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We are beginning to plot the goodie bags for the Francaise Dinner. If you own a business, or know of a business, who might want to drop in a business card or coupon to promote their historical costuming company let us know!

It's a great way to get your name and info in front of a great group of costumers of around 30. Plus I promise there will be LOTS of blog posts about it afterwards 
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In the end I put down the fop coat for a day while mad at it and made a weeee something for myself. I've had this fancy-pre-quilted-looking-has-a-real-name-that-starts-with-m-that-I-forget fabric that I got at JoAnn's ages ago when it was a remnant on super sale. I had thought about a petticoat front but there wasn't enough and then I decided I simply MUST HAVE jumps for the breakfast! And I have so say I'm super duper pleased with them. I rolled out of bed, rolled into them and rolled down stairs. I can see why they'd be perfect undress clothing for a woman of means.

Yeah I'm making a dumb face but YOU look peppy the day after an awesome party that was stupidly scheduled on daylight savings weekend (we are NOT doing that again!)

A few more pictures )

And that my friends is the last I have to say. It was a marvelous event and I can't wait to see you all again next year! or at Ft. Fred ;-) 
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Nursing myself through my post-party blues with my write ups.

Part one: The Dinner itself.

It was in a word. AMAZING! I had such a wonderful time I'm running out of adjectives to express how great a time I had. This really is one of, if not, my very favorite events of the year. We changed the venue this year to the General Warren Inne where they were VERY excited to have us and I have nothing but rave things to say about the staff.

(Photo thanks to [ profile] ladyxjade)

more of me yammering )

Stay tuned for Party 2: The Fopping 
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sitting in the hotel room while Rob sleeps, and Judy sleeps, and Steve sleeps, and Jeremy sleeps...wait someone is up in the other room I just haven't a clue who's rustling.

The francaise dinner was AMAZING! The food was great, the company was better, and my Fop was a big hit! (I really can't claim most of that the guy's hilarious, that's why I married him) I confess I took zero pictures as Rob had the camera and he was so into character he forgot.

I'll do a bigger write up later when I can share other people's photos, but I didn't get to say goodbye to several people because at the end of the night I had a major IBS flare and was sent packing off to the bathroom. So to those who I didn't get to say Goodbye and thank you for coming to...Goodbye! Thanks for coming! It was marvelous to see you all! I really do have the most amazing friends in the whole world.

After it was all over last night [ profile] ladyxjade, Jeremy, Rob and I sat by the fire in our room and basked in the glow of a successful event. I hope we see YOU all next year!
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So what's left for tonight and tomorrow?

1. Buttons on Rob's coat, two on the back to go.

2. Trim, buttons and buttonholes on the waistcoat

3. BOWS for Rob's pants and shoes

4. Go to thrift store to look for slip on loafers for Rob (splunking in the closet revealed only lace up wingtip style shoes)

5. Party city on the rare off chance I can find a decent wig for him to restyle (not holding my breath)

6. Buy ribbon to tie jumps, sew on.

7. Make placecards (apparently out of ink, tomorrow I run to staples)

8. Hem the bed jacket I am definitely not making.

9. oh yah packing would be smart.
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Thank you everyone for your kind encouraging words on Rob's jacket. It's just not what I wanted it to be, but I think it'll be fine for what it is. He's not naked and really that's mostly what matters. Plus I'm deluding myself if I don't think he's going to take off the coat when he gets "hot" in the first hour.

While I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday I put the coat down and decided to work on a small thing for myself. So I made a set of jumps. [ profile] mandie_rw had draped the pattern for me during our sewing afternoon so I was good to just start cutting. I machined the side seams then I turned the edges in and used a slanted hem stitch finish all the edges. Four eyelets for tying the shoulders and they're done sans ribbon ties. Sadly I forgot to buy ribbon and Rob's absconded with the car so those will get added tomorrow.

So what's left for tonight and tomorrow?
1. Buttons on Rob's coat
2. Trim, buttons and buttonholes on the waistcoat
3. BOWS for Rob's pants and shoes
4. Go to thrift store to look for slip on loafers for Rob (splunking in the closet revealed only lace up wingtip style shoes)
5. Party city on the rare off chance I can find a decent wig for him to restyle (not holding my breath)
6. Buy ribbon to tie jumps, sew on.
7. Make placecards (if you want a name other than the one on the guest list lemme know)

I think that's it so far...which considering I have almost 48 hours really isn't bad. Wishing I had had time to make a dressing gown...
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It gives me great pleasure to announce some specifics about the 2013 Française Dinner!

