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The long and short of it )

In total he cost:

Fabric           $15.00
Interfacing    $  3.00
Trim:            $ 10.00
Shoes:         $   4.00
Patterns:      $  8.99
wig:              $ 12.00

Total:           $53.00 Fop. 
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Thank you everyone for your kind encouraging words on Rob's jacket. It's just not what I wanted it to be, but I think it'll be fine for what it is. He's not naked and really that's mostly what matters. Plus I'm deluding myself if I don't think he's going to take off the coat when he gets "hot" in the first hour.

While I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday I put the coat down and decided to work on a small thing for myself. So I made a set of jumps. [ profile] mandie_rw had draped the pattern for me during our sewing afternoon so I was good to just start cutting. I machined the side seams then I turned the edges in and used a slanted hem stitch finish all the edges. Four eyelets for tying the shoulders and they're done sans ribbon ties. Sadly I forgot to buy ribbon and Rob's absconded with the car so those will get added tomorrow.

So what's left for tonight and tomorrow?
1. Buttons on Rob's coat
2. Trim, buttons and buttonholes on the waistcoat
3. BOWS for Rob's pants and shoes
4. Go to thrift store to look for slip on loafers for Rob (splunking in the closet revealed only lace up wingtip style shoes)
5. Party city on the rare off chance I can find a decent wig for him to restyle (not holding my breath)
6. Buy ribbon to tie jumps, sew on.
7. Make placecards (if you want a name other than the one on the guest list lemme know)

I think that's it so far...which considering I have almost 48 hours really isn't bad. Wishing I had had time to make a dressing gown...

i hate it.

Mar. 6th, 2013 05:00 pm
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I knew it wouldn't be amazing because I don't tailor, and frankly ran out of time to do the experimenting I wanted to do...but it's really frustrating to have put all this time into something for him instead of something for me and have it look THIS horrible. It looks like a cheap, lumpy, baggy, horrible mess. I hate it. I just want to have a good cry. Perhaps I will. Or a cookie. Damn diet.

I hate it. )
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Curses I don't have enough interfacing to do both front edges of Rob's coat. I'm not even sure I can squeak out just the button side. Hmm. It's possible it's not getting any. I wanted to play with pad stitching and nice tailoring and all but I have 4 days left and I just don't think nows the time to go into unknown territory. Yet another compromise on what is shaping up to be a very boring Fop outfit. :-/

At least I did manage to cut it all out before I head out to [ profile] ladyxjade's to work on Super Secret Francaise Party stuff. 
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oh good lordy in heaven this is getting ugly.

Okay I had a sewing date yesterday with [ profile] blackcat452,[ profile] mandie_rw and my upstairs neighbor Victoria. I got the waistbands put on Rob's pants and the eyelets sewn in the CB to allow for the lacing. (it's currently laced with orange Ribbon, [ profile] blackcat452 said that marks him as mine!) Extra bonus Amanda forgot her dress and only brought fabric scraps and wanted something to do so she sewed trim down the CF of my dress! Score I'm not as trimless as I was last year! I figured there was no way anything more was happening to that gown this year. Woohoo!

This morning Rob's phone beeped for no reason (okay no reason that's acceptable) at 6am and I could NOT fall back asleep. So at 6:30 I got up and started working on his stupid pants again. I REALLY want them finished by the end of today. What's left is: Sewing hooks and eyes to close the waistband (there isn't enough overlap for a button because well...oops), buttons for the fall front, buttons on the side slits. I'm not sure if those will be functional or just decorative. Hooks and eyes to close the knee band. That's it.

I'm going with Rob to work this morning because his car doesn't work and as we're sharing he's going to bring me to his work in Jenkintown and then [ profile] madamekat is kindly picking me up there for the days secret exploits. I'm not sure if I'll get home in time to get much done tonight, but my goal for the weekend was pants done and coat cut fingers crossed I can at least get the fashion fabric for the coat cut out tonight. 
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In other news it has just occurred to Rob that he's not sure he wants pictures of his crotch floating around the internet....

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a picture of the horror. This is after I took in both seams to try and get some fabric out of there. They're just so damn splayed! Did I sew something on wrong?!? They look like pants just really dumpy pants.


And after the 3r or 4th time being taken in.

