Nov. 8th, 2012 09:32 pm
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Well minus the one really gooby button hole that I may choose to redo. But it's fully finished the first time!!!! I'm done with a dress an entire TWO DAYS before an event! What is this?...Now I'm going to go try to cast on to make a knitted thing for Gettysburg in a week. I'm allowed to knit for an hour, then I must study for a little bit. 
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please someone tell me that it's physically impossible to match plaid on princess seams 100% of the way...cause I'm making myself a little nuts here..
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another boring post...My dress is all cut out! well sans sleeves but I haven't decided on sleeve style yet. I'm not sharing any pictures yet, not sure if this will be a surprise project, it's not really a secret as everyone knows it's coming. We'll see how chuffed I am with it after another day of sewing..

oh and side note. Just incase LJ does do stupid new things I do have a dreamwidth account that perhaps I should figure out how to link with here, I did change my name though. Seemed like an excellent time to drop an emo name I came up with 10+ years ago. Over there I'm Robinsnest. 
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slowly cutting out the plaid regency...very slowly. You see when you have OCD and are trying to match up curved seams...I am a wee bit nerotic about pattern matching and there are times when I really need to just take a deap breath and let it go.

I got some lovely velvet piping made and then the bodice pieces traced out before my back went, "YOU IDIOT STAND UP FROM THIS TABLE" so I did. I suppose I'll take a little bit of a break and then go back to it. I'd like to at least get all the plaid cut today. I'd consider that good progress.
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We apparently are in the midst of a hurricaine and that means school is closed for both today and tomorrow...woohoo unexpected sewing days! I'm trying to decide how to pattern this I
a) attempt to blow up the one in PoF and get the style i want but it probably won't fit well and that will be frustrating and disappointing (yes I'll use a muslin but sometimes when it's not right I just can't GET it right on myself) or
b) use the simplicity one that I know will fit but isn't the exact style I had in mind which will be frustrating and disappointing..and back closing.

blargh. I don't have printer ink so I'd have to hand draft up the PoF which isn't hard just boring. 
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So instead of cleaning out my sewing room for my Mom's imminent arrival tomorrow I've been wasting massive amounts of time on the internet looking for examples of plaid in regency dresses. Obviously it's not especially common so I'm digging around a lot to find a few examples. But I've totally been bitten. I've compiled a pinterest page of the examples I've found, so if you know of any other examples of early 19th century plaid please let me know! 

The awesome [ profile] frau_elsebeth found this crazy obnoxious plaid at Jomar. It's not exactly the same colorway but frankly I think it would look better on me anyway. And the point is really that it's crazy loud right? 

plaid fabric

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