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I was supposed to finish a new dress today for tall ships brain had other ideas and shut down with a vomit inducing migraine. But I see to have perked now I'm trying to make this dress:

Not look so damn stupid. I'm not sure what possessed me to put trim just around the bib like's abrupt and looks stupid as the bib is slightly HEEEELLLLPPP...ideas?

If I take it off is the dress horribly boring? a sash? diagonal stripes of the same ribbon? can't find any reference for that kind of trim on a bib anyway. 
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So [ profile] mandie_rw turned 12 today and we celebrated with a trip around this historic area. We met up in the visitors center (Alice and I were late, probably my fault, I had trouble waking up). First stop on the winter adventure tour was The Betsy Ross house. Where they have an appropriate display of kitch

Betsy Ross house )

Christ Church )

Independence Hall was the next stop, where I took zero pictures. We stood in line waiting to get in with a revolving line of tourists waiting to take pictures with us. I don't mind posing for a photo now and then but my face was starting to hurt! I kept telling everyone Amanda was getting younger and younger, by Independence hall I think she was down to 17 or 18.

City Tavern )

After our delicious lunch we went to the portrait gallery and then suddenly all too quickly Rob was there to pick us up and the day was over. But it was a wonderful time! Hopefully Amanda will have a birthday next year so we can do it i should probably pack up stuff as we move in two weeks! yikes!

the rest of my photos are here

red won

Jan. 26th, 2014 10:21 pm
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In the end the red fabric won, it turned out to be gabardine (well I had crepe AND gabardine apparently, yay people showering me with wool! I have great friends). And I liked the idea of red trimmed with white.

I spent most of the weekend catching up on homework, working a few hours at Joann's, and picking up a bit in here (not as much as I SHOULD have mind you). But today I did some dress work. I got the dress cut out sans sleeves and collar as I haven't figured them out quite yet. Then I got a bee in my bonnet to do a scalloped, piped hem trim. I wasn't sure if this would be a TOTAL pita or just fiddly. So I made a test!


I think I want the scallops to be wider so I'll use something other than my drinking glass to trace, but otherwise, piped scallops is so a go. 
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We're having a winter regency outing to celebrate [ profile] mandie_rw's birthday (although she's pretending it's not her birthday hoping I'll forget. HA!) and I had happily picked out this gown from the MET to do a spin on in a pink wool-like-fabric from Jomar (It's probably a blend as it's Jomar and therefore alllll a mystery).
This is the part where all was going smoothly )and then we hit a bit of a snag )

oh and about the moving thing. We are officially moving into the new place. We have two weeks of overlap which I'm hoping will allow us to paint and not have a stressful move. Rob very nicely suggested I pull out all the things for the francaise dinner now and put them all together. He's smarter than he looks some days :-)
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But I actually blogged...

Click on the picture if you'd like to hear about my adventures dressing my life-sized-Ken-doll husband.
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On Saturday [ profile] madamekat held an amazing regency tea. I had a totally marvelous time. I'm pretty sure I only get invited so I show up with my tent, but hey works for me!


party party party )

In the end it was a great party....

I've put all my pictures up on Flickr, for the rest.
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I was all chugging along on my stupidly easy bodice. It's two pieces of the same white muslin! How ridiculously easy and impossible to mess up right? don't know me well...

My pattern is a back piece and a front piece, I sewed the side back seams (yay princess seams) and figured once I cruised past the easing part I was golden. I sewed the shoulder seams, easy peasy. I ironed up the seam allowance along the neckline edge and put the two pieces wrong sides together and neatly hand hemmed around the edge. I was quite chuffed with how it looked. I was blissfully pondering my skirt construction method...
aaaand then I realized it...I twisted one bodice front before sewing the shoulder seam...cue UN PICKING all of one front, one shoulder seam, re-sewing the shoulder seam and now I'm sitting here trying to talk myself into RE SEWING the front edge.

And while I was in there I looked at my fabric, it looks like I have EXACTLY enough to make the skirt..which would be awesome if I had already cut out the sleeves..or the bib front...I can piece together one set of sleeves...but I don't have enough fabric left for a self lining...(what if I didn't line them how bad would that look?) and I could cut the Bib front on the straight of grain but I read it's better on the bias...It's not that I don't want to buy another two yards of fabric it's just muslin. The problem is Joann's carries like seven kinds of muslin and I don't remember which one this was! oy!
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To review. I'm making this:

I'm currently working on the white under-dress. I'm making it a bib front because it seems like an excellent time to give that a try and I've been wanting to do it for ages. So why not?

