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I'm kind of riding a wave of knitting...and if it makes me happy I'm on vacation so why not right? I was debating wether to start [ profile] hiraimi's sontag or my knitted petticoat next...but I cannot for the life of me find the long 7s I used for my and [ profile] mandie_rw's sontags...Knitted petticoat it is! I of course assume once I stop looking for the needles they'll be all "WAIT WE WANT TO BE USED! HERE WE ARE!" and stop hiding. Plus I also assume I'll get bored with a giant knitted skirt and wander away before I finish...

So now I have a hot cup of English Breakfast Tea, a pile of orange worsted (Thank you again [ profile] mandie_rw!) and a brain that may nor may not be able to figure this out...Here goes! 
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I started working on a new overskirt for my purple victorian for the tiara and jampagne party this year. (I'm going to have an entire wardrobe of separates at this rate). I bought the fabric in NYC when we took [ profile] blackcat452 for part one of her bachelorette party.

This is the fashion plate [ profile] bethhsh found (she gave me five, I liked this one best). I have no idea where it's from :-) I just like it.


I started by referencing the TV208 that I used for my last overskirt and measuring where I'd like changes to be.  This is what it looks like tonight (the back isn't poofed well just has a few pins wadding it up to get an idea)


I need to round the bottom corners of the back piece and fold the top edge of the over lap down to get that point. But I think it'll work. And I do love the orange and purple together. I know it's loud...but I like loud fabric choices.

Tomorrow I'm going to start roll-hemming a million yards of ruffles. won't that be fun.


Sep. 5th, 2012 10:54 pm
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I cut out the TV208 apron in my delicious purple silk. (can I just say I loooove this fabric, both the quality, weight and color I loooove it) but I stalled out on the tails. I can't decide should they be purple on both sides, purple on top (outside) and cream on bottom (side facing skirt), all cream? I intend to trim the bottom edge with a cream silk stripe. [Poll #1864579]
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Clearly the new crazy bird lady dress won't be done in time for Belvidere, but I'm really okay with this. I'm looking forward to wearing the purple Victorian again because it makes me feel DAMN PRETTY. It's actually silk so it swishes in such a delicious way. I think it also has to do with the fact that the fabric came from dear friends in a moment when I most needed friends and it just makes me feel loved. 

Anyway this is what it looked like last year. I did make the evening bodice for Dress U, but the day bodice is what's appropriate for Belvidere. 

I think I'm going to add a few things I ran out of time for last year. Firstly I'd like to put a kick pleat around the bottom. Something to add a little swish and fullness there. Secondly I'd like a different over-skirt. I know that one as modeled after an original and all...but it just has never "sang" the way I'd like. I'm thinking of doing the apron front pieces from TV208 (can you tell I have it) with the sash back peices and just putting them on a seperate waistband. I can't think of a reason it wouldn't work. I am pretty sure I have more of that cream silk so I could do a band around the bottom edge with it and more lace. And I definitely have more fringe I could put below that. (for some ungodly reason I bought 10 yards...what on EARTH was I thinking!) 

I must say thought it is nice to feel like even if I get NONE of that done, I'm still fine! It's all just extra now. 

So roll call! Who's going? What time are we meeting? [ profile] mandie_rw are you still planning to carpool? Rob may or may not go, his work is rather up in the air. 
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Just to remind everyone this is what I'm going for. Tonight I began in on the actual fashion fabric. And boy I had forgotten how hard synthetics are to work with! I'm covered in little stringy bits that stick to every rough spot on my over washed hands.

I looked long and hard at that bottom ruffle and finally decided I thought it was probably un-ironed knife pleats. I got three widths of fabric sewn together, roll hemmed and pleated. I pinned them on and ta-da! Way too short to go all the way around. But I think I'm headed in the right direction? Thoughts? I did briefly consider switching to gathering as it would save yardage and I only started with 8. But I think with 1.5 for bodice, 3 for the over skirt that still leaves me with 3.5 for the under-skirt. Man ruffles eat yardage for lunch!

