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I cut out the skirt pieces for the alphabet dress yesterday. All 52 of them. Which are getting sewn together with french seams. So 104 seams total. or something like that. Possible I mis-mathed. I'm tired.


(I'm greatly amused that it looks like I'm about to make a hoop skirt out of fabric scraps...or neck ties...)

I decided the best way to sew them together was going to be in pairs, then I'd sew the pairs together, etc etc. somehow that made sense. Last night before I left the sewing room I got all 26 initial pairs pinned together.

Then today was my long 12 hour day with the really difficult doctor. oh and did I mention we're currently short a nurse? But my resolution it to sew a tiny amount every day till Gettysburg...I told myself I had to sew 5 seams today. That was all...

I sewed 26! then got four of them ironed, trimmed and pinned for french seams before my shoulder was angry.

I'm either actually inspired by this dress, need stress relief from work, or am panicked about the deadline....
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I got the bones in, all that's left is binding and grommets. neither of which I felt like starting at 12am. I'm kind of impressed how much I accomplished as I've been tired with a scratch throat all week. I've been trying to sleep off any potential cold...

Should be able to finish the corset tomorrow. Then I'm taking a short detour into the 18th century to make a quickie bedgown for washington's crossing. and it would probably also be a good idea to fix the binding in my stays so the boning wasn't escaping.
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So Gettysburg is rapidly approaching. Like in a month and a bit. O.O oh dear. I NEED to make a ball gown, figure out a fancy dress, and a bloomer dress....yikes that's a lot. Okay I guess maybe I need to figure out how to re-invent my old ballgown as a fancy dress.

Step one for all of this is I desperately need a new corset. I made my old one (which is too short and has never really fit well) in 2008...aka 20lbs ago...yeah.

I bought the Redthreaded new 1860s corset pattern. Today I got it cut out and carefully basted the fashion fabric to the duck layer. Tomorrow I'm working a 12 hour day so I wouldn't expect any after work sewing. But Thursday my goal is to insert the busk after work...

If I don't start with regular updates someone smack some sense into me! 

oh and somewhere in there I need to clean out my sewing room so it's presentable for company....
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The events of Charlottesville have rattled me. I'm vacillating between deep deep sadness for my country and extreme anger. HOW DARE THEY. I try really hard to be empathetic, not see people as groups and listen to why people are so afraid that they believe something that is so completely morally WRONG...but...I'm out of patience. Rob and I have been watching the Ken Burn's Civil War to try and inspire me to sew for Gettysburg, and honestly it's creepy how similar some of the arguments and divisiveness are. Also interesting how dated the documentary feels.

But in talking to [personal profile] mandie_rw and [personal profile] koshka_the_cat I have decided that clearly what I need is a rational dress for Gettysburg...because what says "FUCK YOU WHITE SUPREMACISTS like dressing as a radical abolitionist feminist. And somehow wearing my values on my sleeve (literally) feels important to me at this moment.

This is Dr. Mary Walker, abolitionist, surgeon and all around bad ass lady. My plan is to use a rust colored plaid wool blend I have approximately 6 yards of. 
 I'm still waffling if I want sensible trousers for extra doofy ones.


Most of the pictures I've found seem to favor solid fabric but I did find this one which appears to be a check...and I'm calling that good enough.

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Well I guess I never did get to a big write up...Amanda did a nice one go read hers...

All of my's a lot...not really )

Rob took a few at the ball...mostly blurry.. )
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I promise I'll do a gettysburg write up at some point...maybe...Let me sum up just incase I forget.

We had an AMAZING time. I'd skip the ghost tour next time, maybe do a historic tour instead? The best parts were: hanging out in the cottage which turned out to be much more generous in size than I feared and was really perfect. Cozy but not cramped. Having our tintype taken was totally amazing and one of my favorite parts. It's already been shared a ton so I won't share it again, but suffice to say it was a great experience. Rob came out just for the ball and that was really so much fun, I got to have a date to dance with and see him all spiffed up in tails and then back to girly fun. Best of both worlds!

All in all an amazing time was had.

So, where was I, oh right Thanksgiving. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the blessings this year has brought me. Graduating, passing my boards, getting a new job that I love, getting an adult paycheck which I love even more. I have made new friends at nursing school, I have deepened existing friendships and reached peace with letting others go. I am thankful for my family who are all healthy, another year with all four of my aging grand parents and my growing vivacious nieces.

My turkey is in the oven, my table is set, and tonight I'm putting up the Christmas tree. This is my happy place.


Nov. 10th, 2015 10:35 pm
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Despite coming home and feeling very zombie-like (it was a busy busy day) I actually sewed! My goal had been to hem half the skirt facing up. In fact I got the whole skirt finished, facing sewn, waist band whipped down, HOOK AND EYE AND SNAP on the placket! OMG I KNOW! It's rare my skirts end up with closures...I'm trying...So that puts me a day ahead of where I thought I would be.

Plaid dress: Fit second mock up, cut out and assemble velvet bodice, all the billion bits of finishing, chemisette, under sleeves.

Sontag: I've been working on it at lunch, still not up to the decreases on the second wing but an inch or so farther.

Pineapple: untouched.

Tomorrow's goal is to fit the second mock up and possibly cut the velvet...depends how much fitting is required. And probably dress Polly for a skirt photo. Just as proof of skirt existance. 
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okay I've come to my senses. I really need to focus on school this week and not be ridiculously trying to sew a dress, knit a sontag and make a bonnet. Plus I'm all wound up from new babyness and PMSing so I'm just too unfocused to try something so crazy.

I've decided to take my brown check 1840s that's too small and add an extension to the waist band, and un-gather the front to make it fit me. I even smartly never trimmed down the gathering threads on the cartridge pleats so that shouldn't be too hard. I won't get to wear a hoop but I'll just say I'm too poor for a hoop. Maybe I'll be [ profile] mandie_rw's maid. Then if I finish the sontag great, if I don't no worries. AND the amazing [ profile] madamekat is loaning me a really lovely grey coat. As for the bonnet...I have this vintage hat that I've had since high school. Somehow it ended up with me after a show and I'm really still not sure from where or how. But anyway I think If I tack the back up and add ribbon ties and ruffles it will work for a fake bonnet. And that's as good as it gets this go round. 

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