Mark your calendars the date is offically MARCH 9th, 2013
  • We're moving! This year's dinner will be heald at the General Warren Inne which I swear to you looks smashing in real life and horrid on their website pictures. I have no idea how they managed to make it look so bad. Assuming we make our hoped for 20 guests we'll be in the historic Carriage Dining Room. An actual 18th century room with a working fire place and plenty of space to move around in large dresses.  It's very conveniently located just outside of King of Prussia.
  • We will be determining a flat rate for the dinner which will make payment so much simpler for everyone! It will be 100% pre-pay this year by dates TBD. No mad scamble to figure out the bill at the end.
  • It will be a cash-bar. The wait staff will happily start a tab for individuals or couples at your seats and you pay for what you had at the end of the night. Soda, water and coffee and tea will be included with the meal cost. 
  • There will be a place to change. [ profile] ladyxjade and I will be splitting the cost of a suite and opening it up for dressing before hand. However there are lots of people who want a turn so we'll have a sign up sheet with time slots to make it all go smoothly
  • The Inn has some lovely and affordably priced guest rooms if anyone else would like to spend the night. I hear tell of fresh home made scones as part of breakfast in the morning. At the moment all the rooms are available sans the Presidental Suite. 
  • In the event of a blizzared (fingers crossed that doesn't happen) we'll work with everyone and the Inn to reschedule.
Well I think that's all that's fit to print for the moment. Stay tuned for more details!! And if you're definitely planning to come gimmie a heads up in the commetns. I'd love to have a rough idea if we can get near our 20 person minimum for the perfect room! (the other rooms are fine too just not actually 18th century I do love me some wainscoating!)  

ETA: Horsemonkeys! I meant to post this in Fabulocityclub (please someone tell me how you make it a commuity like you make it a user?) but I realize not everyone follows that group so I suppose for the moment I'll just leave it as a double post. 
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Now the boring part, the proof-I-wasn't-nekkid-part. I mean it was a GREAT party but it wasn't thaaat kinda party. I owe a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge thank you to two LJ people. Firstly [ profile] koshka_the_cat for her amazing tutorial which I found incredibly helpful. I also used her petticoat tutorial, so really I owe her double thanks. Secondly [ profile] hirami came over on Friday night and majorly helped me finish. She helped me tidy my sewing room for it's overnight guest, and sewed all the trim on my stomacher. So ladies I express to you my utmost gratitude. 

Now that being said I didn't get a ton of good pictures of me in the dress. Rob seemed more interested in the group as a whole...and when we were all standing well I was behind the camera, so lets see what I can scrounge up...

Borrowed from [ profile] madamekat:

In the end the fit turned out ishy, but I promise the sleeves don't wrinkle that much if I'm standing with my shoulders back and my arms not at my sides. This is BEFORE I laughed till I broke the pins holding gown to stomacher. I had a wardrobe malfunction! 

ookay maybe my sleeves are balanced too far back...but I hate to break it to y'all I'd have to unsew A LOT to swing them around and it ain't happening. I still can't quite figure out what the robings are supposed to do after they hit the waist, they just kinda explode into the skirt at the moment. You can also admire my stomacher coming off from my broken pin. 

Looking back at pictures it ain't all that, but I sure as heck FELT pretty so that's really at all that matter right? and I do think the last min addition of the silver trim (yay Jomar) did help to make it feel fancier. I have a wider version of the same trim to *coughsomedaycough* use along the skirt sides and petticoat. 
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Okay I have so much to say (okay photos to share) that I'm gonna break this into a AWESOME event post and a What I wore post. And really the AWESOME EVENT post is more interesting anyway right? Right! Glad we're on the same page.

Let me start by saying how crazy beautiful everyone looked! I'm running out of adjectives for how stunning and vibrant the company was!

I had far too hard of a time picking out my favorite photos )

I had such an amazing time I have to heartily thank everyone who came and shared this special evening with me. I felt honored to share the company of such amazing, talented, beautiful, and FUNNY people. I laughed to the point of breaking the pin holding my stomacher on! I smiled till my face hurt! So thank you all for sharing such a wonderful experience with me!! 

The complete album of my photos can be found here


Feb. 4th, 2012 03:00 pm
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The dinner is in a few hours, my hair is done (lets not discuss what's happening in the back, I can't see it so why should I care), the house is clean (relatively), The dress has as much trim as it's getting, and I have about thirty min till anyone's due to show up. and holy cow but I have a serious case of the butterflies! I feel like it's the first time there's been a big 18th century event and I was invited! They have to let me in I'm coming with two people and the place cards! I'm going to be in such awesome costuming company I'm more than a tad intimidated! 

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