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The events of Charlottesville have rattled me. I'm vacillating between deep deep sadness for my country and extreme anger. HOW DARE THEY. I try really hard to be empathetic, not see people as groups and listen to why people are so afraid that they believe something that is so completely morally WRONG...but...I'm out of patience. Rob and I have been watching the Ken Burn's Civil War to try and inspire me to sew for Gettysburg, and honestly it's creepy how similar some of the arguments and divisiveness are. Also interesting how dated the documentary feels.

But in talking to [personal profile] mandie_rw and [personal profile] koshka_the_cat I have decided that clearly what I need is a rational dress for Gettysburg...because what says "FUCK YOU WHITE SUPREMACISTS like dressing as a radical abolitionist feminist. And somehow wearing my values on my sleeve (literally) feels important to me at this moment.

This is Dr. Mary Walker, abolitionist, surgeon and all around bad ass lady. My plan is to use a rust colored plaid wool blend I have approximately 6 yards of. 
 I'm still waffling if I want sensible trousers for extra doofy ones.


Most of the pictures I've found seem to favor solid fabric but I did find this one which appears to be a check...and I'm calling that good enough.



Nov. 18th, 2015 09:00 am
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Welp Today's the day I pick up [ profile] koshka_the_cat at the airport....I need to get dressed and clean the bathroom, wash the sheets for her bed and straighten the sewing room. It's going to be messy, I'm a horrid house keeper to start with and frantic sewing makes it worse. I'll be properly mortified when she's here but I've backed myself into the messy corner once again...I probably should pack up the Halloween decorations too...

Plaid dress: Bodice needs the hem trimed and graded so the facings can be sewn up, sleeves set, buttons made and attached, Hooks and Eyes for colosure.

Pineapple: I have 9 more rows until it's finished...I think I can do it. Then it needs the ends neatenly worked in and the lining put in.

Sontag: needs the ties and tassels made and attached...this one will probably happen at the cabin, I mean why not?

Oh and I should prooooobably pack at some point.
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so far my bodice is assembled, the front facing is on and I need to sew the darts, put the back facings on, make bias tape for the hem, whip all the edges down inside. Boning, buttons, button holes, sleeves. Chemisette, undersleeves...yep that's never getting finished for thursday...

The sontag has been blocked, it just needs ties, tassels and ends woven in. Very achievable.

Pineapple, I worked on it a bit at work, still 9 rows of points pattern then the decreases on the bottom. we'll put that in the dubious category.

Back to the grind stone for me :-)
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I got home with that super tired foggy feeling...and I just don't trust myself to cut when I'm feeling like that. so I've been slowly poking the pineapple...I'm out of the rhythm of tiny knitting now so it feels painfully slow. I did two rounds and lunch and two rounds after work...I think I'll go block the sontag tonight so I can feel like I'm making progress on something. 
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We had a really light patient load today, which made the day kind of drag.

I walked in the door and promptly trussed up in corset and hoop. Rob walked in from the grocery store and went "what on earth are you doing!?"  I fit my mock up with the darts need to be fitted in the real dress as it's velvet and I suspect will need to be smaller ANYWAY, but for now it's good enough to blaze forward.

I forgot to take a picture of proof of skirt.

It's actually a much brighter plaid but eh the light is dark in here now.

I then sat down at 7:30 and started knitting till the end of wheel of 10:50 I finished the body of the sontag...what I didn't want to cut velvet!

So as it stands:

Plaid dress: all of the bodice, chemisette/under sleeves.

Sontag: block the very curly body, weave in ends, make ties (my last ones were i-cord but I'm bored with that, thinking about braided ties), tassels, assemble.

Pineapple: same as always. 
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Well I didn't finish pleating the skirt last night, but I did tonight. And sewed it, pinned the other side under ready to be whipped down. Not a ton but considering how hellish Monday was I'm quite pleased with myself...I think I'm going to bed at 9pm.

