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Well I have returned from my first Ft. Fred adventure and let me tell you I had a blast!! There were SO many great people to see and so much awesome shopping. In the end I didn't buy super much but I had a marvelous time window shopping. And now what I know you all want anyway, a few photos. I did a silly blog entry as well.


I took a photo of Steph that's GOOD of ME and bad of her! I think I'm going to Frame it.



I put all the rest on flickr....if you can't download them or I did something wrong let me know (and ps how do you embed from flickr it seems like it doesn't want me to do that)
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Say a little prayer for me to the sleeve gods. I believe these are the fourth pair of sleeves I've attempted. I wonder if I should sacrifice a brownie to apease the sleeves. 

ETA: So I pick up my newly cut out sleeves and realize there's a MOTH hole right in the middle of both. Rob, "Wow that dress really DOES hate you" So I've now cut out my FIFTH pair of sleeves...


Nov. 2nd, 2012 08:43 pm
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well the plaid dress is in the naughty pile, the lining and the bodice are refusing to play nice. so I started trying things on for Sunday. Lets see brown jacket is hooooooorible. And it never really closed so shocking it still doesn't really fit. I could make a stomacher for it and just poke through the fabric and lace over that....or I could do what I'm doing and be taking the sleeves out of the evil teal anglaise for what the 3rd? 4th? time. evil. Looking at it with fresh eyes I definitely need to shift the sleeve fullness forward, take a dart in the strap to change the angle (it will look like it has a seperate strap piece) cut new sleeves with more width for my chubby arms and scoop the armscyes lower.  I have no idea if all that is doable by close of business Saturday. But if it's not I'll just wear the brown jacket open with a giant fichu. I wish I thought short gowns weren't hideous.

step 1...pick, pick, pick.
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Well the weather cooperated..barely. It drizzled a bit, then was overcast and windy. Because of the rain of the 100 re-enactors they were expecting less than 40 showed up, and they were steadily bailing as the day went on. I felt bad for the organizers, there's only so many big events at Peter Wentz and they can use all the fundraising/turn out they can get. 

The highlight of the day was definitely seeing [ profile] mandie_rw and [ profile] hiraimi, good company can make up for a lot of event lackings. We did a bit of shopping, there were lovely black hats that I barely resisted buying, patterns, fabric, second to the company I do love a bit of window shopping. I almost bought Rob a stock buckle for the outfit I intend to make him someday, but it occurred to me I should find out if he'd even WEAR a stock before I spent money on it. So I was a good little monkey and spent nothing more than my $5.00 Wawa picnic lunch. 

We all forgot to bring cameras to the event, consciously or otherwise (I decided I wasn't hauling it). But Rob took a few pictures of us in the backyard post event.

Don't we look pretty? ;-) well don't THEY look pretty and don't I look colorful?

a few more pictures )

A few dress musings )

Oh and we made the paper

I felt a tad bad that we made it and not any of the re-enactors out there in the damp, it WAS their event after all that we kinda just showed up at as johnny-go-public. whoopsie. I can see why the photographer liked the pop of color we provided though.
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It's the only logical explanation...that or I've lost all ability to actually sew anything, we won't rule that out either.

I finally picked up the dress of evil today again, last time I thought I had the sleeves just way. They're not horrible, but they're too small across the back, and the left one has a weird pleat at the top, and the straps are set too wide and keep sliding down my shoulders. ...*headdesk* I'm not sure I care enough, maybe a nice big fichu? I'm contemplating putting a gusset under the arm, I have no idea if it's period, but it would be more comfortable.

I did realize that a lot of my fitting issues would resolve if I take an inch out of each front side, so I'm going to do that when shortening it.

ALSO in the process of getting into it for a fitting I slashed myself nicely along the bicep, nice line of blood. *facepalm* WHY do I like this hobby again?!?
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I am being a complete wuse and not trying on the new sleeves...I think these are version 4? and I'm crazy worried they're going to be way too small. they are the SAME pattern I used for the francaise but they just SEEM smaller..did I add extra when I did those?  don't remember...and I'm not completely out of fabric...

ETA: HA HA! THEY FIT!!!!!!!!! They are somehow smaller than the francaise sleeves, but they also seem to fit just right so I ain't over analyzing. I thought they were going to be way to small when I started to put them on..but in the end everything kind of settled into the right places and the angels sang.

