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Well I guess I never did get to a big write up...Amanda did a nice one go read hers...

All of my's a lot...not really )

Rob took a few at the ball...mostly blurry.. )
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While dreaming of Rememberence day I was looking at photos of the ball while chatting with [ profile] mandie_rw and realized, oops Rob needs white gloves! All the dashing gentlemen were wearing them...TO THE EBAY! $1.41 later (shipping included) I ordered a pair from China and promptly forgot all about it (don't shop at 12am). Then Rob comes up with a funny look on his face and a packet from the mail where everything but my address was in Chinese.

The cartoon amused me too much not to share, not that I can read what it says..but happy little army man with no fingers is evily happy to see you. 
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And I even did a blog post about it
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The butt afghan is halfway done! I have to say it went a lot faster than I thought it would.

(pinned on the dress form)

I only did 4 stripes of five rows instead of six and 16 rows of ribbing instead of 24 as it seemed wide enough and long enough.
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Vacation is rapidly coming to a close. In fact I spent last night doing homework due on Wednesday and tomorrow I have to be at work stupidly early.

But I used my time watching hw videos to keep mindlessly knitting on my petticoat. I've reached the point where it's all simple knitting and purling so no brain power is required.

Tonight I finished the first skein of orange, I grabbed a second from the basket and discovered there are in fact 7 more...Orange things for everyone!

(12" tiles for scale)


LOOK I made some lacy thing! And some checky thing! I haz a proud
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I'm kind of riding a wave of knitting...and if it makes me happy I'm on vacation so why not right? I was debating wether to start [ profile] hiraimi's sontag or my knitted petticoat next...but I cannot for the life of me find the long 7s I used for my and [ profile] mandie_rw's sontags...Knitted petticoat it is! I of course assume once I stop looking for the needles they'll be all "WAIT WE WANT TO BE USED! HERE WE ARE!" and stop hiding. Plus I also assume I'll get bored with a giant knitted skirt and wander away before I finish...

So now I have a hot cup of English Breakfast Tea, a pile of orange worsted (Thank you again [ profile] mandie_rw!) and a brain that may nor may not be able to figure this out...Here goes! 

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