I also knitted a few inches on the sontag during my lunch break. Having an hour takes some major getting used to.
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well work has been going really well! I'm starting to get the swing of things, and this week I'll actually be assigned my own doctor to see if I can "fly solo" so to speak. The down side is I come home totally knackered mentally and haven't been good about sewing for Gettysburgh at ALL. At this point realistically I want to finish the plaid dress, JR's sontag, and my pineapple...anything else is a total bonus that I doubt will happen. But I've resolved to post here every night as a way to keep myself honest. I need to do at least a little every night. Doesn't have to be a ton, but a little.

The plaid dress is currently a skirt...I've got the hem facing sewn on and ironed up. I'd really LIKE to machine the other side but a) I'm not sure that's super period and b) the plaid is so loud I can't find a thread color that won't stand out on half of I feel like I should hand do that, which is going to take forever. The waistband is made and I'm hoping to pleat and attached it tonight while watching football. The bodice is at the second mock-up stage and that's pinned together ready to be fitted. Figured I'd finish the skirt then fit over the actual bottom half. The chemisette and undersleeves are unstarted.

The sontag has one wing finished, I've started the second one, but I'm the boring knit-straight part...It's vastly more fun when it hits the decreases and gets faster and faster. I have to make the ties, tassels, assemble and block it.

The pineapple probably needs two more points, then I decrease down to the base, block, assemble, draw string...

Okay writing it all out makes it seem even more overwhelming. AHHHHHHHHH *runs in circles* Okay here goes, goal is to pleat the skirt tonight before bed. 
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I was getting antsy that I haven't made a lot of progress on things for Gettysburg (Unless a knitted petticoat, knitted muff, and one and a half sontags count) today when Rob needed the laptop for actual work things I decided to start thinking about it...I bought the laughing moon wrapper pattern LAST time we went in 2013 and never so much as opened it. I dug it out (please be impressed I found it). While I'm sure this is going to be a great pattern my first impressions of the instructions are not stellar. You pull out the instructions and they're printed on a giant sheet of pattern paper with instructions to cut them apart if you don't like working with a piece of 6 feet instructions...I carefully cut along the lines and now have a pile of thin paper (not as heavy as printer paper) that are all folded in awkward places and different directions and NOT normal sizes of paper..the bottom row of pages are like an inch longer!

I had to iron them all to get them flat enough to be able to staple together. Such a pain in the rear. I get that it's probably easier and more cost effective to them to just use one type of paper and order it all printed together, but for the expensive cost this pattern was I would really have rather not spent the first hour of working on it just making the instructions readable.
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The only thing left on the base bodice is the eyelets..which is not an insignificant thing. But still. So close. Then I get to move onto the Bertha and the trimmings. 
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Paletot is DONE sans frogs and it needs a good lint when I get the frogs. But for now I just wanted to be proud that ONE of the garments I need for Gettysburg is done.

MUST make:

  1. Ballgown- Skirt is done, bodice needs boning and eyelets

  2. Day gown- using ballgown skirt, bodice not touched

  3. Paletot- Just needs frogs!

  4. [ profile] mandie_rw's sontag- halfway up the back

Would really really really like to make:

  1. Giant shawl - DONE

  2. Sontag- DONE

  3. Sortie cap- body is knit need to bind off and gather

  4. Wrapper- not started

  5. flannel bloomers- not started '

Three weeks to go....starting to panic!
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To console myself for having to miss the pumpkin tea this year I actually did some sewing.


All that's left is sewing on the frog closures, the band around the bottom of the sleeves and fixing the back oops...


What back oops you ask? Well when I shorted the waist I had to shorten the waist on the skirt too to make the curve match...and then my plaid became unmatched and I ended up with a very strange stripe...


Ooopsie...but overall I'm pretty pleased with it. It's very cozy. Tomorrow I'm hoping to fully finish it. except maybe the frogs as I have to buy those at work. And I don't feel like going in BEFORE work to buy them then go home and sew them on then back to work. so everything BUT the frogs tomorrow! 

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