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Well the job interview went really well. I thought the atmosphere of the practice was awesome, I met 3 of 5 doctors and felt very comfortable asking all of them questions. They were welcoming and excited at the possibility of my coming. I was offered the job before I left. The salary was kind of low, and it wasn't hospital experience so I hemmed and hawed a bit. But it boiled down to 1) a job when no one else was interested in me 2) experience in primary care which is what I really think I want to get an NP and do way to find out? TRY IT! So I counter offered with a slightly higher salary but one that hit a benchmark I was more comfortable with then and they called today to accept!!! The nurse manager is having her hip replaced tomorrow so I will officially start Oct 26th!

I am so excited to be working! And not have to work any nights, holidays and only one saturday morning a month! In pediatrics! 15 min from my house! With a really wonderful welcoming atmopshere!

Guess this is the last time I can use the "nursing school" tag...weeeird.
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I have my first nursing job interview tomorrow!! All good Juju is appreciated! It's a job in a primary care office which is what I really want to do long term and most places aren't interested in new graduates. But I submitted and heard back from them the same day so here's hoping! Either way interviewing is a skill that improves with practice so more practice is good right?...I can't help it I'm really hoping it goes well as I'm very excited about the possibility...Not sure I'm going to sleep at all tonight.


Sep. 18th, 2015 11:14 am
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I PASSED THE NCLEX!!!! (board exam!)

so guess what my NEXT project is?...but that's after this weekend. Today I'm sitting here, feeling guilty that I'm sewing instead of studying OH WAIT! ;-)
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I just had my first peds exam. I've been studying for weeks and super nervous. Firstly because so many people in the first section failed out of peds and secondly because of H not passing Critical Care I'm hella nervous about one bad exam and being up shits creek so to speak.

I over slept this morning. Woke up 9 min after I wanted to leave, made it here with 2 min to spare. AND woke up with the worst raging headache pulsing over my left eye. I'm fairly certain if I stood up to fast right now I'd vomit. *sigh* at least it's over? I can't imagine that was my best exam, but I don't feel like I failed....unless all the ones I came down to two on I ended up guesing the wrong answer.

But after today I just have Friday morning work at Joann's and then I can think about the Francaise Dinner and seeing all my friends. I'm just going to wear my Chemise gown. Why? It's so stupidly comfortable, It's so stupidly easy, and that is what I need right now. 


Jan. 1st, 2015 10:55 pm
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Well I'm not going to do a year end review as I made a grand total of 2 things. *headdesk* Apparently working two jobs, going to school full time in the fall and working full time plus a second job plus online school and moving in the spring was more than I could wedge costuming into.

But it was a good year. There was a lot of transition in my life this year. Letting go of people who were not healthy for me and their issues, growing closer to friends, and entering a wonderful new chapter in my life. I'm both happier and more exaughsted than I've ever been. When they say an accelerated program is intense they're not kidding. But while the individual days drag on the weeks sure fly by!

I'm already over halfway through my Christmas vacation. Rob's family was here and that was both intense and very fun. I haven't stayed home for Christmas since going away to college, so that was very fun. Then there were a few days of sitting on the couch knitting and drooling, those were very good for me. But tomorrow at 6am I go into Joann's, probably also good as it'll force me to be productive.

I'd like to get some sewing done over this break. I already cleaned my sewing room from top to bottom before Christmas. Talk about relief! Seeing the floor in there is SO. NICE. I'm going to either start things for me for Rememberance Day or things for Rob. Either way, the goal is to actually sew ahead so I have time to finish things...that's the goal at least. Who knows, maybe i'll do more sitting on my butt. 
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[ profile] mandie_rw has pointed out that it's too quiet on here and I am not doing my part...thing is I have ZERO sewing progress to update on. Things have just been crazy this here's what's happening in my nursing school life.

cut as most people don't find that a fascinating )

So tomorrow I'm off. I have work from 7am-11am and then I study for final on friday. Send me smart thoughts please! 
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Lets see I've started clinicals now. I'm at Penn Presbyterian Hospital down town on a general med surg floor that mostly gets ortho patients but has a fair amount of overflow patients from the general population. I shadowed a nurse on Thursday and this Wednesday I'll get my first patient. I am of course still nervous to have a real patient but also excited. I LOVED shadowing, it was very reassuring to me that it felt so "right."  Waking up at 5am IS taking some adjusting, but like all things worthwhile sacrifices must be made.

