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*dog bumps into me when I have a glass of eggnog*
Me - "dammit I spilled eggnog and it's on the rug"
Rob- "Ellie look eggnog" *points*
*dog frantically licking carpet*
Me- "is this your idea of cleaning?"
Rob - "are you saying it's not working"
Me- "touche"
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oops I fell off the posting wagon. My bad.

Lets sum up:

School: kicking my butt. I love what I'm doing. love love love. But I'm also not a fast writer and Pysch just has way more writing than any other rotation has had so far. I had to leave the pharmacy, it was just more than I could do. I'm still at Joann's as that was more flexible, less stress, and shorter shifts. The pharmacy only wants you for 8 or 9 hours, there's no 4 hour shifts to have. So I'm happy with where I am, but also looking forward to the end of papers. In a few weeks I'll officially be halfway through. In the spring I have critical care and pediatrics. I am very excited for peds as it's on the short list for things I might want to do when I graduate.

Family: My one niece just turned two and the other six months. Boy they're growing fast! We're hosting Rob's family for Christmas, and I'm very excited about that, but still sad to miss Christmas morning with the girls.

Rob: currently snoring next to me. :-p However he did just finish a new movie!!! He worked really hard on it so I'd love any views or likes you wanted to give it.

I made the 3am...I spray painted it by leaning off the blacony in my pjs. Good thing it was dark!

Anyway I think that's pretty much the state of me. Harried, happy, healthy, hopeful :-) 
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According to Flightaware Rob is flying somewhere over Ohio at the moment, only one more state and he's home!!! Have a week plus at home alone has been at times relaxing, indulgent, lonely, and long. I can't WAIT for him to get home. In 15 min I'll leave to go get him. I cannot wait for a good nights sleep, I just don't sleep well without him anymore. I'm so pathetic :-p
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It's been a very up and down kinda day.

I had a job interview for a personal care position for a woman who's wheelchair bound. Nothing medical just helping her around the house, and with "transferring." She said you need to be able to assist in moving a 90-100lb woman. I got there and she's more like 120lb and assisting means picking up entirely dead weight. I gave it one go and while they seemed perfectly happy as I hadn't dropped her I could tell instantly it would be very bad for my wrists. and that I WOULD at some point risk dropping her. So no job for me :-(

But then Rob booked a REALLY nice big gig for a week in Arizona. It's all expenses paid and will more than cover the cost of getting the new laptop we've needed for AGES with enough left for bills. And as it's in Phoenix where his parents live, they agreed to schedule his return flight a few days later so he can spend 4 days with them.

In the end I suppose it's a wash...I better get back to studying bones. I have my big practical exam tomorrow.
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I turned in (electronically) my final psych paper and take home final today, and had my bio final this morning. Just Chemistry on Wednesday and semester one on Robin's-quest-to-be-a-nurse complete! Then I start classes the very next day for the summer. :-) No rest for the wicked I suppose.
Actual conversation between Rob and I today

Me: if you were Kat what would you want for graduation?
Rob: catnip
Me: no not A cat, Kat Kat.
Rob: a scratching post.

On the titanic gown front, I've come to the realization that I can't use the Simplicity pattern as it's definitely empire waisted and I need a natural waisted pattern..I COULD try to draft one..OR I could order one...Rob asked me to please order one and save his sanity. It's something I rarely do but I've forked out the dosh for a quality pattern to make this whole friggin' process easier. I've ordered the Laughing Moon Teens Pattern. Asking around the reviews of it are solid and for once I'll have a solid sleeve to start with! YAY!
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Okay clearly I'm behind the ball and the only one STILL using hooks and eyes *facepalm* So I shall definitely be pinning my jacket shut! Which means the only thing I have left to do is sleeves and finish the neck opening...Yay almost done...Ewwww sleeves.

I'm fairly happy with how it's coming out..

Cut for the pics )

So fingers crossed I should finish it up tonight. Granted that means setting sleeves so really that's anybody's guess.
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Yesterday Rob helped me fit the 18th century jacket mock-up I made. Poor man, I probably shouldn't ask him to try and help me fit the back of something that's obviously WAAAAY to big when I'm already on a short thread...we'll just say it's a good thing we are already married and he can't bail now...that and showing him a picture of what it's SUPPOSED to look like is a very helpful tool. You should all feel really bad for him, he got the serious short end of the stick. The mock-up was way way way too big, we took inches out of everywhere.

