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1.6- co-workers who make me laugh. It was a crazy busy day at work, but we laughed the whole way through it and I got to the end loving my job not hating it. I realize that a small private office could be a horrible place with politics and gossip and such, but my little office? It's just a great place where we work as a team. We're family.

1.7- It's softly snowing, I have no where to go, and I'm watching a pair of fat little downy woodpeckers on the suet feeder. I might even take a nap.

Now if only I could kick this cold and get my voice back. I'm very tired of squeaking like a boy in puberty.
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I have the dreamwidth and all, but I like posting on LJ more as I'm more familiar, but I'd like to cross post so I'm sharing with as many of my community as it possible to set it up to cross post TO dreamwidth? I see it go the other way from deamwidth and I do know how to back it up but that seems annoying after every entry...
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A lot happened this year that wasn't costume related that impacted my sewing greatly. In the win category we got a house and a puppy! In the lose category Rob hasn't been working much and is really struggling with some mental health issues and it's hard to be around that much depression and anxiety as an already prone person meself. but I did manage to make SOME stuff.

Corded petticoat

Lavender voile 1830s

Lemonade 1882 Victorian

Blue voile 1830s dance dress I hated got no good pictures of and never posted about as I hated
Well I never! #historicallairevillage #historicalsewing #happyanniversary

Bandaid costume for halloween at work
Rocking my princess #bandaide costume at work today! #ilovepediatrics
(what it made me stupid happy I'm counting it)

Harry Pupper, Broom and Snitch costumes
Ellie's first Halloween. I present Harry Pupper, broom and snitch. #dogcostume #harrypupper #goldenretreivermix #puppy

Plaid pants and plaid ballgown 1830s

A smaller year than some, but considering the walls I put up in front of myself I'll call it a victory. I definitely went to more events than last year I just didn't sew for them. And there is also a certain joy in being able to assemble new and varied outfits from pieces I don't have to sew.

What would I like to make in the new year you ask? (okay you didn't ask but I'm gonna tell you anyway)

  1. something for skating event in Feb. Originally I was gonna do bustle, but I'm thinking a new paletot to go with existing 1860s things in preparation for Gettysburg...unsure. Someone could still convince me of something else so gimme your best sales pitch.

  2. chemisette. I ALWAYS wish I had on and NEVER get around to making one.

  3. Chemise. see above.

  4. New Day 1860s for Gettysburg

  5. New gettysburg ballgown

  6. new jacket to wear with painted petticoat for mad hatter tea, or possibly new trim on orange jacket?

  7. dinner dress for fancy after-event-dinner Mick is having at Belvidere this year.

I think that's all, will I finish them? probably not. But I will enjoy the ride! Thank you to everyone still here on LJ, or cross posting from dreamwidth or just hanging around and being awesome. You friends enrich my life in many many way. 
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It works! 


Dec. 30th, 2016 09:52 pm
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I've had a dreamwidth for a while too. I also just re-backed up. Maybe I'll cross post? not sure we'll see who else moves....anyway I think I've added people as I see them come up? if not I'm here I'll change my username over there when my CC is available it's really annoying they don't take paypal...
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Got home from Gramps' funeral yesterday. It was wonderful to see my family (everyone but three grandson's-in-law and two great-grands made it) but still really really hard.

I flew out on tuesday got in around 5 and change. Met at the airport by Uncle John and taken to "the Village" aka the community where G&G live...or I guess just G now. flights out were uneventful, dinner was institutional spaghetti. There were rounds of stories told and I cried like the waterworks I am. All went back and took over the hotel lobby for cards, beers, company and laughs. Gramps favorite way to be with us all. Wednesday was the funeral which felt kind of abstract to me as a non-church-regular. Granny was adamant that she didn't want anyone from the family speaking as that felt showy so mostly the pastor took the obituary and re-phrased things so that they were incorrect. Made one of my Uncles (happily married for like 20 years) single, changed schools, gave him new hobbies and other silly errors. They were expecting around 50 or so people and 150 showed up. that was really touching. The chruch guild that was promised to take care of laying out the food never came so Aunt Ruth and I scrambled to get that done without Granny realizing. Mostly I hid in the corner and cried, I didn't feel like making small talk with strangers and seeing the "box" there was hard. About ten years ago when G&G had a big pine tree taken down outside the vermont cottage Granny was only consoled with it's removal by having it made into the two "boxes" and they've sat in storage...Granny's still is. morbid? totally.
After the service we went back to the village and looked at old family photos, played card games and relaxed till dinner.
Thursday Molly (sister) and I flew back to Philly together via two very bumpy turbulent flights. Got home exahusted and nauseated. But Chris (brother-in-law) and my two neices met us for cheesesteaks and I felt a sense of balance in the world. As one generation ages and we say goodbye, a new one flourishes with all the joy and silliness that long till I stop crying anytime I think about him?

ba humbug

Dec. 24th, 2016 10:47 pm
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I feel horribly un-Christmasy and un-prepared. Rob's parents and his Aunt and her fellow nun are coming to visit tomorrow. I love them and all but they are all people with very high standards of tidy...tidy isn't my strength on a good day. I keep feeling overhwelmed with stress, grief, and nausea. I'm fairly certain I'm PMSing. But Rob hasn't working in like a month, our finances are abysmal and as such our gifts are meager and pathetic. I've been snapping at the poor dog who wants attention but is pushing all the wrong buttons. Christmas eve is my favorite night of the year. and I'm sitting here crying looking at the Christmas tree wishing I could just skip ahead. The list isn't half done, I didn't make most of my favorite cookies, or clean all the things, or make enough gifts, or or or.
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Gramps passed away around 7:30 this morning. My mother had stepped out to go check on Granny and as is so common (no really research has shown it) he joined the ranks of people who waited till their loved ones left and passed on. I am torn between grief and relief. He was suffering. He wasn't there. My spunky, loved, funny, clever, devoted and smart grandfather had left months if not years ago. He was just a shell, a slowly dying shell. And I know he'd have hated that....but that doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye.  I realize how increadibly blessed I am at the age of 33 to have just lost my first grandparent. But...even though I knew it was coming, in some ways wanted it to come so he could be at heart breaks.

