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I was supposed to spend today finishing [ profile] ladyxjade's short stays, which are taking me forever. It's not that they're hard, in fact they're quite straight forward. The problem is when I'm sewing for someone not me I get extra neurotic. "is the binding off by a smidge?" "Is that line totally straight?" "did I knot off those ends securely?" So it takes me seven times longer! I just want to be extra sure that what I hand over is both up to my standards and hers.

I had just picked up the stays when my phone rang. It was JoAnn's. Would I like to pick up some hours today? Sadly the answer was yes. I was only scheduled three days this week so I couldn't really turn down the hours, so down the stays went and on went my work clothes. I came home at 5:30 pretty brain dead. But I did manage to make myself work a little. I got the bottom edge bound and all the boning channels finished. Granted one corner bound up perfectly and one looks like arse. So I might have to unpick the one corner...

Tomorrow I WILL finish them. Cutting bones, insert cording, top edge binding, eyelets is all that remains. I can totally do that in a day. 
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At two pm today I go back to Joann's to fill out paper work. To start back as a part time associate...right back where I started in 2008. Rationally I know that I'm in a totally different place. I just need to work while I wait to get into nursing school. really burns a little.

I think one of the reasons it stings so much is that when Kass fired me from RH she said "well you can just go back to Joann's" like she was returning a pack of needles she didn't end up needing. Of course I couldn't, they had filled my full time position immediately. She wanted me to go back to where I had started, erasing all the years I had previously worked there like it was nothing. I was disposable. I vowed I wouldn't do what she dismissively told me to do...and now I am. I really failed.

I realize we all do adult things we don't want to do. I realize this is just part of that whole grown-up thing. Putting what's best for my family ahead of my own anxiety and pride....but that doesn't make it hurt less.

Sometimes being an adult really stinks. 
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So Rob was appalled by our electric bill this month and turned the head down to 50...consequently I'm sitting here in wool socks, giant fluffy slippers, jeans, shirt, sweater, fleece, gloves...coat...okay no coat...But it's COLD (side note he's standing here in fleece pants, shirtless perfectly happy)

I originally decided that if it was going to be this freezing in here I was going to spend all day in the shower, the only toasty place in the apt, but then I got all pruney.

Today is my  last real day off. I have four more shifts at Joanns and then start at Reconstructing History. I'm sure Kass doesn't expect me to be at the shop 7 days, but small businesses have a way of expanding to fill the space you'll give them...and I do seem to spend my days off talking to her on Gmail chat as it is...

So I'm left wondering what to do with my day off. We had Matt and his Girlfriend Heathyr over for dinner last night so the living room, dining room and kitchen are actually clean. AND I vacuumed. But my sewing room is a disaster, as is our bed room. The laundry has reached epic proportions. I have a return at Kohl's from the In-laws that didn't fit, and a gift card to Old Navy I could spend on new work cloths. I guess I should do the errands before life gets in the way and I don't have time. But I also want to soak up some rest while I can. PLUS there's plotting to be done for costumes for the coming year...decisions decisions...Oh and I should write my thank you note. and I HAVE to mail rent today...
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So I was going to write one of these great Costume recaps like everyone else and then I came the horrible realization that I only made TWO outfits all year...and one was only a bodice. I MUST improve this for next year. However I did accomplish a fair amount in life, so to make me feel better my things-that-got-in-the-way-of-costuming recap

1. I took a non-matriculated graduate course at temple in the spring semester. I had to read around 700 pages a week...I ended with a B+

2. Rob and I moved into an apt that required gutting and rebuilding the kitchen, along with repainting everything, scraping the ceiling and insulating the walls. I did however learn to and installed a sink all by myself!

3. Rob and I got engaged and with that came all the wedding planning crap. I bought a dress, set a date, and found a location.

4. I suckered , begged, convinced [ profile] kass_rants that she should hire me to a fabulously exciting new job! So I'm leaving Joann's in 6 more shifts. And tomorrow I don't even have to be grumpy about since it's a holiday and I get time and a half. I will miss the good people I work with but I am SO ready to join the fabulous team at RH. I'm going to bring treats my first day since I figure if I win them over with treats I'll be starting on the right foot.

So with all that said I don't feel so bad about not having had time or energy to make stuff. I'm sure with my new job where I'll be dressing up much more I shall very quickly get tired of the same 10 outfits  I currently have and make lots of things for events.

and now to watch the ball drop in my jammies and be in bed by 12:30 as I have to work at 7 tomorrow and am old.
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It's pouring. Driving rain.  Two thoughts. First I have an overwhelming urge to curl up on the couch and watch movies all day. Second can you imagine if all this rain was snow. How amazing! I happen to love snow being from upstate NY, Pennsylvanians are wimps about snow as far as I'm concerned. One inch and they panic. Granted they also don't plow the roads.

So I'm laying in bed this morning thinking, "wow I really should get up." and Rob very kindly rolls over and starts snoring directly into my ear...ooookay guess I'm up now.

I'm trying to write a letter of resignation to work. Which is proving very hard. Part of me is soooo excited to leave (part of me is equally terrified of the great unknown, part of me tells that part to stuff it and gets excited again) but telling C that I'm officially leaving will be hard. They have no idea how much the rely on me. I was going down the list of things that only I ever do. 1. Check payroll at the end of the week. 2. Ingram 3. PCN 4. Actually work the overstock boxes and not just sign off that I did them. The list goes on and on. C's been a fun manager and made the place down right livable, but that doesn't mean that I'm not itching for new better challenges. So I'm back to trying to write a letter that expresses my appreciation for all that I've learned, but is firm in the I'm leaving kind of way.... stay tuned for the next chapter of my adventures.

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