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 I've enjoyed a marvelously lazy Sunday. I puttered and cleaned the kitchen this morning, made apple sauce and a chocolate cake. Then Rob and I vegged and watched football. I passed out with my head in his lap. The Packers won (woohoo) the Eagles won (yay I guess? Rob cares). I got out my dress for the battle of brandywine and put gussets in the underarms. I had ripped them out at Ft. Washington playing exuberant graces.

In other news I have started looking seriously for another job. Don't get me wrong I like my job, but...what I'm doing does not further my nursing skills and frankly I make half what i would most other places. And I'm tired of financially barely making it. and lately not making it :-/ Rob just hasn't been holding his end of this financial deal. So my options are push a man with a mental illness who shuts down OR find something that pays me more.  My major criteria at the moment are 1. a raise, a significant raise. Laura just took an offer elsewhere and got her salary doubled. 2. tuition assistance. The end goal is my NP. That has really solidified in my mind and I just cannot do that on my current salary. Laura gave me the contact info for her recruiter so I emailed them, and applied to a job at CHOP's specialty clinic. So I've started the poking process. Think good thoughts for me.

It's funny I was SO resistant to accepting that I needed to move on, and now that I have decided it's time I have this great NEED to move on to new challenges. I need something that pushes my nursing skills farther. I'm ready to further develop my assessment skills. 


Jun. 21st, 2017 10:20 pm
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 Coming up briefly for air...I'm still alive. My job is crazy at the moment. We're switching offices and that involves moving and packing and it's been a bit of a shit show. I'm working 6 days instead of my normal 4 a week. I came home from my 12 hour shift today and was ready to drop. Packing is just so much more physical and uses more brain power than what is routine. 

So yeah no sewing, nothing interesting...but I'm not dead yet! 
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One of the other nurses called out of work today, apparently she and her whole family have a nasty stomach virus. So at 7:30 I got a call to go to the other office and be there half an hour earlier. I come flying in almost late and go to check the fridge...vaccines have be stored at 45 or less and the frozen ones at 5 degrees or freezer is 6 degrees and the fridge is 50! *cue panic calls* 

Eventually we figured out that a nurse (actually the one who called out) for some reason we can't fathom had turned the fridge to "minimum" as in "minimum cooling" and basically wasted several thousand dollars in vaccines. The nurse manager frantically coerced her husband into driving over all new vaccines so I had things for my extremely full patient load (solidly booked till 11:30). But the same nurse of the multiple mess ups here had unpacked vaccines for me on Friday when she was the phone nurse...we get vaccines from the state as part of a program for kids who don't have insurance that covers vaccines, are on medicaid or a few other specific things (like being a native Alaskan...weird I dunno)...well she put the box full of VFC vaccines away with the private vaccines. So the newly rushed to me doses were VFC instead of private...which meant massive shuffling of lot numbers, ANOTHER trip by the husband to give me the correct things...all while I have an increasingly backed up schedule and angry patients. 

MLK day is always a zoo because the kids are off from school, add to that this mess up and my having to drive to the other office at lunch to work the night shift and my legs hurt. ><


Mar. 6th, 2016 11:45 pm
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So [ profile] brickhousewench gave me a push that I should post periodically.

Let's see I'm alive. The house seems to be moving forward *knock on wood* We got our morgatge committment and closing is set for the 18th. Still not feeling relaxed until we have keys in hand, but you know there's that.

Packing. My life is full of boxes, piles, packing tape. O.O I don't do super well with massive, overwhelming projects...just trying to slowly chip away at it. We have until the 12th of April until we have to be out of the apartment, so that leaves us time to paint, clean, move in then paint clean and leave the apt.

Work is still fabulous, we're down a doctor at the moment as he's overseas starting health clinics in a few countries. I know they started in Cambodia but I didn't get more than that. So that leaves the remaining ones extra busy. We're also desperately hiring another nurse, should anyone know an RN looking for a job in pediatric primary care.

Anyway so all in all overwhelmed, forgetting things, tired but finally inching out of my funk.
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Well I came home from work today exhausted  as usual so I took a small nap on the couch...and woke up in bed. With no idea where I was or how I got there. That's NEVER happened to me before and really was disconcerting. It took me till after dinner to knock the cobwebs from my brain.

