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I was surfing my LJ for what I made this year. Firstly I have GOT to be better about post event write ups. like twice I actually did it. *facepalm* Secondly every single costume event I went to this year I went to with [ profile] I'll just steal photos from her. MWAH HA HA

Behind the cut...not like it's a long list )

So my costuming resolutions for next year:
-Remember to get plenty of photos and try not to be making stupid faces in all of them.
-Clean out my drawers. I need to accept that I'm not ever going to be 120lbs again and let go or give away some costumes. I have a bad habit of hanging on to them to lend to people, use in movies, etc. 


Jan. 1st, 2015 10:55 pm
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Well I'm not going to do a year end review as I made a grand total of 2 things. *headdesk* Apparently working two jobs, going to school full time in the fall and working full time plus a second job plus online school and moving in the spring was more than I could wedge costuming into.

But it was a good year. There was a lot of transition in my life this year. Letting go of people who were not healthy for me and their issues, growing closer to friends, and entering a wonderful new chapter in my life. I'm both happier and more exaughsted than I've ever been. When they say an accelerated program is intense they're not kidding. But while the individual days drag on the weeks sure fly by!

I'm already over halfway through my Christmas vacation. Rob's family was here and that was both intense and very fun. I haven't stayed home for Christmas since going away to college, so that was very fun. Then there were a few days of sitting on the couch knitting and drooling, those were very good for me. But tomorrow at 6am I go into Joann's, probably also good as it'll force me to be productive.

I'd like to get some sewing done over this break. I already cleaned my sewing room from top to bottom before Christmas. Talk about relief! Seeing the floor in there is SO. NICE. I'm going to either start things for me for Rememberance Day or things for Rob. Either way, the goal is to actually sew ahead so I have time to finish things...that's the goal at least. Who knows, maybe i'll do more sitting on my butt. 
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I'm going to try and be all kinds of reasonable about what I want to make this year as I'll still be a fulltime poor student and so my time and fundage will both be really limited.
  1. Orange Regency for the card party. Although before I do that I need to make stays. No more of this incorrect undies Robin! I'd like to get this finished before classes start again on the 23rd...although I need to find fabric first I suppose
  2. Men's Suit for Rob for the française party. I WAS planning to just re-wear my own gown, but it's suddenly somehow become a THREE outfit event?!?! and I'm not sure I'll be able to pull off making myself lounge wear. But we'll see how I feel
  3. Finish the crazy bird lady dress
  4. Cardinal Cloak! Beth gave me awesome red wool for it so I simply MUST make it

hmm I don't have anything else officially on the pile and I should probably keep it that way for least until I get my barrings from school but it does seem like a pitifully short list doesn't it?
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Well 2012 is coming to a close and when I stop and look back it was a pretty good year. I started on my way to nursing school, I took three semesters of pre-requisites and only have one to go. I didn't manage to keep my 4.0 GPA but trying not to feel like a failure over it. I had an outlandish number of fabulous costumed events and became even better friends with some wonderful people! My sister gave birth to my first ever NIECE and I'm loving being an Aunt! 

So what's coming up in 2013?

A WEDDING! YAY!! I cannot wait to be apart of my great friend's wedding! (I haven't seen her post about it on here so I shan't name her publicly) but suffice it to say I'm excited! 

My last semester of pre-requisites before I can officially apply to nursing school and hope they're nutty enough to take me! 

Lots more awesome costumed events (to be written of later)

I'll be turning the big 3-0! Hopefully some kind of fun will ensue. 

[ profile] madamekat ill hopefully be crazy enough to let me play with her Baby!! :-)

My resolutions

1. To put $100 a month in our savings account- I know this sounds like nothing to people with normal incomes but to us and our crazy unpredictable income living paycheck to paycheck that would be a huge step for us.

2. Floss EVERY day- I'm terrible about doing it everyday so I'm going to work on that. 
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Last night Rob, His Brother and I rang in the new year Coccagna style. With raspberry gingerale and Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. I thought we were headed up to my friends house first thing this morning, but the funeral isn't until Thursday and Rob has work due before then so we can't be gone the whole week. Looks like we'll head up to Albany Tuesday or Wednesday. Which is extra depressing because I missed an awesome party...granted I didn't have costumes figured out for either of us anyway. And then Rob announced his brother was coming over to spend the night with about an hours notice...sewing room had NOT been recovered from Christmas gift making so THAT was fun. 

This morning I'm watching the Mummers parade waiting for the boys to emerge.

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