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..I actually still have a blog. Who knew...

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The Philly contingent of the Fabulocity club invaded Allaire for [ profile] misspeachum's fake wedding as Maria Allaire. We of course had to attend the STYLE. And we all even made new dresses!

I arrived around 11ish..heavy on the ish...[ profile] hiraimi was already mostly dressed in the parking lot. By the time I had most of my bits on [ profile] mandie_rw and [ profile] miss_philomena rolled in fully dressed.

 photo allairewedding 004_zpsnvcr1ukq.jpg
Aren't we dashing?

in case you don't like big sleeves )
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I'm going to solidly blame [ profile] jubilima for this one...Allaire is having an event on Feb 21st an early 19th century celebration of GW's birthday:

"Join us in celebrating George Washington’s Birthday. In the early 1800’s there was no holidays that the new nation could bond over more so than George Washington’s Birthday. There were dances and festivities in almost every town. At the Howell Iron Works, the workers and their families have a day of celebration! There will be a special reenactment in the Chapel at 1pm. There will be hearth cooking demonstrations, craft demonstrations, and house tours! This event is a great time to get out of the house during winter and explore the village. This event is a historic reenactment and free to the public."

And I'm lobbying to get
[ profile] jubilima to take the train to Bordentown where I could pick her up and we could go to the Allaire event...then Dinner at The Historic Farnsworth Inn...I'll wear my red wool jumper and spencer, with my wool cloak over it if it's especially cold. Feb could easily go either way.

anyway thought I'd poke the collective tree and see if anyone else would like to join! If we had more than a few people I'll call ahead and make a reservation. Could definitely be a fun day.
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Today was a another costume adventure! Seriously what a fabulous weekend for me. This morning I woke up at 8 so I could gather and attach my skirt to my bodice as I got that far before bailing last night, but managed to do hair, finish dress, pack and be out the door in time to pick [ profile] hiraimi up only a few min late.

Allaire Village is in a state park in the middle of nowhere NJ and set up like it's from 183-mumble, I think 1836 but I'd bet preciesly nothing on that. Anyway two weeks ago I started a dress from PoF in an extremly obnoxious plaid that just SCREAMED to be an 1830s dress..and damned if I didn't finish
The long bits )
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So the fabric I bought for the hideous 1830s dress that I'm not making is a large gold and burgundy plaid, really more of a checked pattern...and It came in two pieces that looked identical. I started cutting from the smaller piece. Last night I made all the piping aka wasted a chunk for bias. Then today I started cutting skirt panels. I got two from the remainder of the small piece. I'm thinking "yay I have tons left"...and then I lay out the big peice and in measuring to cut the third skirt panel really that the squares are like 1/8" they DON'T match up nicely at the seam...

Here's my dilemma. I have plenty of fabric, do I recut three skirt panels from the large peice, or have one reeeeeally unmatched seam...

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