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A lot happened this year that wasn't costume related that impacted my sewing greatly. In the win category we got a house and a puppy! In the lose category Rob hasn't been working much and is really struggling with some mental health issues and it's hard to be around that much depression and anxiety as an already prone person meself. but I did manage to make SOME stuff.

Corded petticoat

Lavender voile 1830s

Lemonade 1882 Victorian

Blue voile 1830s dance dress I hated got no good pictures of and never posted about as I hated
Well I never! #historicallairevillage #historicalsewing #happyanniversary

Bandaid costume for halloween at work
Rocking my princess #bandaide costume at work today! #ilovepediatrics
(what it made me stupid happy I'm counting it)

Harry Pupper, Broom and Snitch costumes
Ellie's first Halloween. I present Harry Pupper, broom and snitch. #dogcostume #harrypupper #goldenretreivermix #puppy

Plaid pants and plaid ballgown 1830s

A smaller year than some, but considering the walls I put up in front of myself I'll call it a victory. I definitely went to more events than last year I just didn't sew for them. And there is also a certain joy in being able to assemble new and varied outfits from pieces I don't have to sew.

What would I like to make in the new year you ask? (okay you didn't ask but I'm gonna tell you anyway)

  1. something for skating event in Feb. Originally I was gonna do bustle, but I'm thinking a new paletot to go with existing 1860s things in preparation for Gettysburg...unsure. Someone could still convince me of something else so gimme your best sales pitch.

  2. chemisette. I ALWAYS wish I had on and NEVER get around to making one.

  3. Chemise. see above.

  4. New Day 1860s for Gettysburg

  5. New gettysburg ballgown

  6. new jacket to wear with painted petticoat for mad hatter tea, or possibly new trim on orange jacket?

  7. dinner dress for fancy after-event-dinner Mick is having at Belvidere this year.

I think that's all, will I finish them? probably not. But I will enjoy the ride! Thank you to everyone still here on LJ, or cross posting from dreamwidth or just hanging around and being awesome. You friends enrich my life in many many way. 
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My year in costumes... )

All in all it was a great year!! I got a surprising amount sewn considering my full-time student status. I look forward to next year being even busier and better! I have the greatest friends and I count my blessings for all of you every day! 
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so in 2010 I was frustrated that I only made 1.5 new outfits...and I did better in 2011..although I think I should just accept that I'll never be as prolific or as polished as [ profile] madamekatBUT I did do better! 

This year I made:

Pocket hoops that never had a dress made for them but which have a francaise gown in their future. 

A new Jacobean Jacket for my first ever Costume Con:

(sure that's not the BEST picture of it, but I like it cause it's fun, the world's most fabulous elevator)

Then I didn't produce much because I had this giant event...

Then I made a new 1870s dress for Belvidere

a new 1770s jacket for the battle of Germantown

New 18th century stays:

and finally ending the year on the WORST EVER note the stupid-that-shall-not-be-named. 

Lets end on another wedding photo just to get that disgusting taste out of our mouth shall we?

I also sewed a teens skirt for Kass, a shirt, three kirtles, 2 cholis, and various accessories for RH while I was there. So while I didn't made the quantity or quality of things I really wanted to, I DID do a lot more dress up events, had a lot of fun with my friends, and will say costuming wise this year was a drastic improvement over last.
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So I was going to write one of these great Costume recaps like everyone else and then I came the horrible realization that I only made TWO outfits all year...and one was only a bodice. I MUST improve this for next year. However I did accomplish a fair amount in life, so to make me feel better my things-that-got-in-the-way-of-costuming recap

1. I took a non-matriculated graduate course at temple in the spring semester. I had to read around 700 pages a week...I ended with a B+

2. Rob and I moved into an apt that required gutting and rebuilding the kitchen, along with repainting everything, scraping the ceiling and insulating the walls. I did however learn to and installed a sink all by myself!

3. Rob and I got engaged and with that came all the wedding planning crap. I bought a dress, set a date, and found a location.

4. I suckered , begged, convinced [ profile] kass_rants that she should hire me to a fabulously exciting new job! So I'm leaving Joann's in 6 more shifts. And tomorrow I don't even have to be grumpy about since it's a holiday and I get time and a half. I will miss the good people I work with but I am SO ready to join the fabulous team at RH. I'm going to bring treats my first day since I figure if I win them over with treats I'll be starting on the right foot.

So with all that said I don't feel so bad about not having had time or energy to make stuff. I'm sure with my new job where I'll be dressing up much more I shall very quickly get tired of the same 10 outfits  I currently have and make lots of things for events.

and now to watch the ball drop in my jammies and be in bed by 12:30 as I have to work at 7 tomorrow and am old.

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