I did have a really good day at work though, I feel like I've started to turn a corner. I was able to put in a man's new insurance AND a coupon he had for a free month of a drug and rebill BOTH properly! The pharmacist said I did it exactly right and laughed at me when I did a little victory dance. But really for me it majorly felt like a victory. It was super busy in the morning and I was the only tech, and while I was baaaarely keeping it together and I DID fall behind on filling no customers were there long enough to yell at me and I didn't feel like having a melt down. Slowly but surely I'm getting there. I really just need to learn all the generic vs brand names of drugs. That is tricky.

But after dinner I did stick to my "do a little sewing each night" rule. I finished sewing my rhombi and they're all pinned on now. I thought I was going to have to put a big strip all around the skirt to hide the cotton, but in the fashion plate the over skirt comes so low you only see the tops of the rhombi on the sides. I put my purple over skirt on and I think I can copy that front and just make the back much longer and I should be able to just put two rectangles on the sides where it might peak out.

slowly but surely...starting to wonder if this will get finished in time. 
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After work today I got more rhombi cut out and the ruffles made to go around them. I think it's going to take 4 or 5 more, not positive. So I'm going to start with four and see. *fingers crossed*

No pictures as that doesn't seem worthy of a photo.

Also, I really really really wish I could get my feet under me more at this job. When it get really busy I just can't keep up. wherever I am I feel like gets bogged down. If it's quiet and I'm not rushed I'm great, but as soon as there are four angry people in line who ALL want my attention and have fancy insurance issues..well...I just can't seem to keep up...then it gets worse and worse. *sigh*.

Tomorrow I open and Fridays are notoriously busy, but I get my first paycheck so there is that. 
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It's been a very up and down kinda day.

I had a job interview for a personal care position for a woman who's wheelchair bound. Nothing medical just helping her around the house, and with "transferring." She said you need to be able to assist in moving a 90-100lb woman. I got there and she's more like 120lb and assisting means picking up entirely dead weight. I gave it one go and while they seemed perfectly happy as I hadn't dropped her I could tell instantly it would be very bad for my wrists. and that I WOULD at some point risk dropping her. So no job for me :-(

But then Rob booked a REALLY nice big gig for a week in Arizona. It's all expenses paid and will more than cover the cost of getting the new laptop we've needed for AGES with enough left for bills. And as it's in Phoenix where his parents live, they agreed to schedule his return flight a few days later so he can spend 4 days with them.

In the end I suppose it's a wash...I better get back to studying bones. I have my big practical exam tomorrow.
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So I didn't make any dress progress tonight, but I had a rather significant day.

You see, heavily inspired by my multiple friends who have gone back to school ([ profile] madamekat and a few others) I have decided to go back to school for nursing.  Yes I'm going to actually have a job where I get to improve peoples lives! make a difference in the world, and actually have a decent salary. I'm REALLY excited about it. 

I'm hoping to enter a second degree bachelor's program, but before I do that I have to take all the science pre-requisites over because it's been more than 5 years since I took college level biology and high school level chemistry. Today I had my very first Biology and Chemistry classes and Monday I start Developmental Psychology. 

This career change has been a long time coming, I've known I wasn't going to be a professional costumer anymore in 2008 and have been trying to figure out what to do with myself since then. I thought RH would be the perfect fit because I could be in the hobby without sewing 60 hours a week, but that didn't work out. And if I'm honest with myself, I enjoy costuming more when it's no pressure and just for me, so if I mess something up or decide not to finish no one but me cares! so my Hobby will go back to being a beloved hobby and my work life will have a meaningful existence again. 

Granted that's assuming I can pass Biology 101 and Chemistry 101..but the classes FELT really good today. So fingers crossed. Now if I could just find another $500 for books...anyone want something from my etsy store?
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I'm struggling. I won't lie. I'm struggling to not feel bitter, I'm struggling to not feel hopeless. I'm struggling to not curl up in the fetal position and cry all day.

So I'm trying to take baby steps. I emailed the head of the historic preservation program at BCCC this morning. I showered (yup it's that bad I'll call that an accomplishment). I made the bed.

The goal for today is two more pairs of baby booties for the craft show I'm doing with my friend Amanda on Saturday. So far I have 3 finished pairs and one practically finished pair. They're very sweet and they're finally getting my creative juices flowing. They're wool felt (okay one pair is plain felt they were my practice) with embroidered designs. So far I have the things left over from last year (Hand stamped onsies, bibs, and fleece hats), and I still need to make more bibs, orange and black hats, and stamp tea towels. 

I should probably eat something too. c'mon Robin you can do this.

