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We are beginning to plot the goodie bags for the Francaise Dinner. If you own a business, or know of a business, who might want to drop in a business card or coupon to promote their historical costuming company let us know!

It's a great way to get your name and info in front of a great group of costumers of around 30. Plus I promise there will be LOTS of blog posts about it afterwards 
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Nursing myself through my post-party blues with my write ups.

Part one: The Dinner itself.

It was in a word. AMAZING! I had such a wonderful time I'm running out of adjectives to express how great a time I had. This really is one of, if not, my very favorite events of the year. We changed the venue this year to the General Warren Inne where they were VERY excited to have us and I have nothing but rave things to say about the staff.

(Photo thanks to [ profile] ladyxjade)

more of me yammering )

Stay tuned for Party 2: The Fopping 


Jan. 14th, 2013 10:05 pm
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okay so I was pretty sure I was going to make this dress for the card party. 

The original is wool, and I picked up some cotton to make it out of...but now I'm having horrible seconds thoughts. Is cotton to casual? Is the whole dress too boring? Should I be looking for a taffeta or something with shine? I am making myself crazy here.

And I can't seem to find the perfect something to put around the bottom. HELP LJ WORLD! I'm Making myself NUTS HERE! 
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The lovely [ profile] ladyxjade has created a LJ community for us (not smart enough to make it appear like a person)  Please everyone go join! 

In other news I had an AMAZING time at [ profile] madamekat's Victorian party. I consider myself so lucky to have such wonderful friends. I've decided to share my favorite picture of the night. 

We're such a deliriously hot mess. My corset wasn't tight enough so over the course of the night it slowly loosened and helping clean up did it in, so my bodice is gaping horribly, I have a mouth full of pound cake and a dog butt under my arm. I LOVE IT. This is the most accurate picture of me evah :-p 
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I suddenly wrote a wall of text. 

Rockwood Park )

Titanic Exhibit )

And now a note on Fabulocity Club itself: The idea sprang from the wonderful time we had at the Francaise dinner. It's NOT meant to be an exclusive club it's just meant to not be throwing huge public functions. It's just the group of us that often go to event together. Having a tiny tiny bit of structure allows us to plan and organize more larger events like the Francaise dinner, or getting group rates like the titanic exhibit. So there has been a FB group created and anyone on FB can be added. It's not a public group only because we're not trying to throw public events if that makes sense. I want to stress that it's not a cliquey-you're-not-in kind of thing. It's just a way to keep Joe-schmoe out of a party I throw in my backyard. That said I know lots of awesome people are not ON fb. So I'll re-post any events we talk about over here, but I'm also thinking about creating a LJ community for that express purpose. That way there's a central location on this side of the internet. Thoughts? 

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