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I feel like a few of my friends are struggling lately (and me with them) so today seemed metaphoric when the thunderstorm moved out.

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I wish I could blame the fact we didn't have internet for almost two weeks on why I'm so bad at posting...but alas I think I'm just horrid at it.

So lets see what's happened...well we got the house! settlement was stressful right through till the very end, and I still have nightmares where the mortgage guy calls and goes "we realized we made a mistake..." But we're fully moved in, keys to the apt handed in and that's all taken care of. Granted I've barely unpacked because we want to paint everything so why settle things just to move them again right? (it's going to take us forever to get that far so I really should just unpack). Thankfully the house has a two car garage that's full of our lives. The garage is actually the original barn from the propery that the previous owners converted with garage doors and a poured floor.

The house has a lovely flower garden and a huuuuge already fenced vegetable garden which I'm very excited about.

cut in case you're oddly not into random pictures of my garden )

Oh and then this happened.

Her name is Ellie after Eleanore Roosevelt (you see she's going to be a very fascinating dog) and she has saved you from this very threatening stick! She's 13 weeks old tomorrow. Mom was a golden retriever and dad was a mystery man. the winning current theory is German Shepard based on the tail and she's got little bits of black on the end of her ears and tail.

She's a belly rub whore.

Dangerous stick, neutralized. 
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I'm competely overwhelmed by the amount of packing, moving, cleaning, painting...and my go to reaction when overwhelmed is to ostrich and pretend it doesn't exist. As I'm a GREAT adult. and I'm trying really hard to make myself get up and pack, but Aunt Flo also stopped by and I just feel horrid so I want to curl up in a ball with a heating pad EXTRA bad.

I NEED AN ADULT! Or you know a moving crew, cleaning lady and a butt load of midol.

So far of the house list of things we wanted to do before moving in the house I have pulled down a lot of ugly wall paper, planted peas and..thought about paint colors...I'm horrible at this moving thing. Can I blame working 12 hour days?
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Even six months ago the dream of home ownership sounded far away and how things can change on a dime!

We did our final walk through on Sunday. The daffodils were up and blooming, the tulips were poking up, there were three hydrangas popping through the dirt and one row of hedges is apparently forscythia!  The bird houses along the side of the barn are mostly inhabited by house sparrows and I counted 6 birds nests in the trees around the house.

The fenced vegetable garden has raised beds and gravel walks and is ready for planting (hoping to put peas in friday morning before I go to my parentals for easter).

Today we had 2 hours for settlement, I scooted out of work at 11 and had to be back at one...I got back at 2...oh well they covered for me and most importantly IT'S DONE! WE OWN A HOUSE!!!!!

Time to start planning the 1930s lawn party I promised [ profile] mandie_rw and the Fezziwig ball Rob wants to have in the barn.

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Things here have been a roller coaster. We were supposed to close on the house yesterday, but the mortgage company messed up the disclosure and did not get it to us the required 3 days before we're closing Monday...supposedly...I'll believe it when I have keys in my hand. The mortgage company seems to keep messing things up. very frustrating.

The view from my kitchen into my sweet 1930s bungalow. It needs some love and updates but the bones are sweet and just right for us.

And then this morning I woke up with a sore throat...just a sore throat...and when the fever hit this evening I knew I must have strep. One of the hallmarks is pharyngitis without any cold symptoms like congestion or runny trip to the urgent care for a strep screen later and yup Strep. Of COURSE it was over the weekend when I couldn't go to a normal doctor. So now I'm on amoxicillin and hoping I Feel better by Monday when stupid busy week #2 starts....


Mar. 6th, 2016 11:45 pm
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So [ profile] brickhousewench gave me a push that I should post periodically.

Let's see I'm alive. The house seems to be moving forward *knock on wood* We got our morgatge committment and closing is set for the 18th. Still not feeling relaxed until we have keys in hand, but you know there's that.

Packing. My life is full of boxes, piles, packing tape. O.O I don't do super well with massive, overwhelming projects...just trying to slowly chip away at it. We have until the 12th of April until we have to be out of the apartment, so that leaves us time to paint, clean, move in then paint clean and leave the apt.

Work is still fabulous, we're down a doctor at the moment as he's overseas starting health clinics in a few countries. I know they started in Cambodia but I didn't get more than that. So that leaves the remaining ones extra busy. We're also desperately hiring another nurse, should anyone know an RN looking for a job in pediatric primary care.

Anyway so all in all overwhelmed, forgetting things, tired but finally inching out of my funk.
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We countered their counter. After some thought and much back and forth amongst oursleves with went with our Realtor's suggestion of splitting the difference. We're still not at our appoved maximum (which I do NOT want to go to) and hopefully they'll respond positively. I think mostly I was just so initially sad about the sewing machine...which is silly, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater right Robin?...So now we're BACK to the horrid waiting. 
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So they countered us...and the pretty much barely budged. they came down $3k in cost with half the seller's assist we asked for...without the full assist we just can't afford to close, that's kind of not negotiable. Also they're dead set on taking the sewing machine, despite leaving it in the basement where it was rusting it's got "sentimental attachment"
....So now I'm looking at other houses while we debate if it's worth it to try and counter them. I think the house is over-priced and it's been on the market for over 6 months...


Dec. 29th, 2015 08:31 pm
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Well big developments are brewing here at chateau Coccagna....We put an offer in on a house! I was kind of surprised that we got approved for a mortage as I've only been working two months, but suddenly we did and Rob's wonderful parents said they'd like to help us with the downpayment..and suddenly we were sitting in an office today signing a LOT of paperwork! Despite doing tons of research, and feeling that we're doing the right thing wow does it feel like a big kid thing!

The longer version:

There was this cute house on the same road as my work, and as I pass it anytime we go out for lunch I've driven by it a few times and always thought, "that's such a cute house, I'll move there." I have in fact been calling it "my house" for basically the two months I've worked there.  And then this "open house" sign appeared and being the nosey ninny I am I informed Rob we were going as I wanted to see the inside....that's normal right?...well it turns out we loved it. It's an estate and clearly the older man who lived there was meticulous, not overly updated in his style and the house just felt like a home.

The house was built in 1916 and at some point a little side room was added. You walk in the side door and you're looking straight at the old exterior brick wall (now painted). To is the oddly isolated side wall, to the right is the powder room and straight ahead is a window into the kitchen. This isolated feeling room is perfect for an office for Rob, right size, right shape, lots of light and when client's come over it doesn't feel like they're entering our house.

The house has carpeting now over the hardwood floors, a fireplace, a gorgeous sun room off the west side, huge backyard and the quirky details you only get with an old house.  All the windows were replaced within the last 5 years and all the trim is stained hardwood which would drastically decrease the risks from lead dust.

And what sealed the deal for me? While poking around the basement I found a PINK vintage machine in the table...yup part of our written offer is a note from me asking if they would consider leaving it as I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have it stay with the house.

So an offer was made. Now we wait...waiting is not my strong suit. All prayers, thoughts, and good juju appreciated! 

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