I've heavily modified my standard regency bodice (the simplicity pattern) to follow the lines and shapes of this dress in patterns of fashion.

I'm cruising along on my bodice. Got it sewn together (Ha! there's two pieces!) and pinned to sew the neckline edges together, and now my attention has turned to the skirt. Gored or not gored? My last regency dresses have all been gored, but this pattern is NOT gored at all. And that would make putting on the hem band of decoration eleventy billion times easier...and I DID make long stays. But will being an apple shape not go well with a straight skirt? oh and for what it's worth I have zero hips.

So LJ oracle, gored or not gored?
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Today I really took a hard look at my measurements and the measurements of the stays in Hunnisett and I'm pleased that they're not suuuuper far off. Of course I had to add some girth *sigh* but anyway I think I've gotten the pattern enlarged. So here are a few things I'm mulling over and would love feedback on.

1. By hand or by machine. I do really have time to do them by hand and I feel a serious itch to do so..but even if I make a muslin it's so hard to know if stays will work till they're...what 90% done?!? And when I lay these out with the last pair they look pretty damn similar so I'm not sure WHY the last ones were so epically bad and will this not help either. I don't know maybe the boning will make the difference?

2. Cording or not cording? It calls for horizontal cording under the bust, is this functional or decorative? I've certainly seen lots of stays without it but will it help avoid another stay melt down? I thought about emailing [ profile] jennylafleur and asking but I'm pretty sure she's sewing up a storm and I don't want to interrupt.

Any wise tips for me?

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I wanted to take a moment to thank the marvelous [ profile] jennylafleur and her lovely parents for hosting an amazing party. Getting to play whist at a party lit by candelabras was always a dream of mine and it was such a magical night. I have only seen a few pictures with me in them surface, and I personally didn't take any so I'm going to just borrow this one from [ profile] madamekat as proof I was there. 

I find it extra amusing that it was taken from 4 states away. 
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All that's left is putting elastic in the sleeves (it's the only way I could figure out to get the look of my original don't judge m [ profile] mandie_rw), hemming and sewing the trim around the hem. 

Personally I think it's hideous, but ma[ profile] madamekat oesn't think it's that bad. She's obviously nuts. This fabric fought me tooth and nail the entire time. It was a race against the clock every time I cut something to get it sewn in and finished before it frayed everywhere. I had planned to french seam things instead of serging but the were so many fraying edges it was a nightmare and just serged my seams. 


ETA: Alice wanted a side by side. There you go. 

[Poll #1893937][Poll #1893937]
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so I have most of a dress now. I need to cut out and sew in sleeves tomorrow and hem it. And then It's wearable. I figure I might even add some trim about the hem. That said...I'm still not sure I like this thing. So here's the plan.  I finish it tomorrow, try it all on and take one picture of my new dress over my stays and one of my plaid dress over stays and then I put up a poll. Dress with the most votes wins. 

In other news today I got my 200th follower on Pinterest! I know that's nothing for you major people in the costuming world but for little me who's not known for anything it kinda makes me feel all pleased. 
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Well I got my dress cut out. I pulled out the fabric and when I really looked at it it was seriously suspiciously I burned some...Sad to report it is definitely 100% dead dino. *sigh* This dress just doesn't want to get made! Anyway that made me kinda feel more reckless abandon towards it so I just started going CUT CUT CUT without all the normal care charmeuse takes. I didn't even manage to melt it while ironing. So now it's all cut out...with a possible train as I wildly recut the skirt back just straight onto the fabric with no markings or anything. I am a REBEL. 

but I've hit a thread even my question to all of you is this. On a scale of 1 to ren faire just how unperiod is contrasting top stitching? I know I know I could go buy thread but for a fabric I'm not in love with, on a rainy night when I just want to keep moving...someone talk sense into me! 

