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Done Bitchez )

Oh and funny aside. I stopped at Joann's tonight to get ribbon that actually matched for the ties and lacing, so of course I brought the stays in with me. As I was checking out some nice lady behind me went "Oooh that's so pretty, is it a wall hanging?" O.o

So that's a new one for me, 18th century stays mistaken for a wall hanging. I guess we all see the world differently
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umm okay I'm no [ profile] koshka_the_cat but the stay off with [ profile] jennylafleur continues! She may have me beaten in form, fit and function, but I am giving her a SERIOUS run for her money in the tackiness department.
Plus side if I wander off and get lost somewhere on her patio I'll be easy to find if I'm in my underwear...

The binding is sewn on the front side only, I have to do the whip down on the inside. Then add the straps on the back pieces and bind the tops. Oh and this fabric frayed so HORRIBLY in the amount of time it took me to get to binding them they're a weeeeeeee bit crooked now...oops? We'll call it a metaphor for me in life.
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School has been kicking mah butt! This semester is supposedly the hardest, and I can see why! This week we had 8 or 9 hours of class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Then Thursday and Friday I had two 12-hour clinical days at the hospital. Then on Saturday I worked at the pharmacy 9-5, stopped at a different hospital to visit my friend and her ADORABLE new baby (eee!) and came home to make a giant paper mache egg for Rob's movie filming this morning. He got up at 6 and apparently didn't bother to tell me it was time to get up...I woke up at 9:30 and after they had been filming for almost two hours...whoops? I called my Mom who just got home from Africa to check in, and headed out to check on Rob. They were good, came back in and started studying. Study, break, study, eat, study, break, study. later. rinse. repeat. Finished after dinner around 8. I have an exam tomorrow morning.

but I cracked and had to do a little sewing. I just needed to give a little.

orange stays

So some small progress has been made on the orange stays. I'm thinking I'm going to add a second band of "seam covering" where there isn't a seam just to break it up. I think it's more flattering. Almost up to the fun part, binding (sense the sarcasm) 
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Sometimes I wonder, did ______ century (in this case 18th) seamstresses ever get annoyed with garments in the same places I do now? Did she ever go "Drat I'm up to the eyelets! these buggers go on for days!" or "I really hate sewing sleeves!'

Clearly my brain is done with sewing eyelets. As I haven't been able to do more than a few a day due to school/work they feel never ending! Hoping to get them finished by the end of the weekend. Granted I also have to study for an exam on we'll see how far I get. 

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