In other news, is it odd that my husband knows how to fit an 18th century sleeve on me? In fairness I now know all the rules of hockey....
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Remember my complete and utter failure of an anglaise? This one? Yeah I'm not reposting a picture it's THAT BAD.

Well Apparently Peter Wentz Farmstead down the road from me is having some 18th century event on the 24th. Here's their description:

Experience the daily camp life of Revolutionary War soldiers and camp followers from regiments of the Mid-Atlantic Department of the Continental Line as they prepare for battle reenactments throughout the region. Soldiers will practice drills and maneuvers at various times each day. Merchants will be selling items typical of the period throughout the weekend.

And I thought it would be fun to go. (I feel no guilt as a) it's suggested donation of like $2.00 and b) it's so close it uses zero gas money) If no one on here wants to/is available I may just email them and ask if they'd like an extra volunteer for the day. Either way it means I need to not be naked. So I think I'm going to go back to the evil dress and try AGAIN! The goal for today is to get the sleeves taken off. I need to make the armcyes deeper and then I'll decide if I would rather cut new sleeves with the seams in the CORRECT place, or just take some off the top of the sleeve head so I don't have giant puffed sleeves. I need to shorten off the front point, shorten the waist at the sides, make a new stomacher, and take up the shoulder seams, and re-hem it so it's even. (okay there's a 90% chance I'll put two buttons on the back and polonaise it so it's crooked hem doesn't show. shhhhhhhhh). It sounds like a lot but in theory the tricky back pleated bit is fine.
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I am supposed to be going to the grocery store, but I was up from 4am-9am with stomach all I really want to do is nap!

I had a lot of fun last night with [ profile] blackcat452[ profile] mandie_rw, and [ profile] hiraimi  at Pottsgrove Manor by Candlelight. We met up at the lovely [ profile] blackcat452's really nice house (omg she has the biggest sewing room EVER I could just die of jealousy (AND I got to peak at her Francaise, it's gonna be a knock out!)). Which led to the inevitable group changing, I do so love getting to ask everyone about their quirky dressing habits. 

The House was beauitful, they actually did a nice job of crowd control and we weren't outside for nearly as long as last time. Because we weren't smashed like sardines, we got to actually hear what the guides were saying and see everything. There were actually a lot of people there dressed up, they really ran the gamut from bad home dec braid, to several very lovely sack gowns. Granted we were still the only people dressed and NOT volunteering. They had a man playing a beautiful harpsichord and a few ladies and gentlemen dancing, which made me REALLY want to throw a 12th night ball someday with dancing and punch. (okay I've wanted to do that since reading about it in Felicity books when I was 9...why do you think I got into this hobby?).  

There was much more to see on this house tour, but we did kinda miss the campfire hanging out that we got at Peter Wentz, they made us feel so welcome.  It also bugged me that they kept switching between "servants" and "slaves" as if they were exactly the same thing, but to my understanding, and correct me if I'm wrong, the difference between being an indentured servant and a slave was pretty significant.

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but the DSLR actually takes fairly decent low-light photos so we braved a few outside just for [ profile] curiouschilde so she can't yell at me!


What everyone else wore )
oh and in case you're wondering what happened with the dress of evil )
The full album of pictures is here. 
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It simply MUST Have it out for me.  I got the old sleeve off, made a mock up sleeve, and got myself all trussed up to check the fit. In the process of pinning the bodice to my stays I caught my thumb on the pin that was holding the apron front in the right place at my waist and took a HUGE gouge out of my thumb. It gushed more blood than I think any sewing injury I've ever had....

So my awesome upstairs neighbor came down and fit my sleeve for me while I help my thumb in toilet paper..and now I have it all bandaged up and it's throbbing. Perhaps I'll make new sleeves tomorrow morning. *sigh* 

Anyone know how to preform a dress exorcism? 
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Well it's that time. If I want to wear the epic fail dress tomorrow night I should probably think about putting new sleeves in it..but I REALLY don't want to. Partially because sleeves seem to be my Achilles heel, everything else fits wonderful but the sleeves STINK. And partially because it means facing what a complete costuming failure I am. 