/end whine
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Trying to work on a resume...mostly just staring at a cursor. I haven't ever made a non-theater resume. This is so foreign and strange to me! What the hell is my objective? If I knew that I don't think this would be as hard...
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Well we made it safely home from the Parents. Very uneventful drive. Mostly I slept and Rob drove. He's a good man.

I keep waking up thinking I'm late for work, I over slept, my alarm didn't go off..but then there's no where to be.  At least I'm up, and when I finish this I shall shower and force myself to start working on the day. 

I order the book [ profile] brickhousewench recommended, found it for super cheap on (I like to write in books, libraries always seem to frown on that habit of mine) it was less than $5.00 shipped so I didn't feel bad about the expense.

I'm also sending in a check today for our local harvest festival. It's only $15.00 a space, I did it last year with the upstairs neighbor. I didn't make a ton, but I made some. And heck at this point it's something to keep me busy and bring in a few bucks right?  

I never got around to ordering fabric for my 18th century jacket so now I'm not positive what to do. [ profile] blackcat452 has offered me some of her gorgeous fabric, but I feel like I'm becoming a fabric mooch!!  I swung through my local Jomar last week and found na-da and I know Joann's hasn't got a thing. I have some wools I could use, but a solid wool on top and a solid wool on the bottom sounds so boring. I know it's perfectly period, but it just sounds bland. I need some pizzaz! I do still have blue taffeta from my aunt that finally arrived, am I nuts to think about making a polonaise gown? yeah I know I'm nuts..someone smack me...
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So I'm at my parents house after a weekend excursion into the Catskill mountains with my Sister, Brother-in-law, adopted Sister, adopted BIL, Husband and Brother. It was really wonderful. When there's nothing but the stars to look at and a campfire to cook with you find it kind of easy to shut off. The nights were brisk, in the 20s, but we had fancy warm sleeping bags and a roaring fire.

On Saturday morning we hiked up this trail to Artists Rock which has a stunning view all up the Hudson River Valley. It was a favorite painting spot of the Hudson River school artists and I can see why, it's a gorgeous view for miles. Farther up the mountain was Sunset Rock which faced west into the canyon and had a stunning view of the twin lakes North-South Lake campsite is named for. I'll post pictures when I figure out how to extract them from my brothers camera.

Now I'm at my parents house and surrounded by all the things I find comforting and yet feeling a little lost. These pink walls (yup my mom let me pick my room color when I was 9..) are a world where everything is okay. And outside here I don't really know what to do. It reminds me how incredibly blessed I was to grow up as a child where this house is my safe place and I didn't have to look elsewhere for that.  I fear I'll never be able to provide a child with the kind of stability my parents did.

On the car ride to my parents from the campground Rob started telling me that he thinks we should shoot instructional sewing videos. All kinds, historical and not. Perhaps paired with a pattern, perhaps including drafting your own. For example, you will need XYZ pattern and this DVD to create this entire outfit. I know sewing tutorials are very useful, I'm just sure there's a market for selling DVDs like that, or even downloadable one offs. I did think a DVD of advanced sewing techniques might be useful, welt pockets, bound buttonholes, sewing a packet, etc. I don't know, but it's possible we'll try. After all all we'd pay for is "labor" and at the moment I have that in spades. And I have a professional Film maker in my living room most days...I wish this feeling of anger and dread would dissipate.
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So I got let go today. The business just can't afford to pay me, and the mortage has to come before an employee. 

Trying to process it all )

So what the hell am I going to do with myself now? Maybe I'll go buy a lottery ticket..
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Lets sum up my day...I can now add "Vomitting while driving" to my resume. There was no where to pull over, and luckily I had forgotten a bowl I bought at Bennington Pottery in the car...yippie...My mother informs me that she mastered this skill while pregnant, makes me never want to have children...ever. 

I got home around 11:30 and have gotten off the couch twice to make emergency far toast from dinner is doing iffy. 

This means my grand plans of cutting out a mock-up of my bodice ain't gonna happen tonight.

Still trying to decide what to do about work tomorrow, I feel like I should...but I really don't want to try that whole driving-with-bowl thing again...decisions, decisions.
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Omg today sucks. Lets start from the top.

1. Mix-up involving mom's handy man, keys to the house, and Rob and I left WAAAAAAAY later than we were supposed to.

2. Heavy traffic in NJ so we're even later.

3. I fell asleep while Rob was driving, he missed the exit to Easton. We needed to stop and ship orders.  I woke up 15 min from home at 4:00 no way in hell can I make it back up to Easton, pack orders and make it to the post office. I am officially and completely the WORST employee ever :-( I am now nauseated with guilt.