Today I carefully marked my new stitching lines, cut apart the old mock-up and just to see how evenly he took out the extra I layed it over the old pattern...Rob came into the sewing room so see why I was laughing so hysterically...It was EXACTLY the same everywhere except the front panel which was an inch larger...I just needed to add 2" down the CF and the damn thing would have fit perfectly. Apparently I gained all my weight around the front, which I did kind of know I went up a cup size and carry most of my weight in the belly area.  Serves me right for torturing my poor husband. 

I've cut and sewn together a new mock up and tonight my upstairs neighbor who sews is going to give me a fitting go...I think Rob's still hiding from me.
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Yesterday was my Birthday and thanks to my family and Rob turned out to be a pretty lovely one.

Rob and I went to the apple orchard that was apparently my very first outing (shockingly I don't remember this). But I do remember going in pre-school, playgroup, first grade, and just with my family. It's a very sweet local orchard that has pick your own, a little store of all local produce/products and a small resturant. and the world's BEST apple cider doughnuts. They do pick-your-own by a volume system instead of weight, so the smallest amount you could buy was a bag that held 60 apples! So we now have more Cortlands than I really know what to do with. My grand plan is to make applesauce and can it for the winter. I have this crazy contraption we used as kids called the SqueezO it's a giant food mill.  And it shall make me loads of sauce!

When we got home from apple picking I crashed out and took a nice long nap. My Mom got home from work and frosted a cake for me. With the most amazing homemade frosting ever! She melted chocolate chips in the microwave, added sour cream and vanilla and a pinch of salt and voila! It's sooo delicious. Then we opened a few gifts. Okay everyone but Rob gave me a birthday check (apparently they're sensing I might need cash more than other things) but Rob got me A MEMBERSHIP TO DRESS U!!! WITH ALL THE EVENTS!!! WHEEEE I'm going and doing ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAY So a special thank you to [ profile] madamekat for helping him find the right website! BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVAH!

Now this morning it's raining and dreary, and I know I SHOULD go home, but I don't really want to. Rob and Mark are both still asleep and Mom's left for work. I think I might go doze and watch morning TV for a bit.
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So I'm at my parents house after a weekend excursion into the Catskill mountains with my Sister, Brother-in-law, adopted Sister, adopted BIL, Husband and Brother. It was really wonderful. When there's nothing but the stars to look at and a campfire to cook with you find it kind of easy to shut off. The nights were brisk, in the 20s, but we had fancy warm sleeping bags and a roaring fire.

On Saturday morning we hiked up this trail to Artists Rock which has a stunning view all up the Hudson River Valley. It was a favorite painting spot of the Hudson River school artists and I can see why, it's a gorgeous view for miles. Farther up the mountain was Sunset Rock which faced west into the canyon and had a stunning view of the twin lakes North-South Lake campsite is named for. I'll post pictures when I figure out how to extract them from my brothers camera.

Now I'm at my parents house and surrounded by all the things I find comforting and yet feeling a little lost. These pink walls (yup my mom let me pick my room color when I was 9..) are a world where everything is okay. And outside here I don't really know what to do. It reminds me how incredibly blessed I was to grow up as a child where this house is my safe place and I didn't have to look elsewhere for that.  I fear I'll never be able to provide a child with the kind of stability my parents did.

On the car ride to my parents from the campground Rob started telling me that he thinks we should shoot instructional sewing videos. All kinds, historical and not. Perhaps paired with a pattern, perhaps including drafting your own. For example, you will need XYZ pattern and this DVD to create this entire outfit. I know sewing tutorials are very useful, I'm just sure there's a market for selling DVDs like that, or even downloadable one offs. I did think a DVD of advanced sewing techniques might be useful, welt pockets, bound buttonholes, sewing a packet, etc. I don't know, but it's possible we'll try. After all all we'd pay for is "labor" and at the moment I have that in spades. And I have a professional Film maker in my living room most days...I wish this feeling of anger and dread would dissipate.
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I think I'll probably post a lot more here in the next months as I struggle to figure out my life. I won't lie I've gone through a wiiide range of emotions, Rob got home last night and I just started bawling. The worst part was I felt like I'd let him down. Somehow I'd failed my end of the  bargain and we've only been married a month! He held me close and told me that I didn't dissapoint him at all and we'd be okay together. Made me feel a million times better. 

I didn't do a ton today. I slept for 11 hours last night and woke up at 10. Clearly I feel that emotionally drained. A little like I've been kicked in the teeth, a lot like I've been dumped.  Rob's been shooting all day again today so I'm fending for myself here.  [ profile] curiouschilde was home sick today so she chatted to me in the morning. 