I have been sewing..........a tiny tiny bit. I cut out a new pair of stays and got half of my boning channels all marked out. And I'm one line away from finishing the first of the two blackwork cuffs.

thinking about the ren faire I don't feel like making something new. Frankly I don't feel very welcome to join my "friends" anymore there. So while Rob wants to go and dress up and we will no doubt go at least twice I think my goal is to lose enough weight to re-wear something. Preferably my green dress as it will go well with my blackwork cuffs if I finish the other.  (One of Rob's groomsmen is King Henry this year and Rob very much wants to go play with him, so we'll go and crash with Ryan a few times and just hang out no doubt. Probably just for a random day on our own.)

Oh and on Wednesday my Mom and Brother-in-law fly to Africa to visit my Brother. Please think safe thoughts for their trip and return. 
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Waiting for Rob to finish his thing (if I understood what he did...) so that we can go get lunch. It is my end-of-semester Friendly's Tuna Salad Supermelt treat.

I am officially a Junior. I have a small break now (already filled with family/work/cleaning) to recharge before I head back to school the week after 4th of July to start clinicals! As in real patients! as in people who can yell at me! as in eek! I'm both really excited and completely terrified. But that seems to be a standard for me with this program, I felt that way before I started and it went swimmingly for the first two months. I felt that way about our capstone final for this class, but when we got to it I wasn't so unprepared. So far nursing has proved to be as challenging as I imagined, but equally enjoyable. I like to be mentally challenged, I get bored too easily. There is A LOT to learn, but I'm enjoying all of it. Okay maybe not the getting up at 6am part, but I imagine I'll get used to that....I hope....

My two sewing goals for my week off are to start two things. One for each project I have due in the fall. For Jane Seymour I'm going to trace out and start some blackwork cuffs and for the 18th century epicness I'm going to start my new stays. I doubt I'll finish either, but as long as I'm chugging at them I'll feel satisfied. (I know you're dying for this journal to actually be costume content again)

Off to poke the husband about my sandwich! 


Jun. 2nd, 2014 07:36 pm
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I got 100% and 15/15 on my two midterms today!!!!!! I was SO incredibly nervous about the vital signs practical. My Mom told me to just "own your emotions, admit it and work with it" so I was just frank with my partner and my professor that I was hella nervous, and somehow just saying it out loud really calmed me down.  PHEW such a load off!

On to the next challenge! 

up for air

Jun. 1st, 2014 06:03 pm
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Taking a much needed study break. I have a mid-term in my assessment class tomorrow (the class I started a week ago friday). So far I've had two final exams and one paper, and now a mid-term and test of my vital signs tomorrow. Starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. I mean I'm in decent shape, but there's just SO much material that I'm having trouble just physically absorbing it all! I've read all the chapters for this exam, made flash cards of all my vocabulary and now I'm 1 section out of 6 into writing out the answers on her very long review sheet. Some of the questions on here are super easy vocabulary questions so I was sailing through skin thinking "great I can do this!" Then I hit the neck and it was all "list all the steps to doing a full breast exam.." which is a large chunk.

I need to stop and remind myself I can do this. I'm probably in fact over studying. I shouldn't be spending all day looking at this material or I will just over cram. My strength as a student has often been knowing when to take a step back, so for now I'm going to pop on here.

Rob's off working so I'm on my own for dinner... LUCKY CHARMS IT IS! 
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My first day of nursing school is tomorrow at 8:30am. I feel positively vibratey with excitement, nerves, eagerness and terror.

Lately one of my very best friends has suddenly decided for reasons I don't know to no longer seem to like me, and that's just heightened my feeling that OMG the other students will hate me and I'll be with them the whole time and EEK! I know...what am I in middle school? I just want to have good friends in school to work with, we're all pulling each other through this thing.

I know by this time tomorrow I'll have completely different feelings, I'll have a better sense of where I'm going, what it's like. I'll be into the meat of the course by tomorrow. My first class only runs two weeks so I know we're going to hit the ground running.

But for tonight..I feel like there's a bouncy ball catapulting around my insides. 
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Rob just asked me if I'm posting a retraction. That silly man.

BUT the exciting news is that a seat opened up in the program!!! I feel SO elated, relieved, terrified, excited, know the works. The director was so very nice and equally excited to call and tell me. She said they'd been praying for me that a seat would open up, which was really humbling. I printed out the calendar of all the other dates I need to remember and put it on the cork board above my desk.

The funny thing is I had been trying really hard to get myself used to the idea of waiting a year that now I feel like EEK IT'S REALLY RIGHT NOW! Luckily Mom helped me get my first day of school outfit, and tomorrow I shall go to Staples and buy a few new spiral notebooks (it's not real till you have a fresh notebook right?).

So yeah..Thank you Thank you Thank you for your support. I really cannot put into words how much it meant to me. 
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I was supposed to start nursing school in two weeks. A great adventure. I bought my first day of school outfit. I was SO excited.

Apparently Villanova sent me a letter I didn't get. And I was supposed to send a deposit I didn't send. They gave my seat away.