4. When we get home the power is off. It's 90 degrees and I have two very ill looking chinchillas. I can't turn on AC, fans or open the fridge to cool anything down. I am now extra sick with worry.

The power is finally on now but my stomach is trying to bodily escape. Can today just be over? Tomorrow Bob and I get to go shopping...that is I'm not fired for incompetence :-/
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If you're going to Steampunk World's Faire and you plan on doing a little shopping with your favorite pattern and clothing provider
take a little pity on the employee and make her life easier!

See we expect to see A LOT of people there this weekend. If everyone who has told me they'll see me there goes it'll be standing room only. And in the interest of being prepared and not running out of things we decided to kindly suggest you PREORDER! Just mosey over the the website, make a nice little shopping list, and give Bob a ring! (1-866-518-1558) Pay for your order now and I'll have it all packed up and ready for pick up when you arrive!  You don't have to worry about us running out of the thing you're lusting over, and I don't have to worry about a crazed line of people!
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When last we met our funnily dressed travelers it was Saturday night and after stopping in the worlds most gorgeously dressed lounge we hit the sack as we had another busy working day ahead of us.

Fast forward to Sunday morning

Bob was not so happy to see it. I however was happy to extract the blackmail.

During the part of the day in which we sold stuff... )

And in which we party at the Masquarade!  )

I took a TON of pictures at the masquerade. So if you want to see them all go here.

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So just a quickie photo post. Most people are at the fashion show so it's really quiet here. So while I stuff my face with a tuna sandwich I thought I'd share some quick photos from the second half of Saturday

This dress is UNREAL in real life *bows to [ profile] madamkat *

More pics! )

And That sounds like the final applause at the fashion show time to go prepare for the rush!
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So I made it to Costume Con on Friday in time to meet up with Bob, set up the shop and open for friday selling. Friday was slow, not a ton of people here yet, rather quiet.

Saturday dawned bright and early with Bob waking up to go to the bathroom at 6:15. I woke up to Crap what time IS it. At which point Bob promptly went back to sleep and I laid there WIDE awake.  So 45min later I got up and went to the car to get my gym back, did an hour workout, came back, took a shower and Bob still slept....So I did the only respectable thing...Took a running LEAP onto his BED . *evil Grin*

So I'm wearing my new Jacobean Jacket. All things considered it turned out half decently. Next time I wear this I'm adding MORE spangles and hooks and eyes. It's just impossible to tie it that closely closed.

It's an RH201 because A) I made it in like two days and starting with a pattern is MUCH easier B) I'm encouraged to try out patterns so I can say I've used them and C) It was VERY easy.

I put hours into carefully pattern matching and in the end you can't even tell *facepalm*

More Pictures Behind the Cut :-) )

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Meme stolen from [ profile] madamekat 

I'm a twinkle in my Mother's eye.

I am eight. I live on a street that except for the lack of puppets could easily be mistaken for Sesame street. I know all the people up and down my road, our Moms are all friends, we ride bikes up and down the street. Caitlin Crowley is my best friend, her backyard is across the street from my house and we spend hours and hours dressing up and walking up and down the neighborhood. We are known for our fabulous ensembles built of my mom's old bridesmaid dresses, her grandmothers old evening gowns, and random other pieces we've gathered over the years.

I am 18. I graduated High School in 2001. And I started college. I began to experience what it meant to really be an adult. I walked into thin the theater in the round spacee theater building one day and classes were all cancelled and I heard the radio being broadcast . As I stood there the first tower fell and I realized the screams I heard were partially in the radio and partially surrounding me. It was a rough year, I came out of High school with an emotionally abusive boyfriend, an eating disorder, and a serious belief that my life wasn't worth much; with a side dish of teenage invincibility. What do you mean I shouldn't get a degree in sewing with tendonitis at 16.  The first month of my first semester of college I had to call the cops on a friend threatening suicide. It was a rough year.

I am living in a tiny house filled with the things that I value most. I am about to marry the love of my life who makes me laugh every day and constantly reminds me of all that is good in the world. I have an amazing job working for a company that soon will take over the world. (Okay my boss is a tad pushy, but only if you stop scratching her ears) I wish we hadn't had such rough financial years before because all I want to do is buy a house and start nesting. But all will be achieved in good time. I feel like I finally know who I am, I'm going where I want, I have the perfect partner to go there with and now we just need to get the cash flow in order. Anyone know a multimillion dollar film that's looking for a director?

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