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I would just like to say I find it bizarre that this year when I'm in school and swamped helping Rob I've made MORE costumes than I did the pervious two years combined...go figure.

Anywhoo...I had a fabulous time poking around the ren faire this weekend with the girls. oh and J and Rob. details. Rob and I were up shooting till 4am so we slept in a bit and didn't get there till like 2. We promptly ran into friends so I didn't have time to FIND anyone till almost three.

In the end the jacket was okay. I think what I don't like about it boils down to proportion. The gores go 1/2" too high, but more than that I'm just a lot wider than I am in my head. So the lack of waist curve makes me feel like a big square. I'm as wide as I am tall in the chest region and that's just not especially flattering. So my favorite pictures are when I'm half hidden THEN I don't think it's so bad. 

Pictures )

While standing around waiting for something interesting to happen at joust we came up with the fabulous idea of going next year as the wives of Henry VIII. Which I think would be SO FUN. We quickly ran out of wives with the six of us still there, BUT Henry had so many fabulous mistresses we could so easily expand! And Rob may or may not have been informed that he needs a Henry VIII costume. *eyebrow waggle*

All in all it was a nice time, strange to be back. There are more people working there now that I know then there were two years ago, which seems backwards somehow. It feels like can it really be 6 years since I worked there? Holy cow. 
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I wonder if my jacket would be more flattering if I just tucked it in. Way later than the ren faire but what do I care. It's the Ren Faire. I'd need to wear a sash as the waist band on my petticoat is black twill tape...hmmm

I really wish they'd finish filming so I could go to bed. I majorly hate night shoots...

oh dear

Oct. 13th, 2012 08:12 pm
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I hate it. I look like a bit blob. What a waste of beautiful fabric :-( 


I used the RH sleeve pattern and holy cow they're huge. But I really don't want to try and take them in right now. Perhaps fixing the length will make them less wrinkly. On the plus side I used the shallow curve on the undersleeve from PoF and I can actually easily life my arms over my head in this. So that's good. But blech I don't like how I look at all. 

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Well I'm up to That Part...that evil evil part where I have to take this pair of sleeves and set them in in a way that doesn't look horrific and doesn't cut up my armpits all day and doesn't have giant puckers..I HATE SLEEVES. This is all premptive hate as I haven't tried to set them..but I know that while setting the sleeves and hemming is all that's left on this jacket I shall STILL probably be finishing it tomorrow as sleeves hate me. 

Also I put this on my dress dummy and it looks absurd. because of the boobs it won't hang flat enough in the front so the waist gores actually hit right below the bust it's the most ridiculous looking thing ever so no pictures yet. 
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okay I got it cut out! (well san sleevils) Isn't this fabric gorgeous? I don't know where [ profile] curiouschildefinds this stuff but it's gorgeous!!  

I didn't get AS much done tonight as I should have because I got far more sucked into the VP debate than I should have. I do love Biden so! I know I know avoid politics on LJ, but he's just so awesome! 

jacket cut out
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Shocking I know! High on the elation of being suddenly caught up on school (it really snuck up on me!) I had a HUGE urge to sew. I should clean, or organize or you know otherwise get a grip on my house, but I REALLY wanted to be creative. So I did!

I have this gorgeous fabric from [ profile] curiouschilde that's totally perfect for a jacobean jacket. I figured having made one before while working for *you know who* it would be easy. I pull out the pattern envelop and it's empty! I have a sleeve, a wing and a cuff pattern..monkey balls. I kind of remember cutting it out there so perhaps I left the body pieces there?...

NEW PLAN: I drafted! It involved knocking some serious cobwebs out of my brain but I did it! Three mock-ups and two fittings with V from upstairs (she sews better than I) I have a pattern! I based it off this jacket in PoF.

But because my fabric has a really strong vertical design I made it have a straight front.
Tomorrow: we cut fashion fabric!

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