I filed for my first ever unemployment claim...seemed relatively pain free which must mean I did something wrong...I also got another bow tie up on etsy (full disclosure I've had it made for months) but it's one new item! I took over the recycling and did some grocery shopping, deposited my last paycheck.  You know it's a bad day when paying $18.00 of groceries makes you panic about money. 

Ithaca college sent me an email today asking for a donation from their alumi. HA! Someday when this degree helps me earn a living where I'm not always one bad month away from disaster I'll give them a call. 

I'm watching some pretty cake show on I want cake...
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 So what do you guys think of this?

I really love the lines of this dress and I can't decide if I'm just stuck there or if it's really awesome...So I wrangled my photoshop slave (it was in the marriage vows, really it was) to see what it'd look like in a sapphire blue...


Feel free to tell me to move on, I want feedback here.
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 Hmm so a lot has happened since I blogged last...

Lets see, I went up to upstate NY 2, Vermont 1, saw almost the entirety of my family , oh yeah and got married. I'll post a quicky write up of that some other time when the pictures come back, but in the meantime I've moved back to costume things. What can I say, I'm looking to return to that which creatively fulfills me :-)

So my next event this year is Belvidere, If and it's a big if, I can reclaim my sewing room from wedding central, I'd like to make something new. The problem is I have zero idea what. I feel all over the place and kind of lost. I know it's a combination of not being able to see my floor and the post-wedding crash but I just feel lost! 

Someone just tell me what to make...
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Rob's had a stomach thing for the last few days. Well he woke me up at 5:15am this morning because it had escalated to blood being involved. He was panicked, I thus was suddenly panicked. We evaluated the situation decided to wait and call his Doctor's office as soon as they opened and see what they said. He fell back asleep but I spent 5-9 laying there spooning him thinking about what the HELL would I do if something horrible happened to him.

I emailed my super awesome bosses to say "Umm I don't think I can come in right now" and they were SUPER nice about it. If you ever want to know the advantage of working for a small business with crazy owners here's top of my list, they're nice people who care about their employees!!!!

At 8:45 the dr's office called back. The doctor said he thought it would be fine if he waited to come in at 2:30 when they had an appointment. This eased my stress a lot, if given the list of symptoms they thought it would be emergency worthy they'd have sent us straight to the ER.

Insert Robin pacing the appartment unable to focus on anything from 9-1:30. Rob really settled down, the blood had stopped and he was feeling a lot better. I was trying VERY hard to appear a duck frantically paddling...

The doctor said it was either some type of infection bacterial or viral that would probably work it's course in 3-5 days (salmonella was his top culprit) OR he's got UC. and given that the tests for UC are expensive he suggested we treat for the infection and give it a few days. The blood has fully stopped and his fever is gone.

So my mom's school is being closed, which REALLY sucks. Stupid school board and their power play. But as a way of helping everyone cope Rob and I went to Clarksville and filmed a video. Rob's been swamped with work, AND sick and just hasn't quite been able to finish. Mom wanted it for a ceremony they were having tonight. The poor guy after being up all night forced himself to finish it around 5. But then it took so long to upload on youtube that when it was done...My mom was already there. And her cell is always off. I just feel defeated. So I'm going to post it here, so I feel like I put it in the world. It's a really cute tribute.

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I would just like to take a moment to say how completely annoying it is to return home after four days away to find every single dish in the house dirty piled in the sink waiting for me. and "But I cleaned up the living room" doesn't count...that merely means you moved all the dishes off the coffee table and moved them into the kitchen. AND you filled the sink which you know I hate so I have nowhere to actually WASH them. GRRRR


My Mother -in-law will be here in a week and so the apt must be at In-law cleanliness levels. but I'm just tired from all the Costume Con excitement and working.  I just want to sit here and drool. But Rob's shooting a movie next weekend so there's a very limited amount of time to clean..but I just wanna veg sooooo badly.


Apr. 22nd, 2011 09:01 pm
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So Rob is watching Passion of the Christ as some bizarre way of celebrating Easter...How long till I burst into flames? (I suggested the Ten Commandments so we could costume snark, but he's had this movie for 7 years and never seen it)

He keeps going oooh right then that happens...oh right then that happens. it's like he's suddenly remembering everything he learned in Sunday school.

I however just don't have the attention span for a movie in Aramaic. Now seems like a perfect time to go start that Elizabethan Jacket I was going to make for Costume Con...

