would mean finding time to completely change my undergarments and hair and then changing AGAIN for the court dinner....I really should have figured this out weeks ago shouldn't I?
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I finally got all of the pictures I took at Isabella's Extant Garment Class up. Should you like to peruse :-)

And found a few nice ones of friends mixed in.

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Woke up on the earlyside of Sunday as I had a ticket for the let them eat crepes breakfast, but I never did figure out what to wear so I took a break and just went in civies. Was kind of a nice change of pace.

Then out of the blue pops up and gives me the world's most amazing thank you gift.

The woman is nuts I tell you! )

Sunday afternoon )

Tiara Party )

So that was Dress U for me. I forgot to mention in my Friday post that [ profile] sadievale came prepared with extra kits so she let me take her class and it was AWESOME! I highly recommend if you ever get the chance. I had a really amazing time meeting new people, seeing friends again, and learning so much. I can't wait for next year!
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We woke up on the early side as [ profile] madamekat was taking a 9am class on making a Titanic era petticoat. I saw her off, took a shower and got myself somewhat together. I wore the random blue and white regency I made on a whim sometime this spring. I'd never actually gotten to wear it so even thought it was an old thing it still felt like a new thing.

Regency Dress )

I learned what a Classhole is )

The Titanic dinner )

I suppose I should go back to cleaning up my disaster of a sewing room now. I got one half cleaned...
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Now that I'm home from Dress U and I've got a good night's sleep under my belt so I'm not totally exaughsted the post-event blues have set in. I miss all my fabulously dressed friends already! So I thought I'd help myself cope by starting my write ups.

I got to the hotel around one as I had offered to help out with any duties and I was assigned the check in desk. I wore a red and white polka-dot 40s look dress with my Great-Grandmother's hat. Sadly no pictures of that have surfaced. Except for an unfortunate computer malfunction we got everyone checked in with relative ease. No major hiccups.

The welcome reception )

after party )

We made it back to the room by midnight, I got to watch some hilarious antics from my rather tipsy roomie. Including accidentally losing her when I went out into the hall to call my husbutt.

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I am officially DONE with Dress U sewing. Not because I finished everything mind you, but I reached that point where my body just said stop. As I'm sure I've whined about too many times for y'all, I'm damaged and unfortunately passed my warranty period. The last few weeks of constant sewing has inflammed my lovely tendonitis and carpal tunnel (I am an epic concoction of all that is wrong with appendages). I've keep pushing and ignoring the pain, I can go a fair distance. It starts in my elbows and gradually spreads all through my arms. If you touch my elbows today I'll probably scream at you, but worse than that when the inner pressure reaches up into the back of my neck and shoulders I develop migraine like symptoms. And when today's  dinner sent the bile surging forward and I was relegated to flat coke and crackers I realized it was time to stop. If I'm not careful I won't enjoy a second of Dress U, so it's time to step away. Yes I haven't finished everything. I've done no decoration to the purple Victorian or boning put in the bodice, my titanic sash isn't sewn on, and I only realized an hour ago I never got around to making a regency petticoat. But I figure 99% of the people there will have at least one thing they didn't get around to finishing. I'll fix what I can with safety pins, have a wrinkled bodice and generally just do the best I can with accessories to hide it all.

So tonight I laid on the couch with a heating pad and a large dose of ibuprofen and made my packing list. HOLY COW it's a good thing I'm driving not flying! 
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Feeling a bit overwhelmed by Dress U things so I'm going to try to work out what all I still have to do.

Friday: Just pack stuff everything is as done as it's going to be

Saturday: Hem regency dress hem and sleeves ETA: Just went and did that so at least I can cross off one thing!
                Titanic Dress - Sew on rest of hooks and thread bars

Sunday- Day dress done (find apron! hides nice gap from being tubby)
              Evening bodice - sew down sleeve facings, sew on buttons, boning
              Evening overskirt?

Progress on the Purple Victorian )


May. 29th, 2012 03:37 pm
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fastest way to ruin something I was kind of proud of.. My machine just does asinine ones.

I'm out of you think fabric tac on the back would serve the same purpose?
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Why is it that the one night in a year when I can't sleep is always the night before I have a 9:30 exam?!? And no I'm not especially wigged about the exam, so it's very very bizarre and annoying that I can't sleep.

I got less progress done today than I would have if I didn't have said exam as I stopped in the afternoon to focus on studying. Hard though it is to remember sometimes, school IS probably more important than dressing up. (or so my mother would argue)

Only progress today was binding the neckline and front hem and putting the facing on the back pleats. Tomorrow hopefully I can do the buttonholes, buttons, boning and decide if it's getting puffed sleeves or not. *analyzes arm flab* hmmm

Now would someone PLEASE turn my brain off for me?
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While I did buy the hooks for the Titanic dress I wasn't feeling into sewing them on so I decided to skip ahead and work on the ballgown bodice for the Jampagene party. Yeah Yeah I know this means I'll end up sewing them in the hotel on Friday night but we'll pretend I'll get to them before then. Just smile and nod it's the easiest way.