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I had my first day of microbiology today, sounds like it's going to be really interesting but I was mildly terrified to learn we'll be doing labs with live pathogens! yikes! I suppose I should get used to being around diseases and using proper precautions...still a dish of e. coli wasn't what I had in mind.

Tonight I got the waistband sewn onto the base skirt for what I have dubbed the CRAZY BIRD LADY DRES of CBLD for short. I'm going to need to pick up one of those plastic birds from the halloween section to throw at small children.

Here is a terrible picture taken with Rob's phone, apparently it's flash is crap. But look proof I sewed some! 

Please be sure to admire my odd colored panel! Tomorrow I shall start decorating it! 
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The last two weeks have been...hard. I don't know this feeling of panic and I cannot figure out WHY I'm so wound up. I've let the house go to hell, bordering on superfund site, and haven't started my dress for Belvidere. Today was my first day of classes, and it was nice to get back to a routine. But looking at my shiney new student planner I realized OH MARSHMELLOWS Belvidere is in 11 DAYS!..uh.

Today involved a rapid rollercoaster of three waits for the registrar, four class changes and $102 in new un-budgeted for fees. yay. Rob meanwhile tore the apt apart looking for his official articles of incorporation (kinda important to not lose right? must be a male filing system thing)...and as soon as he paid $43.00 for new ones I promptly found the old ones in yet another basket of hanging files. Apparently he used to have files..they're just sadly neglected. I've now added them to OUR files that I've kept for the last few years. We now have a shiney new business checking account. Very professional like. I actually really like being able to isolate his business from our personal. Before he never really made enough $ to need it, and while I wouldn't say he's there YET he's getting there.

Crazy I know! But I decided even though I probably won't finish for Belvidere (I'm going solid 80% chance of rewear). I have a Victorian party at the end of Sept and Cairnwood by Candlelight that I could always wear it to anyway. Tonight I got the base skirt cut out of my waste cotton (remember I'm really tight on fabric so using blue broadcloth for the base) only I discovered I didn't have enough. I was short one back I have one dark blue panel. What? too much money going out! Must use up random bits. I'm using TV208 without the apron. Three reasons. 1. I have it on hand. 2. I LOVE the shape it makes. 3. I have it on hand.

So far I got the pieces all cut out and serged together. Then serged the waist line and hemline. I just need to put on the the waistband and it's ready to start covering with rows of pleats and gathers!

I need a name for this dress? Any ideas?
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I feel like I haven't blogged about or made a new costume in ages, and I was on such a roll this year! I have one more week before I start classes for the fall so it's time to think about what's on my event plate. 

1. Belvidere/[ profile] madamekat's victorian party - NEW DRESS (more on that later)
2. Germantown - if it's warm I'll wear the chemise, if it's cold either the evil teal dress or possibly my francaise weather dependant
3. Can't think of anything else, but I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

For Belvidere (which you ALL should come to) I think I'm going to make this blue dress with the blue taffeta I got too late to use last year. It's a synthetic but it's a really good synthetic and frankly I'm a broke student the stash is where it's at. 

I don't have as much fabric as I'd really like to so I'm going to have to be thrifty with my cutting. I plan to make the base skirt out of a matching colored cotton then apply on the rhomus shaped appliques and the bottom pleats. I'm going to start with the bottom layered skirt from TV208 as I have it in my grubby hands and that's a good enough place to start! 
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Feeling a bit overwhelmed by Dress U things so I'm going to try to work out what all I still have to do.

Friday: Just pack stuff everything is as done as it's going to be

Saturday: Hem regency dress hem and sleeves ETA: Just went and did that so at least I can cross off one thing!
                Titanic Dress - Sew on rest of hooks and thread bars

Sunday- Day dress done (find apron! hides nice gap from being tubby)
              Evening bodice - sew down sleeve facings, sew on buttons, boning
              Evening overskirt?

Progress on the Purple Victorian )


May. 29th, 2012 03:37 pm
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fastest way to ruin something I was kind of proud of.. My machine just does asinine ones.

