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It's only 5pm the day before and I have about 12" of little rolled hem to do and THAT'S IT!...woah.

I bagged finishing the covered sombrero hat. I want to do it right, and it's going to be hot as satan's posterior tomorrow so wearing a velvet covered hat and not in the good way. So I'm going to pile my hair up and put in a sash and call it a day. I'm planning to use the marvelous bump-its again to give me nice high but still be cool and airy. I've been pondering if I can use my victorian fall for the long curls somehow, I'm worried it's TOO big though. and while my hair WOULD do those big sausage curls they'll frizz out in the hot weather really quickly. still not sure if I want to sleep in curlers so I end up with orderly curls or just go with my natural curls which will be far less orderly but certainly frizzed. 

I also made a quick reticule. From this very nice tutorial. It's a smidge less than perfect as my drafting was a tad off and I didn't want to mess with fixing it. But all in all I'm pretty happy with it. 

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I have a dress! 

Please ignore the too lose drawstrings. They're only temporary anyway as I ran out of white *facepalm* 

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and dealing with the high waist issue )

I'm also contemplating cheating and putting elastic in the arms. It's just annoying fussing with them! 


Jul. 6th, 2012 10:52 pm
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I have sleeves!! All that's left now is hemming! holy mackrel it's a week before the event and I'm pretty much wearable...woah..this is a bizzare feeling. 

The waist line is really buggin' me though it's so freakin high! ugh. maybe tomorrow I'll try it on with stays and see if that helps. I'm thinking when my boobs are flat it'll actually lay flatter and sit lower *fingers crossed* 

Tomorrow on what is supposed to be one of the hottest days of the year we're apparently having a yard sale. It's more my upstairs neighbors yard sale and I'm along for the ride. I've got a small pile of things, if I clear $5.00 I'll be SHOCKED. but I figured why not right? 

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Jul. 5th, 2012 09:57 pm
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Well the good news is that my Chemise a la reine is chugging along. I got the front neckline casings bound, the straps sewn on and the back gathered...then I tried it on.

I appear to have mis measured where exactly my waistline it! It's kinda closer to being an under-bust drawstring. hmmm. but there do seem to be examples where the waist-line is creeping up to that 1790s style...maybe we'll just go with that. 

Or I suppose I could add another casing farther down...OR maybe I could just tie a big sash around may waist and it all! BWAH HA HA. ahem. Not sure what I'm gonna do about that one. 

Otherwise I really just have sleeves and hem to go. Not too shabby. 

AH HA! I have the armscyes cut for the larger puffy sleeves so I was feeling bad about high waistedness because I think that's more common with straight sleeves as they evolve together into the round gown of the 1790s (NOT my expert area feel free to correct me).  But I found this picture which make me feel better. 

I like it. I'm going with it. Gathered neckline, wide sash ending at a high waist and the full sleeves. 
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Does the casing for the neckline go all the way around through the shoulder straps? if not do you finish the casing and the shoulder seem first? just one? 

In other news I actually started sewing something MORE than a week before, I know be impressed. I got the fabric strips cut and sewn on for the waist casing and now I'm pondering what comes next. 
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I'm planning to go to Bastille day with a few fabulous friends in chemise gowns. Anyone in the philly area or beyond is welcome! I've wanted a Chemise a la Reine for ages so I'm really pleased to have an excuse...I started doing a bit of research...and it's been a tad bit of a rabbit hole. I've now got a pinterest board of all the examples I've I'm interested in written mentions. I'm trying to figure out in my head the difference between a Chemise a la Rein and a Gualle. I thought Chemise was a modern term but this fashion plate says Chemise a la rein on the bottom in what appears to be original type, but I suppose that could be wrong.

That being said I also don't speak french....[ profile] hiraimi? Help!

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