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I was supposed to finish a new dress today for tall ships brain had other ideas and shut down with a vomit inducing migraine. But I see to have perked now I'm trying to make this dress:

Not look so damn stupid. I'm not sure what possessed me to put trim just around the bib like's abrupt and looks stupid as the bib is slightly HEEEELLLLPPP...ideas?

If I take it off is the dress horribly boring? a sash? diagonal stripes of the same ribbon? can't find any reference for that kind of trim on a bib anyway. 
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I wrote a blog entry about my new dress

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On Saturday [ profile] madamekat held an amazing regency tea. I had a totally marvelous time. I'm pretty sure I only get invited so I show up with my tent, but hey works for me!


party party party )

In the end it was a great party....

I've put all my pictures up on Flickr, for the rest.
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I can't tell if the style just isn't flattering on me or if I did something wrong. 
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I'm following this tutorial...and the slits seem fact that gap everywhere. but now I think about it why don't all regency gowns gap massively? UGH. I'm almost ready to throw in the towel and sell my damn sewing machine. Nothing I make works. Nothing I make fits. I used to think I was sort of, a little good at this.

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I was all chugging along on my stupidly easy bodice. It's two pieces of the same white muslin! How ridiculously easy and impossible to mess up right? don't know me well...

My pattern is a back piece and a front piece, I sewed the side back seams (yay princess seams) and figured once I cruised past the easing part I was golden. I sewed the shoulder seams, easy peasy. I ironed up the seam allowance along the neckline edge and put the two pieces wrong sides together and neatly hand hemmed around the edge. I was quite chuffed with how it looked. I was blissfully pondering my skirt construction method...
aaaand then I realized it...I twisted one bodice front before sewing the shoulder seam...cue UN PICKING all of one front, one shoulder seam, re-sewing the shoulder seam and now I'm sitting here trying to talk myself into RE SEWING the front edge.

And while I was in there I looked at my fabric, it looks like I have EXACTLY enough to make the skirt..which would be awesome if I had already cut out the sleeves..or the bib front...I can piece together one set of sleeves...but I don't have enough fabric left for a self lining...(what if I didn't line them how bad would that look?) and I could cut the Bib front on the straight of grain but I read it's better on the bias...It's not that I don't want to buy another two yards of fabric it's just muslin. The problem is Joann's carries like seven kinds of muslin and I don't remember which one this was! oy!
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To review. I'm making this:

I'm currently working on the white under-dress. I'm making it a bib front because it seems like an excellent time to give that a try and I've been wanting to do it for ages. So why not?

I've heavily modified my standard regency bodice (the simplicity pattern) to follow the lines and shapes of this dress in patterns of fashion.

I'm cruising along on my bodice. Got it sewn together (Ha! there's two pieces!) and pinned to sew the neckline edges together, and now my attention has turned to the skirt. Gored or not gored? My last regency dresses have all been gored, but this pattern is NOT gored at all. And that would make putting on the hem band of decoration eleventy billion times easier...and I DID make long stays. But will being an apple shape not go well with a straight skirt? oh and for what it's worth I have zero hips.

So LJ oracle, gored or not gored?
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Finally finished my stays. Pictures to come in a few days when I feel like dressing up and find an appropriate regency background. Probably tuesday as Rob will be gone all day Monday.

Now I'm pondering whether I should pull out the teal anglaise and look at any tweaks I want to make on it or plow head long into my regency dress for the Jane Austen Tea in May...oh did I forget to share that regency dress with you? Well here it is!

Polka dots with chartreuse trim! What's not to love! I'm going to make it as two separate layers to give me more options later. 

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