They're getting better...I guess...
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There isn't much I like about the things I sew, but I DO think I can have nice neat handsewing.

more pants!  )

ETA: OMG Rob just tried them on and they're HORRENDOUSLY dumpy in the crotch. SCADS for fabric than it needs which all wadded up to create the most hideous camel toe I've EVER seen! I pinned over 2" out of each in-seam! Luckily they're still unfinished enough that I should be able to get in there and take them in pretty easily and hope to god that helps. They're just so bow-legged. Which I know is period but the legs are too wide. 
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The waist coat is now mostly done. I need to buy more trim to put down the front edges and I can't put the buttonholes in until I do that...and I'm on a spending moratorium until Rob gets a check from his week in FL (hopefully tomorrow or wed) so I guess this afternoon I cut pants!

overall I'm happy with it. I wish I'd cut the left armscye just a bit lower but it's bag lined so GETTING to that seam to fix it would be more trouble than it's worth for that one small wrinkle. 
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Fop Shirt

Rob in his shirt. Look now he's only naked for the dinner from the thighs down....I should get back to sewing shouldn't I?
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I FINALLY finished Rob's shirt! That thing fought me tooth and nail. With the number of times I had to re-sew things I could have made four shirts by now and I STILL forgot to even the hem...oh well it goes in his pants right?

Let the record show Rob is now officially NOT NAKED for the francaise dinner...above the waist. Pictures later when he gets home to model it for me.
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Well known fact I have adult ADHD, I wasn't diagnosed as a kid, take no medication, and the vast majority of the time I'm flighty but functional. But this evening is a prime example as to why I suck at costuming.

-Tell Judy I must sign off FB as I HAVE to sew sequins on Rob's waistcoat (deadline fast approaching)
-Gather supplies and sit on the couch, see dirty dish from dinner.
-Stand back up and take dirty dish to sink, pass new silver tea set
-"Well the tray is the only thing I haven't polished yet, I should do that so it's done and I can be done with it.
- Spend 30 min scrubbing tiny crevices of tray (odd part of ADHD I do hyper focus on tiny things..just never the things I should)
-wash tray, washy dishes, wash counter
-admire tea set
-SHIT I'm supposed to be sewing sequins!
-Sit back down.
-Computer glunks, maybe it's important!'s not
-FINALLY sit and FORCE myself to sew sequins for 20min, feel like my skin is crawling.

I got half of one side done. Then I told myself I could get up and do my online hw for religion. Then I MUST go back to sequins. Focus Robin Focus.
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Here you can see the  cut out waistcoat on my table.  It's going to have those small silver buttons that the man picked out and now I can't decide on trim. So you get to help me!

Option 1. This silvery gimp with flat sequins sprinkled randomly about. (I should warn you I do NOT plan to measure and I WILL be attempting glue before I sew them all on)


Option 2.
A cream gimp with sequins in a row around the pockets, same silver buttons as he likes them.

[Poll #1897177][Poll #1897177]
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But I did a remarkable amount of cleaning, which if you know me is really rather shocking. All these adult friends must be rubbing off on me...That and I took Rob to the airport at 5am and came back and slept till 10:30. oopsie. Oh and I went to JoAnn's and bought them out of one style of buttons. Going to the OTHER JoAnn's for MOAR buttons tomorrow. Damn these suits use a lot of buttons!

Tomorrow I sew!

I am faaaaaaabulous
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I forgot how much easier and more pleasant fitting is when you do it on another person who doesn't have boobs!

I'm using this butterick pattern for Rob's Fop jacket and waistcoat. Don't worry those pants and that hat aren't coming anywhere near me. But from the waist up it's not a bad pattern. And really this is a costume far more than a historical quality outfit. More of a dipping my toes in 18th century menswear for him.

Source: via Revvie1 on Pinterest

He's leaving me for a week at 5am tomorrow so I today I made and fit muslins of both pieces. I was actually smart enough to measure things like waist length and finished garment size. For the size 48 the chest makes up to be 56 inches! holy ease batman! I actually cut the size 44 out of both and they luckily seem to fit with only a few minor tweaks! They are actually so close I'm just going to rip them apart, trim a bit and use them as my linings. I'm hoping to meet him on Thursday night with a finished hand-sewn shirt and a finished waistcoat. If all goes according to plan.

Well I think I'll pop a movie in and work on that shirt now. 
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I ripped all the pieces out for Rob's shirt day before yesterday. I'm actually hand sewing his shirt because I used my fancy linen and I only want to make him ONE shirt so if I make him a nice handsewn outfit later I'll want him to have a nice shirt. The polyester suit will be machine sewn but this I'm doing by hand. It's somehow [ profile] mandie_rw's fault. Not exactly sure why, but all handsewn underwear is her fault.

The first thing I usually do is sew the square gussets to the sleeves. Not hard right? well apparently I'm special. I sewed both gussets on then realize I sewed the second one on the wrong edge, holding up the 1st one I thought it was wrong too so I unpicked them both. sewed the 1st one on the other edge...held it up...NOW it's wrong..unpick again. so FIVE times to sew two stupid little squares to the correct side of a rectangle. The next step is to cut the neck slit and I'm NOT doing anything un-fixable tonight so I think I'll pull out the pattern for his waistcoat and jacket and just cut out the tissue pieces. I have to make muslins from them tomorrow. 

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