I'm out of you think fabric tac on the back would serve the same purpose?
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Why is it that the one night in a year when I can't sleep is always the night before I have a 9:30 exam?!? And no I'm not especially wigged about the exam, so it's very very bizarre and annoying that I can't sleep.

I got less progress done today than I would have if I didn't have said exam as I stopped in the afternoon to focus on studying. Hard though it is to remember sometimes, school IS probably more important than dressing up. (or so my mother would argue)

Only progress today was binding the neckline and front hem and putting the facing on the back pleats. Tomorrow hopefully I can do the buttonholes, buttons, boning and decide if it's getting puffed sleeves or not. *analyzes arm flab* hmmm

Now would someone PLEASE turn my brain off for me?
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While I did buy the hooks for the Titanic dress I wasn't feeling into sewing them on so I decided to skip ahead and work on the ballgown bodice for the Jampagene party. Yeah Yeah I know this means I'll end up sewing them in the hotel on Friday night but we'll pretend I'll get to them before then. Just smile and nod it's the easiest way.

Here's where I'm up to on the ballgown bodice: )

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So after accomplishing NOTHING of my huge list yesterday (and not even grocery shopping, I'm so bad I know). I actually got up at 7am this morning and after poking the internet for a bit I made two really quick bustles for Cairnwood. I made them smaller than mine, because they're only going to use them to display this one particular woman's clothing..and she's just plain a lot smaller than me...but looking at them I'm not sure I got it right, so fingers crossed on that one. I still need to make the pad parts to fill-out the top (using [ profile] curiouschilde's brilliant easy bustle method), but I'm out of fiberfill and as I have errands to run later I'm gonna just get it while I'm out and make them tonight, I'll be back over there tomorrow or Thursday anyway.

So the plan is after some lunch head over to [ profile] madamekat's to grab a skirt she's nicely lending us, then head over to Cairnwood to drop everything off, stay and help out till 4 at which point I head home to avoid the traffic. Then I'll stop and grocery shop and buy fiberfill on the way home...woohoo.
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Yesterday was B-day for the dress. I didn't get it 100% finished, it's missing most of it's trim, but I got it wearable. It even had hooks and eyes on the skirt! I didn't have time to wear a hat, but [ profile] madamekat was so horrified at my uncovered head she lent me a smashing bonnet she made.  The forecast was decidedly cloudy with a chance of frizz so my hair less than behaved. 

Rob and I rolled in around noon, dressed at the curb (a Belvidere tradition) and made our way to find the encampment. We found B, her lovely daughter C, Bob, the Host, [ profile] madamekat and [ profile] ladyxjade we also met some lovely new friends. K and V. K was there last year but we didn't really get a chance to chat. 

We did a little shopping, I bought an antique straw hat, and had our pictures taken A LOT as we walked around. I have to say everyone looked really stunning! It was a little hot in the sun but a breeze came out in the afternoon and we had none of the showers the weatherman predicted.   Mick serenaded us with his pipes and we enjoyed a lovely lunch spread. 

Then while wandering amongst the antique cars an owner asked if we'd like to get in the car for a picture. Would we ever!! and then..HE TOOK US FOR A RIDE!!! You'd have thought we'd never been around the block before! It was sooo awesome. 

We took another group tintype which looked marvelous. I can't wait to get my copy of the scan. All in all it was a great day. Good weather, good people watching, great company.

My pictures are all here
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It's official..I. Hate. Sleeves. Why the heck couldn't those crazy Victorian's have liked things sleeveless, or why couldn't I have picked a style that involves gathered sleeves, then I wouldn't be sitting here at 9pm after having started the sleeves at 3 unable to get rid of that one stinkin' tuck on the left sleeve! 

I eventually gave up for now, we'll see if I'm ever motivated to take the damn things off AGAIN and fuss with them more. Perhaps tomorrow when i don't feel so much like stabbing a seam ripper in my eyeball.

I also got the bias tape machine sewn to the outside edges, now I need to whip that down.  I'm very close to having it essentially wearable. I need to make the overskirt and put all the trim on, hem the sleeves and hem the whole thing...not a horrible list really. 

Anyway here it is so far. A lot of work for not alot to show really. 