Also I'm super sad tha [ profile] madamekat on't be able to make the card party, but I'm really glad she suggested we facetime! What a great way to have her with us! I have demanded she wear a tiara for the occasion. I was planing to bring Monty the half dog with me for photos but now I'm wondering if I should leave him with Kat to keep her company. ;-) 
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[ profile] blackcat452's drunken monkey came over and sewed on my binding for me. My sewing machine doesn't like sewing on binding evenly and I really didn't feel like putting it on by hand..these are definitely function over form stays. But they're done. 

I've been pondering more and more about my intended gown...Flying Costume U TURN )I would love thoughts, suggestions or input
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I got my stays to the point of trying them on and I have to say it' odd look. Yeah my boobs are flying northward so I'm guessing that's all good. But it feels like it pushes my stomach pooch forward instead of backwards. and they wrinkle like the devil due to the lack of solid boning. I know all wrinkles are period but it's weird.

I just need to make the straps about 6" longer (apparently going over my boobs takes more inches than I took into account) and then bind them and they're done.

Good thing too cause if I don't start this dress ASAP I'll be making someone else sew in the car (or drive and I sew). 
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I'm avoiding working on pondering things about my stays. 

1. Cording vs boning on the back edges. I know cording is period and all but as an apple shaped girl if I don't have something to keep it straight sometimes my rolls eat things so to speak. It'll just get all bunched in at the waist. So I was thinking about boning those edges. 

2. Eyelets, hand sewn or metal. I know handsewn is period but frankly I have very limited faith that these are even going to fit. Yeah a did a muslin...but without being really finished it's so hard to tell. The bust gores LOOK to small when I hold them up to myself, but they don't go as high as a bra, are meant to push up, and holding them up over a fleece, a sweatshirt and a modern bra probably isn't helping me. 

3. A busk. Paint stir stick or wooden ruler? Wish I had something in the house that didn't require a trip to go get. 
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I have a stays mock-up! I started wit [ profile] koshka_the_cat's lovely pattern on her website and enlarged it to make it more rotund girl sized. Then I had to move around my bust gores as my first eyeballing made them too wide...and they're only about 1" wide but that still looks TOO big up top. I do so hate making stays because it's hard to have a good idea what they're REALLY going to behave like with with stiff fabric and a busk etc etc. And it's practically impossible to fit them on me so I have to do it on my dressform which has boobs in a totally different while it gapes like the dickens now perhaps I'll NEED more than 1" in gores later. 

*sigh* I don't mind sewing when it's things that don't have to fit. But dammit I hate fitting! 


Jan. 14th, 2013 10:05 pm
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okay so I was pretty sure I was going to make this dress for the card party. 

The original is wool, and I picked up some cotton to make it out of...but now I'm having horrible seconds thoughts. Is cotton to casual? Is the whole dress too boring? Should I be looking for a taffeta or something with shine? I am making myself crazy here.

And I can't seem to find the perfect something to put around the bottom. HELP LJ WORLD! I'm Making myself NUTS HERE! 


Oct. 24th, 2012 10:08 pm
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This week has gone Quiz, Midterm, Exam, Quiz and one more Quiz tomorrow. I've gotten two disappointing grades in a row and I'm questioning my academic make up. 

Currently I'm studied up for tomorrow, my nutrition assignments due at midnight are sent and I've got an hour before bed. So I'm looking around at patterns for my regency plaid obnoxiousness...

I see the ones in PoF anyone used either? is there a pattern out there worth using? I have the simplicity one and I thought about using the fitted lining just as the pattern. But I was contemplating an apron front. Any thoughts on how it should close? I suppose I could do buttons up the back but that's really hard to dress oneself. and in terms of fitting it's annoying. 
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(and it has nothing to do with having watched P&P today....all 6 hours...) 

And it's come to my attention that regency is one of those eras where I know the basics, I know what fabric types were all the rage, and I know the general silhouette, but I know very little about proper construction techniques. So I ask great LJ mind-hive, what is the Costume Close-up of the Regency era? Whats your go to construction source? I have of course looked through PoF. I'm thinking of tackling a spencer and that striped linen and I want to make a more period correct dress than the S&S Simplicity pattern. I'm sure the shapes are right on that one, but I seriously doubt the construction, and the way the lining goes in is just weird.

Teach me Regency-wan-kenobi

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