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[ profile] blackcat452's Bachelorette Party was last night. We went to see the Great Gatsby at the movie tavern. I did a more boring post about what I wore on my blog, but I wanted to share my favorite funny picture over here.


I fell over at the end of that photobomb. I am SO classy!

Anyway I had a wonderful time!! [ profile] blackcat452 even had shirley temple supplies for me to celebrate being done with finals. I took some photos but they turned out horribly so I shamelessly yoinked these all from [ profile] madamekat, in exchange I gave her this.


fair trade?
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Today I turned in my paper and my religion final. So I am DONE with school work for the semester. Ohthankgod.

On the sewing front the dress is 90% done. In the morning I need to sew the center panel to the left side and the snaps on the right side plus a tie on the inside waist. Otherwise it's done!

almost done

I'm pretty happy with it for what it is. The 20s is an era that's never really gotten me going. So I feel like it's a perfectly functional one week 20s dress. I was pleased with how the pattern went together, and for it being really hard to work with fabric it turned out okay. Trying to figure out what to put on my head. 
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Today I finished my rough draft of my paper, Rob will edit it for me in the morning. So that's basically done. I got one of five short answer questions finished for my religion paper and I've gathered and attached the back of my 20s dress.

Now the question of the moment. Roll hemming my dress edges which do you like better? Black or white?


[Poll #1912891]
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Details coming soon but we're throwing [ profile] blackcat452 a Great Gatsby bachelorette party so I need to make a 1920s dress. This is tricky for me as generally my apple figure isn't such a fan of that era. BUT I found this wrap style that I think might be the most flattering of an un-flattering era.

So I just ordered it from Past Patterns. And I'm now pondering what to make it out of. I have some RED wool crepe, or more of the eval teal fabric...but somehow I have this horrible sinking feeling that I should make it "dressier" out of chiffon or something...ew. chiffon...bonus I can serge the hem...thoughts? Looks like I might have to go shopping as I have zero chiffony type things. 

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