My bust point is a lot higher than Polly's so the whole bodice fits me differently. I swear it's a better fit on me.
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Well I had all these grand plans of bodice construction last night...but life happens.

Rob's brother broke up with his serious-thought-it-was-forever girlfriend. He came over here last night and the rest of my night was spent hearing about the whole story. I feel really bad for the guy. And I now know more about what they've done for the last two weeks than I think I remember about my own. 

So this morning we went to the diner for breakfast and now Rob took him off to a movie so I can try to salvage any attempt of having this dress to wear to Belvidere...but I won't lie, hope is fading fast. 

So far this morning I got the mock-up taken back apart and drafted out a new pattern from it. Next step cutting out the bodice.
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So when last I left you the fabric hadn't arrived and I was in a panic of what to do.  Cue my crazy awesome friends. [ profile] madamekat and her awesome partner in crime, who to the best of my knowledge doesn't have a LJ so we'll call her B, come riding in on their  great white horses to save the day!  They are officially my fairy-godmother-gadian-angle-tiara-wearing-saviors and hooked me up with the most AMAZING silk you've ever seen..seriously prepare to be envious. 
Read more... )

I know gorgeous right? It's bluein natural light and purple in artificial light, and drool worthy in any light.
I tried to kick Rob out of bed on Friday night so it could sleep next to me, but he pitched a whiney fit. (Side note, should you ever want someone super awesome to take on a dinner date [ profile] madamekat and J come highly recommended, the husbands talked computers so we could talk costuming a total win-win)

Read more... )
I should warn you that in the pictures there's no petticoats on Polly just the bustle cage so it's hanging inward due to her lack of legs. But don't point it out to her, she's sensitive about it. 

It's got a pocket on each side (B dared me! I had to!) and the seams are fully frenched with real placket. I'm not normally this neurotic about finishing (okay I am) but I decided since this dress was only made possible by the kindness of friends I'd use it as a Pay-it-forward dress and loan it out to anyone who needed an emergency outfit, which means other people will see the it had to be perfect! 
Here's a close up of the side back, I'm not sure it's suppose to look like that, but it's gonna stay that way till everything else is done.

And finally I've got a decently fitting bodice mock-up. This lovely floral print  brought to you by [ profile] curiouschilde and I must point out btw that it's a hugely unflattering pattern on people missy :-p 

and a lovely shot of my double chin to boot! Rob apparently didn't believe me when I said "just cut my head off"
Well I guess I better stop avoiding cutting out the bodice or this sucker will never be done!
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*sigh* I got the tracking info from my Aunt for the fabric she was hooking me up with...It's supposed to be delivered on Tuesday. I was counting on it getting here for me to work on this weekend. There's NO WAY I can make an entire dress in four days. Just won't happen. *sigh*

So now I don't know what to do, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but she's also going to be asking me how it turned out so I'm gonna have to tell her it didn't get here in time for me to use it.

I can't decide if I should save the dress I was planning to make for when the fabric arrives, and make something else for Belvidere, or look for more fabric frantically after work tomorrow?

I'm just SO disappointed. I could cry.

baby steps

Aug. 31st, 2011 08:32 pm
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well I spent most of the day on the couch. I've kept food down for over 24 hours now, but every time I get up to be productive, or sit up too long, I get really tired and unfocused and have to go lay down. I HATE being sick. 

But over the course of 5 hours of poking I managed to cut out the bodice mock-up, and after several tries of sewing things backwards, throwing away my peices, and sewing half of it inside out, I got it put together. That's as far as I can get tonight. Partially cause I'm tired as heck, and partially because there's nooooo way I'm putting on a corset tonight to test the fit. But I can already tell looking at it that there's nooo way my giant arms are fitting through those tiny armscyes. Gonna have to scoop those out farther. 

Any progress is good progress though right?
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 So what do you guys think of this?

I really love the lines of this dress and I can't decide if I'm just stuck there or if it's really awesome...So I wrangled my photoshop slave (it was in the marriage vows, really it was) to see what it'd look like in a sapphire blue...


Feel free to tell me to move on, I want feedback here.

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