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So I got let go today. The business just can't afford to pay me, and the mortage has to come before an employee. 

Trying to process it all )

So what the hell am I going to do with myself now? Maybe I'll go buy a lottery ticket..
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If you're going to Steampunk World's Faire and you plan on doing a little shopping with your favorite pattern and clothing provider
take a little pity on the employee and make her life easier!

See we expect to see A LOT of people there this weekend. If everyone who has told me they'll see me there goes it'll be standing room only. And in the interest of being prepared and not running out of things we decided to kindly suggest you PREORDER! Just mosey over the the website, make a nice little shopping list, and give Bob a ring! (1-866-518-1558) Pay for your order now and I'll have it all packed up and ready for pick up when you arrive!  You don't have to worry about us running out of the thing you're lusting over, and I don't have to worry about a crazed line of people!
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When last we met our funnily dressed travelers it was Saturday night and after stopping in the worlds most gorgeously dressed lounge we hit the sack as we had another busy working day ahead of us.

Fast forward to Sunday morning

Bob was not so happy to see it. I however was happy to extract the blackmail.

During the part of the day in which we sold stuff... )

And in which we party at the Masquarade!  )

I took a TON of pictures at the masquerade. So if you want to see them all go here.

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So just a quickie photo post. Most people are at the fashion show so it's really quiet here. So while I stuff my face with a tuna sandwich I thought I'd share some quick photos from the second half of Saturday

This dress is UNREAL in real life *bows to [ profile] madamkat *

More pics! )

And That sounds like the final applause at the fashion show time to go prepare for the rush!
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So I made it to Costume Con on Friday in time to meet up with Bob, set up the shop and open for friday selling. Friday was slow, not a ton of people here yet, rather quiet.

Saturday dawned bright and early with Bob waking up to go to the bathroom at 6:15. I woke up to Crap what time IS it. At which point Bob promptly went back to sleep and I laid there WIDE awake.  So 45min later I got up and went to the car to get my gym back, did an hour workout, came back, took a shower and Bob still slept....So I did the only respectable thing...Took a running LEAP onto his BED . *evil Grin*

So I'm wearing my new Jacobean Jacket. All things considered it turned out half decently. Next time I wear this I'm adding MORE spangles and hooks and eyes. It's just impossible to tie it that closely closed.

It's an RH201 because A) I made it in like two days and starting with a pattern is MUCH easier B) I'm encouraged to try out patterns so I can say I've used them and C) It was VERY easy.

I put hours into carefully pattern matching and in the end you can't even tell *facepalm*

More Pictures Behind the Cut :-) )

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Meme stolen from [ profile] madamekat 

I'm a twinkle in my Mother's eye.

I am eight. I live on a street that except for the lack of puppets could easily be mistaken for Sesame street. I know all the people up and down my road, our Moms are all friends, we ride bikes up and down the street. Caitlin Crowley is my best friend, her backyard is across the street from my house and we spend hours and hours dressing up and walking up and down the neighborhood. We are known for our fabulous ensembles built of my mom's old bridesmaid dresses, her grandmothers old evening gowns, and random other pieces we've gathered over the years.

I am 18. I graduated High School in 2001. And I started college. I began to experience what it meant to really be an adult. I walked into thin the theater in the round spacee theater building one day and classes were all cancelled and I heard the radio being broadcast . As I stood there the first tower fell and I realized the screams I heard were partially in the radio and partially surrounding me. It was a rough year, I came out of High school with an emotionally abusive boyfriend, an eating disorder, and a serious belief that my life wasn't worth much; with a side dish of teenage invincibility. What do you mean I shouldn't get a degree in sewing with tendonitis at 16.  The first month of my first semester of college I had to call the cops on a friend threatening suicide. It was a rough year.

I am living in a tiny house filled with the things that I value most. I am about to marry the love of my life who makes me laugh every day and constantly reminds me of all that is good in the world. I have an amazing job working for a company that soon will take over the world. (Okay my boss is a tad pushy, but only if you stop scratching her ears) I wish we hadn't had such rough financial years before because all I want to do is buy a house and start nesting. But all will be achieved in good time. I feel like I finally know who I am, I'm going where I want, I have the perfect partner to go there with and now we just need to get the cash flow in order. Anyone know a multimillion dollar film that's looking for a director?
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So I'm sure you've all been wondering what it's like to work at RH, well I'm about to pull back the curtain and let you see the real professor.