I cannot stop sobbing. I cannot breath. I gave notice at work, I was ready for this change. Now I'm nowhere. They offered to defer my acceptance to 2015. Another year of scraping by, another year of working two jobs.

I am sobbing at the idea of having to tell everyone how I screwed up, how there's nothing I can do to fix it, how I'm a failure. I have never felt like such a failure. How am I going to tell my parents who were so proud. All the customers who were talking to me about my leaving. I feel so stupid for messing this up. I'm in a section of patho specifically for this program, I've been emailing with the director with questions. How did no one notice I wasn't in the program?

I don't know what to do. I want to curl up in a ball and never go out into the world again. 
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Friday: Film shoot from 9-7pm, came home and prepped for Saturday's shoot.
Saturday: Woke up at 7, ran errands, frantically prepared. 1pm actors showed up...4am they left.
Sunday: woke up at 7 again. Shooting from 9-6. Came home and tried to study.
Monday: A&P quiz, came home studied for Micro, went back for sociology.

Tuesday: Micro Test
Wendesday: A&P exam
Also I need to get my grip on Nutrition online which I'm a week behind on, and finish my application to nursing school by Oct 15th. 
Friday: ANOTHER night shoot 
Sunday: Supposed to go to the ren faire although my budget is looking bad and I'm not sure any of my renaissance things will fit me currently...

Can it be next Monday yet?
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I've been reviewing Anatomy and Physiology until my eyes are crossing. I have my big final tomorrow and I so very very much want to maintain my 4.0. I know it's stupid, but this time around I feel so much more invested and I CARE so much more. I feel like I have a lot to prove to myself and others. This class is HARD. So far we've had about a 60% drop rate and apparently people typically bomb the final. Thus my trying to study till my eyes cross. All the tissue types, bone structures, muscle physiology and activation potentials are starting to blur together. Part of me just wants it to be over...and yet I'd kill for another week to study.

Just incase anyone's wondered if I died that's where I've been...after tomorrow I will finally have time to breath. 
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I had my first Anatomy and Physiology class yesterday. Let me tell you I'm terrified. I walked away with 150+ terms to memorize for our first quiz at our next class on tuesday. A good 1/3 of the class is people retaking it because they only got a C the first time around. Rob keeps telling me these are the same people who thought Bio and Chem were hard. But I'm not 100% sure. It's A LOT of memorization, in a short amount of time. I think I'm going to have to develop really good study habits in the next few days, not something I'm known for. 

Semester grades are in from the spring semester and I officially have a 4.0! Pretty sure A&P will knock that right off, but I think I'll enjoy it while it lasts. I really didn't think I would get an A in Psych so I'm pretty proud of that. 

Rob and I are currently at my parent's house. We drove up after my class yesterday. My car is at their mechanic for it's big 110K check up. For something that huge I'd rather take it to the mechanic who they've used since before I was born. My sister is coming over from MA tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be my first time seeing her since she announced she was pregnant! She's not very far along but it still somehow feels significant to me. 

But today Rob and I are stranded in a quiet house listening to the birds. Not such a bad Friday.
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I turned in (electronically) my final psych paper and take home final today, and had my bio final this morning. Just Chemistry on Wednesday and semester one on Robin's-quest-to-be-a-nurse complete! Then I start classes the very next day for the summer. :-) No rest for the wicked I suppose.
Actual conversation between Rob and I today

Me: if you were Kat what would you want for graduation?
Rob: catnip
Me: no not A cat, Kat Kat.
Rob: a scratching post.

On the titanic gown front, I've come to the realization that I can't use the Simplicity pattern as it's definitely empire waisted and I need a natural waisted pattern..I COULD try to draft one..OR I could order one...Rob asked me to please order one and save his sanity. It's something I rarely do but I've forked out the dosh for a quality pattern to make this whole friggin' process easier. I've ordered the Laughing Moon Teens Pattern. Asking around the reviews of it are solid and for once I'll have a solid sleeve to start with! YAY!

*time out*

Apr. 29th, 2012 02:24 pm
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Trying to write a two page article summary for biology, the article is interesting and not especially complicated...and somehow it's like pulling teeth for every word. I think I just popped a blood vessel figuring out the opening paragraph. I have concluded that when I finish this assignment for tomorrow I'm going to start cleaning the living room. The clutter has started to sneak back in and it's making my ADHD very acute. Plus I know I'm stressed about finals.

I have been working on the Tim Gunn corset, I've run out of the twill tape I was using for boning channels and while pondering how to get away without buying more I stepped away from it, and then I realized I had homework to do and haven't gotten back to it. However I full expect to finish it next week.

alright time outs over back to the grind stone. UGH I wish I was out having fun with everyone in NYC or at Ft Fred today :-(

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