So instead of dealing with them I'm sitting here feeling so overwhelmed by Christmas that I don't know where to start. Given that we are flat broke this year Christmas needs to be homemade, which in theory is fine. I LIKE making gifts, and I used to think I was good at it. But there's so much to do I just want to curl up in a ball instead of actually working to make any of it better. 

This week I plan to:

Make fudge
Make Garlic Jelly for Mom (not like you put on toast you use it in cooking and she loves garlic so why not try it?)
Make scrub cap for Dad
Make slippers for sister, father-in-law and Aunt-in-Law
Mail packages
Find gift for BIL
Make a few friend gifts not sure what those will be yet.
Make pickles for Rob

I guess that list doesn't seem too bad, just a lot when it's all jumbled up in my head.

But first I must finish this damn dress so I can have a fun evening out tomorrow with [ profile] blackcat452[ profile] mandie_rw, and [ profile] hiraimi and anyone else who wants to join. Guess I'll go make myself take off the OLD sleeves, getting started is the hardest part right?
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I learned a very very important lesson on Saturday at 5:05 when I was supposed to be there at 5...when you finish early...try the dress on...*sigh*  Somehow the sleeves that fit off the dress...did not fit when ON the dress....I cannot tell you how totally discoured and awful that made me feel. But [ profile] hiraimi insisted that I dress with her, so I threw on my brown jacket with the still un-fixed sleeves. 

Despite feeling like a total epic costumer failure, I had a lot of fun. There were candles everywhere, and it was really magical to see the house lit that way. It had wonderful ambiance. I took precisely three photographs before an old bitty came out to scold me for not knowing the rules. Plus the company was wonderful. 

[ profile] mandie_rw looking every bit like she belonged. 

[ profile] blackcat452 looking elegant at dinner.

And [ profile] hiraimi showing off her new caraco.

Luckily for me [ profile] blackcat452 knows of another candlelight 18th century tour on we'll try this again.
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Lets see it's 2:45 and I've finished my gown, my stomacher and stays. Okay my hem's a real piece of work as I didn't think I had time to properly balance it, but I'm not gonna go back and do that now.

I'm heading over to the farm at 5, which means I have an hour before I need to start poking at dressing, really an hour and a half...should I attempt the cuffs I said I'd make for next time or just leave sleeping dogs lie?...
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Okay I'm up to that part...sleeves...they're all nicely sewn together, ironed and ready to be put in.  Once the sleeves are done it's all downhill with hemming and making robings..but first I must put in the sleeves. Theoretically these won't be hard as they're pleated...but, you know these bastards have a way of making everything difficult.  If there is one thing I hate more than all else in sewing it's the blasted sleeves.

I'm starting a pool how many tries it will take. I'm guessing four, and since I'm not allowed to go to bed till they're done, a midnight bedtime for me.

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When will the day come when I'm actually 100% happy with something I make and WANT to share it? *sigh* 

Anyway the stays are finished with the exception of some eyelets to tie the straps...and about those straps...they're WAY WAY too short. I lengthened them from the pattern but I confess I didn't really fit them, and they're midget straps. So debating between having ribbon ties covering the gap and connecting them or just cutting them off. The bag in the gap is way bigger than it was supposed to be, correction at the BOTTOM the gap is huge at the top it's non-existent. Not 100% sure what to do about that, besides know to add more to the waist for the next time. Unfortunately when I gain weight I just turn into a sausage with no curves. 

But in more positive news I did fit the lining for the gown and that actually fit like a dream. I confess I cheated and used the lining from the RH Francaise pattern that I happen to have on hand from the unfinished teal sack. I was very pleasantly surprised by how easily I walked into the pattern size, that never happens to me. I need to make the armscyes larger, but I do that to every pattern, I must have big sausages or something. 

I'm lining it in some scrap linen I've had for who knows how long. Somehow I had a pile of 12" wide pieces with a selvage edge. Don't ask me, I've long forgotten. Anyway it was either piece the linen for a lining or find the buried bolt of cotton...hey piecing is period! so ignore the funny side seam.

Now here's a question for you people. The lining sits perfectly along my corset line...but I usually wear corset THEN petticoats which would create a lump wouldn't it? what order do YOU dress in?

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