Oh wait...they're greyhounds...that means they're passed out...
More Employee Insights )

Look at Bob working so hard )

Fred )

So now you can all appreciate how much they desperatly needed to hire an employee ;-) 
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So where were we? oh yes up to Saturday morning. Now the Paper Dolls party didn't actually END till sometime early Saturday morning so you can imagine just how happy I was that the alarms went off at 6am...

Ugh morning already! )

Packing up )

Shall we Dance? )

All in all it was a great event. I had a lot of fun.
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You should go look at reconstructing History  to check out how awesome my fiance is!
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So the marvelous [ profile] madamekat  suggested we go to Jomar which was a nice change of pace, and I took a solid four hour nap. I feel like a whole new person. AND I woke up to an email that I won a contest I entered at the thrift store! I get a $5.00 gift certificate and t-shirt. yay!  Still sore but less mopey.

Onto the Fun FIGgy tales for those who are interested )

Our spiffy little store )

The tale of how Bob stood me up )

Now the Story of the Girdle )

So that gets us up to Friday night. I think Saturday will have to be a separate entry. 
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I finally finished my pocket hoops!

details details )
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But more on that later.

First I must introduce the project! As you may or may not have noticed Reconstructing History is hosting a Carnivale themed salon of February 6th, and I have nothing to wear! I posted several of my favorite inspiration images yesterday but my primary inspiration is this gown from the MET

The photo isn't in color but the detail is )

Onward to the Grand Plan )

In which we start Pocket Hoops )

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And between you, me, the wall, and the four people who read my journal...I'm nervous!!! I've pulled out every peice of clothing I own, tried them all on, decided they're all horrible, taken them all off. lather, rinse, repeat. I really want to do well. And I really want this to be perfect. And that makes me nervous!

Guess I better finish getting ready, I should leave in 15 min to make sure I'm not late...don't want to be late on my first day.
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So Rob was appalled by our electric bill this month and turned the head down to 50...consequently I'm sitting here in wool socks, giant fluffy slippers, jeans, shirt, sweater, fleece, gloves...coat...okay no coat...But it's COLD (side note he's standing here in fleece pants, shirtless perfectly happy)

I originally decided that if it was going to be this freezing in here I was going to spend all day in the shower, the only toasty place in the apt, but then I got all pruney.

Today is my  last real day off. I have four more shifts at Joanns and then start at Reconstructing History. I'm sure Kass doesn't expect me to be at the shop 7 days, but small businesses have a way of expanding to fill the space you'll give them...and I do seem to spend my days off talking to her on Gmail chat as it is...

So I'm left wondering what to do with my day off. We had Matt and his Girlfriend Heathyr over for dinner last night so the living room, dining room and kitchen are actually clean. AND I vacuumed. But my sewing room is a disaster, as is our bed room. The laundry has reached epic proportions. I have a return at Kohl's from the In-laws that didn't fit, and a gift card to Old Navy I could spend on new work cloths. I guess I should do the errands before life gets in the way and I don't have time. But I also want to soak up some rest while I can. PLUS there's plotting to be done for costumes for the coming year...decisions decisions...Oh and I should write my thank you note. and I HAVE to mail rent today...
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So I was going to write one of these great Costume recaps like everyone else and then I came the horrible realization that I only made TWO outfits all year...and one was only a bodice. I MUST improve this for next year. However I did accomplish a fair amount in life, so to make me feel better my things-that-got-in-the-way-of-costuming recap

1. I took a non-matriculated graduate course at temple in the spring semester. I had to read around 700 pages a week...I ended with a B+

2. Rob and I moved into an apt that required gutting and rebuilding the kitchen, along with repainting everything, scraping the ceiling and insulating the walls. I did however learn to and installed a sink all by myself!

3. Rob and I got engaged and with that came all the wedding planning crap. I bought a dress, set a date, and found a location.

4. I suckered , begged, convinced [ profile] kass_rants that she should hire me to a fabulously exciting new job! So I'm leaving Joann's in 6 more shifts. And tomorrow I don't even have to be grumpy about since it's a holiday and I get time and a half. I will miss the good people I work with but I am SO ready to join the fabulous team at RH. I'm going to bring treats my first day since I figure if I win them over with treats I'll be starting on the right foot.

So with all that said I don't feel so bad about not having had time or energy to make stuff. I'm sure with my new job where I'll be dressing up much more I shall very quickly get tired of the same 10 outfits  I currently have and make lots of things for events.

and now to watch the ball drop in my jammies and be in bed by 12:30 as I have to work at 7 tomorrow and am old.

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