Happy Easter to those who Celebrate!
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Meme stolen from [ profile] madamekat 

I'm a twinkle in my Mother's eye.

I am eight. I live on a street that except for the lack of puppets could easily be mistaken for Sesame street. I know all the people up and down my road, our Moms are all friends, we ride bikes up and down the street. Caitlin Crowley is my best friend, her backyard is across the street from my house and we spend hours and hours dressing up and walking up and down the neighborhood. We are known for our fabulous ensembles built of my mom's old bridesmaid dresses, her grandmothers old evening gowns, and random other pieces we've gathered over the years.

I am 18. I graduated High School in 2001. And I started college. I began to experience what it meant to really be an adult. I walked into thin the theater in the round spacee theater building one day and classes were all cancelled and I heard the radio being broadcast . As I stood there the first tower fell and I realized the screams I heard were partially in the radio and partially surrounding me. It was a rough year, I came out of High school with an emotionally abusive boyfriend, an eating disorder, and a serious belief that my life wasn't worth much; with a side dish of teenage invincibility. What do you mean I shouldn't get a degree in sewing with tendonitis at 16.  The first month of my first semester of college I had to call the cops on a friend threatening suicide. It was a rough year.

I am living in a tiny house filled with the things that I value most. I am about to marry the love of my life who makes me laugh every day and constantly reminds me of all that is good in the world. I have an amazing job working for a company that soon will take over the world. (Okay my boss is a tad pushy, but only if you stop scratching her ears) I wish we hadn't had such rough financial years before because all I want to do is buy a house and start nesting. But all will be achieved in good time. I feel like I finally know who I am, I'm going where I want, I have the perfect partner to go there with and now we just need to get the cash flow in order. Anyone know a multimillion dollar film that's looking for a director?
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Mom was in town to make me stop avoiding wedding planning in two days we:
  • met florist #1 (2 hour consultation)
  • Had lunch at the welcome dinner catering place
  • went to Bridal Salon one to look at the dress Molly likes better
  • went to the tux store and reserved the tuxedos
  • went to David's to look at the bridesmaid dress I liked but couldn't get a dressing room.
  • went to the thrift store and cleaned them out of milk glass
  • went BACK to David's to try on the dress from Mom that I liked. realized all their shoes have huge heels so there goes the shoes I liked best. Their selection of headpieces is also very lacking
  • Went to Wegman's to look into cake options, bought small cake to try
  • went to park where I want to have welcome dinner
  • went to Joann's and bought invitation kits to make invitations
  • went to Guenardi's to look into cakes
  • tasted cakes in car. Wegman's is FAR FAR better
  • Met with Florist #2 (2 hour consultation)
And then Mom had to go home and I'm home alone while Rob works. I've gone from full speed to stop and I'm exhausted! I'm looking forward to work tomorrow because it's totally non-wedding related...but I've been watching the huge pile of orders pile up and my elbows hurt just thinking about it. Plus I gots tons of printing to do for Gulf Wars. I better enjoy this quiet evening and recharge my batteries quickly! Tomorrow is another busy day!

And Rob just txted me "Five months from now we'll be married" mmm it's a nice night to listen to the rain.
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You should go look at reconstructing History  to check out how awesome my fiance is!
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So Rob was appalled by our electric bill this month and turned the head down to 50...consequently I'm sitting here in wool socks, giant fluffy slippers, jeans, shirt, sweater, fleece, gloves...coat...okay no coat...But it's COLD (side note he's standing here in fleece pants, shirtless perfectly happy)

I originally decided that if it was going to be this freezing in here I was going to spend all day in the shower, the only toasty place in the apt, but then I got all pruney.

Today is my  last real day off. I have four more shifts at Joanns and then start at Reconstructing History. I'm sure Kass doesn't expect me to be at the shop 7 days, but small businesses have a way of expanding to fill the space you'll give them...and I do seem to spend my days off talking to her on Gmail chat as it is...

So I'm left wondering what to do with my day off. We had Matt and his Girlfriend Heathyr over for dinner last night so the living room, dining room and kitchen are actually clean. AND I vacuumed. But my sewing room is a disaster, as is our bed room. The laundry has reached epic proportions. I have a return at Kohl's from the In-laws that didn't fit, and a gift card to Old Navy I could spend on new work cloths. I guess I should do the errands before life gets in the way and I don't have time. But I also want to soak up some rest while I can. PLUS there's plotting to be done for costumes for the coming year...decisions decisions...Oh and I should write my thank you note. and I HAVE to mail rent today...

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