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*dog bumps into me when I have a glass of eggnog*
Me - "dammit I spilled eggnog and it's on the rug"
Rob- "Ellie look eggnog" *points*
*dog frantically licking carpet*
Me- "is this your idea of cleaning?"
Rob - "are you saying it's not working"
Me- "touche"
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I miss reading everyone's post-event wrap ups...So I'm gonna try and be good and write one.

New Castle DE does a spirit of Christmas with a ball on Friday night and several teas on Saturday. After a recon mission last year with [ profile] miss_philomena and [ profile] mandie_rw we decided we definitely wanted to go this year. peeking through the windows had revealed that the space the hold the ball in was relatively small so 1830s was voted in to avoid the extra space of hoops.

The arrival )
The ball )

Saturday )
All in all it was a delightful trip with wonderful people. I look forward to doing it next year and hoping more people chose to join us.
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Just wait till I add bows.

Tomorrow I need to:

•sew the darts

•bind the bottom edge

•hooks and eyes

•baste bodice to skirt


I also have all of Friday morning. IT CAN BE DONE!

My new hat

Dec. 6th, 2016 11:04 pm
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Aka 1830s sleeves are ridiculous.

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Actually been trying to diligently work on things for New Castle. Dammit I want my plaid ballgown!

Plaid makes da best piping. Plus I love piping in general so there's that.

I got the bodice plaid pieces cut out the other day, pinned together and....*facepalm* THAT wasn't what I was going for.

Had to recut the front.

Muuuuuuuch better!
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I'm not sure what it says about me that I handed Rob a pair of fall front pants and he just puts them on without any thinking required....

I've been dying of consumption (ie cough cold) for the last week and I am SO ready to be over it. Today I finally felt a solid 75% and was off. I spent a lot of the day on the couch doing hand finishing on Rob's trousers. Hello HIDEOUS buttonholes. Should have just sucked it up and done them by machine.

The buttons are covered nickles, one of which Ellie was chewing on so it's nice and slimy.
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1. Dishes- done

2. Mop dining room floor. - Rob finished pulling all the staples and tack strips. I mopped and used orange glo rejuvenatey thingy. Fun fact the previous owners refinished the floor...except for a 3x3 square right in the middle of the room. WTF? Some was mad at being stuck in the kitchen.

3. Laundry (1 pair of undies left). - done

4. Finish Rob's pants up to the buttons.- not completely done but progress made. Have I mentioned that pants have entirely too many pieces?

5. An hour of garden work. -done. Worked on cutting back and cleaning out the flower bed. And put away all the outdoor Halloween stuff that i had taken down but not put away. Composted pumpkins etc.

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And when it does imma be screwed from lack of working ahead. At least I'm making progress on the pineapple? The unfortunate thing is that I've been staring at it so much that despite using crochet thread and size 0 bamboo skewers I think it looks thick and clunky.

Tomorrow I'm off and the goals are:

1. Dishes

2. Mop dining room floor.

3. Laundry (1 pair of undies left).

4. Finish Rob's pants up to the buttons.

5. An hour of garden work.

Wish me luck!

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Trying to focus on the now and not the horrible doom and gloom I feel like is looming just off the horizen. The worst part is I feel like he has tainted my beloved Orange. Orange is a color of happy.

Anyway [ profile] mandie_rw very graciously let us invade for a sewing day (might have been more gracious of her Mom). I went with a billion little pieces of Rob's pants and came out with almost completely finished fronts. I got the fall pieces all bound, lined and sewn together. Did break my brain a little though...Must remember when I blog about this pattern to include the very helpful tip for myself in the future that there WILL be a gab between the bottom of the slit and the front waistband extension, it's okay it gets bound with the fall binding! I stressed waaaaaay too much about that. Overall they're very obnoxious and plaid.

I need to try and get myself to work on them more this week...but tonight I'm gonna knit. 12 hour days just wipe me out.

Oh and I had a nice facetime with my Mom tonight, she heads back to Ohio tomorrow to be 24 hour care for Gramps. It's not a pretty thing and I feel deep sadness that a man who so adamantly did not want to be anything but independant is wasting away...Probably not helping my over all feeling of impending doom. For all that I'm already mourning his passing and know it's coming I also realize it's going to completely blindside me.

(Look Amanda I tagged things)
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Thinks that make Robin happy:

Cutting plaid! it's like the best puzzle ever.

Things that make Robin sad:

taking a long meticulous time cutting plaid on my too short cutting table. my back is so old.

In other news I got Rob's pants ironed and the fronts cut out before I thought if I didn't stand up straight I might never again.
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I am determined to actually be productive for new castle more than the week before. So today I dug out the fabric for Rob's pants and washed and dried. Then I might have gotten sucked into a hallmark movie. But I did work on [ profile] mandie_rw's pineapple reticule some more.

Tomorrow I work late so the goal is just to iron the pants fabric.

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