Jan. 1st, 2017

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A lot happened this year that wasn't costume related that impacted my sewing greatly. In the win category we got a house and a puppy! In the lose category Rob hasn't been working much and is really struggling with some mental health issues and it's hard to be around that much depression and anxiety as an already prone person meself. but I did manage to make SOME stuff.

Corded petticoat

Lavender voile 1830s

Lemonade 1882 Victorian

Blue voile 1830s dance dress I hated got no good pictures of and never posted about as I hated
Well I never! #historicallairevillage #historicalsewing #happyanniversary

Bandaid costume for halloween at work
Rocking my princess #bandaide costume at work today! #ilovepediatrics
(what it made me stupid happy I'm counting it)

Harry Pupper, Broom and Snitch costumes
Ellie's first Halloween. I present Harry Pupper, broom and snitch. #dogcostume #harrypupper #goldenretreivermix #puppy

Plaid pants and plaid ballgown 1830s

A smaller year than some, but considering the walls I put up in front of myself I'll call it a victory. I definitely went to more events than last year I just didn't sew for them. And there is also a certain joy in being able to assemble new and varied outfits from pieces I don't have to sew.

What would I like to make in the new year you ask? (okay you didn't ask but I'm gonna tell you anyway)

  1. something for skating event in Feb. Originally I was gonna do bustle, but I'm thinking a new paletot to go with existing 1860s things in preparation for Gettysburg...unsure. Someone could still convince me of something else so gimme your best sales pitch.

  2. chemisette. I ALWAYS wish I had on and NEVER get around to making one.

  3. Chemise. see above.

  4. New Day 1860s for Gettysburg

  5. New gettysburg ballgown

  6. new jacket to wear with painted petticoat for mad hatter tea, or possibly new trim on orange jacket?

  7. dinner dress for fancy after-event-dinner Mick is having at Belvidere this year.

I think that's all, will I finish them? probably not. But I will enjoy the ride! Thank you to everyone still here on LJ, or cross posting from dreamwidth or just hanging around and being awesome. You friends enrich my life in many many way. 
robinsnest: (Tintype)
I have the dreamwidth and all, but I like posting on LJ more as I'm more familiar, but I'd like to cross post so I'm sharing with as many of my community as possible...is it possible to set it up to cross post TO dreamwidth? I see it go the other way from deamwidth and I do know how to back it up but that seems annoying after every entry...

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