Here's where I'm up to on the ballgown bodice: )

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I realized while looking at the dress today I forgot to make the sleeves half velvet and half linen. Oops!! I'm thinking I'll just cut off the bottoms, make a linen tube and sew it on. Still annoyed that I forgot that minor details. I didn't get too much done today, just what I could handsew while the baby took a nap. Poor kid wasn't feeling so well, I had no idea that much poop could come out of such a little body!

What's left:
Sew down the neck facing
hem sleeves
hem skirt
sew skirt to bodice
add linen to sleeves
add lace to sleeves and neck.
pick fabric for sash and make said sash
oh yeah hooks and eyes so it closes!

My TV ballgown bodice pattern came today and that just seems SO much more interesting.
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Inspired by [ profile] padawansguide, what I think I will be wearing. Of course subject to massive changes.

I'm thinking teal francaise for the welcome dinner.

Saturday Day: I've decided NOT to get something for the pool party, it's only an hour and frankly I'm broke. Next time. But what else I'm going to wear is a big ole question mark. I have the 16th century jacket I made for Costume Con last year, but the associations with it aren't entirely pleasant. I could wear my 1840s this day, although word on the street is that's on Sunday but I have NO hat that goes with it. I could also bust out the ole faithful green and white Victorian.

Saturday Night:
Titanic gown IF it gets made...keep your fingers crossed, if I have MAJOR issues I'll be wearing the 20s dress I wore at Costume Con last year.

Sunday Day:
I'm going to the let them eat crepes breakfast and I was going to wear 18th century...but frankly the only thing I have is the evil teal dress and it's EVAL. and not all that comfy...can I wear that new regency I made?

The only outfit I have that has a big hat is the blouse of 100 pintucks because I made a big pink hat for it at some point. So I'm thinking that's what I'll wear to the mad hatters tea. Oh I DO have another regency bonnet perhaps that will win so I don't have to change. Although if everyone's wearing 1840s I'll want to too as I never have a friend to wear it with! But I still have NO hat for it, I usually just braid my hair...I'm not even sure what a working class 1840s hat would be...

Sunday Night:
Purple Silk Victorian
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I kind of forgot about the pool party. D'oh! I have nothing to wear and I sure as heck am not adding a bathing suit to the pile. I don't care that there are two I might buy.

This one off Etsy:

no one else will have the exact one, or it's far less likely
it's only $40.00
I do think it's cute.

It's not a that unflattering?

other option:

Short sleeves and skirt
I do LOVE the white

Will I get white dirty in seven seconds?
more expensive
mass produced more likely someone will be in the same one.

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First I want to say that I'm super proud of my husband. We did the filming for a 5min video for a client a two weeks ago, today they emailed to tell him they LOVE the footage SO much they'd like to make it 3 five min videos and triple the editing contract. This is huge for him and he's really really please and I'm very proud of him.

Secondly, he's out shooting so I can either a) clean the apt b) study for my chem exam or c) plot for Dress U...which would YOU pick.

I've come to the  sad realization that I just don't have the funds to do the Cairnwood dress this year, I love it SO dearly that I don't want to do it "wrong" so to speak.  Which leaves a giant hole in my party wardrobe. Currently I'm not sure what I'm going to wear for either the Tiara party OR the Titanic party.

I have the simplicity titanic pattern, and I swore  I wasn't going to make a teens dress, but I'm kind of contemplating making a simple one. I really want to limit myself to stash things but I know I have no base fabric, but I might find something for only a few dollars at Jomar. Next I'm pondering the undies. I really don't want to buy anything, I have some heavy canvas I could use...but I don't have steel bones or a busk. I'm wondering what a teens corset with zipties would be like? I know they're less than ideal in my Victorian corset because they do add bulk, but like I said we're coasting on fumes here, so really I need to use things that are here.

I think I'd really like to do a regency dress for the Tiara party (I fully blame [ profile] blackcat452 although I undoubtedly won't hold a candle to her) but the fabric I have is really good for an evening gown. I have black and silver plaid poly taffeta I"ve always meant to be a Victorian dress.

I really should go through the closet and make a schedule and figure out how many outfits I really NEED anyway.


I think I found it! Courtesy of [ profile] madamekat I have a whole bolt of hunter green velveteen just looking for a use. It's not super drapey but I don't think the velvet on this one is either.

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I have a lot to do tomorrow, including a kitchen remodel at my sister' what am I doing awake at 1:15am!...I can't sleep. bah.

Anyway I spent a portion of the evening tonight looking around online for inspiration for the Dress U: Titanic Dinner while sharing links with [ profile] madamekat (who was very patient to put up with me) I've never been that into the 1910s so I've never really looked for ones that I like. But this seems to be the occasion to dip my foot in. 

I've found several I like, I seem to be drawn to Queen Maud's style. I like these two which I can't seem to figure out WHERE they came from just that they're making the rounds in the blog someone please tell me 

And especially this one.

Ramblings on how the heck would one make that dress )
If you'd like the see the pinterest board I've created to track some inspiration images Here you go.

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