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I wish I knew where I was going for my first clinical. I'm on my one week vacation but we go back on July 7th and start clinicals in an unknown location. I've asked around, no one in our cohort as found out. Apparently the woman who coordinates it all's mother is in hospital. I hope her mother has a very speedy recovery, but it IS unsettling to just be sitting around on vacation with NO CLUE where to report on well at least I'm not the only one.

I took a nice long bike ride this morning to burn off some nervous energy. That was therapeutic. Very much helped me chill out. I have decided to bow out of the 6 wives project, I don't have a good feel for what my free time will be like once I start clinicals. But I am going to finish my blackwork cuffs, it's a small project that I can easily toss in my bag.
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I have a piece of linen taped to my sliding glass door so I can trace my blackwork pattern, the problem is I can only do so much before my arm is like "DON'T HOLD THINGS HIGH THIS LONG" so I'm about 5" in and taking a wee break.

In other amusing news, Rob has a cold (that's not the amusing part) so I figured I'd let him sleep in. I know the man likes to sleep (depression symptom) but now I'm just curious how long he can sleep for?!? I think if we reach noon in 20 min I'll peek in to make sure he's still breathing...
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Waiting for Rob to finish his thing (if I understood what he did...) so that we can go get lunch. It is my end-of-semester Friendly's Tuna Salad Supermelt treat.

I am officially a Junior. I have a small break now (already filled with family/work/cleaning) to recharge before I head back to school the week after 4th of July to start clinicals! As in real patients! as in people who can yell at me! as in eek! I'm both really excited and completely terrified. But that seems to be a standard for me with this program, I felt that way before I started and it went swimmingly for the first two months. I felt that way about our capstone final for this class, but when we got to it I wasn't so unprepared. So far nursing has proved to be as challenging as I imagined, but equally enjoyable. I like to be mentally challenged, I get bored too easily. There is A LOT to learn, but I'm enjoying all of it. Okay maybe not the getting up at 6am part, but I imagine I'll get used to that....I hope....

My two sewing goals for my week off are to start two things. One for each project I have due in the fall. For Jane Seymour I'm going to trace out and start some blackwork cuffs and for the 18th century epicness I'm going to start my new stays. I doubt I'll finish either, but as long as I'm chugging at them I'll feel satisfied. (I know you're dying for this journal to actually be costume content again)

Off to poke the husband about my sandwich! 

I wonder

Jun. 22nd, 2014 11:09 pm
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I have two completely different eras for two completely different events on the brain. firstly I'm making Jane Seymour to go to the ren fair and I'm pretty settled on making a corded petticoat for her.

To me that doesn't look like a farthingale. and frankly I'd RATHER wear a corded petticoat so we're going with that I see is what I want.

But the other era I have on the brain at the moment is 18th century. Specifically second half of the big round 18th century. So I wondered. Is there any evidence of corded petticoats then? I know there are quilted ones. And I know corded petticoats are definitely popular in the 19th century. It seems like it would give such a nice round shape under some of those full round skirts.

"hmmm what do I have under here"

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